February 4, 2010

Tristan Jaxx Likes Boobs Now

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Has gay porn star Tristan Jaxx pulled a "Dawson Riley" and left his boyfriend for a permanent vacation to vagina-central? While his ex-lover Tristan Phoenix  has been occupying himself with Kevin Falk's cock, he's been playing a game of straight-for-pay on Bait Bus. Our suspension of disbelief can only go so far!

If you're not familiar with Bait Bus, the premise is that they lure a "straight hunk" into their van with the promise of some pussy. Then they put a blindfold on him, have a guy suck his cock and watch his surprised look when he discovers it isn't a woman deepthroating his disco stick. OMG! This is all followed by him fucking a dude for money.

The funniest part of the site is that we're expected to believe it when guys like Trevor Knight and Jayden Grey blurt out lines like, "Dude, dude, dude! I didn't say a dude could suck my dick! I don't like that. I'm not into that!" And maybe they aren't. They've been fooling us along, and the gay porn industry is all an incredible ruse! I can see the sensationalist headlines now–"The Secrets They Don't Want You To Know: Everyone Is Gay-For-Pay". Yeah, maybe we should sell that one to the National Inquirer

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Bait Bus

To see Tristan in action, follow the JUMP:












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jeremy s. 2:56am on February 7, 2010

The concept is totally fake, FrenchChicagoguys.

  • Neil_Anblomi

    Don’t forget Wolf Hudson was “Baited”…

  • Alex

    thats one ugly woman, its unbelievable because no one could be lured by that woman not because the scene is unbelievable.
    don’t they have better looking women in these straight for pay for gay for pay sites like Bait Bus.
    i think we should start rating the women who lure these guys who get fooled into thinking its a woman sucking their dicks, too

  • Jean

    @ Alex… not everybody has the same opinion of beauty. Some guys would think she’s very pretty. I am one of those guys. Maybe you shouldn’t be so ethnocentric.

  • Joey

    Does anyone think he got paid to touch them?

  • Pretty much an a**hole

    He does look more amused than turned on in the first photo. Like he’s never seen boobs before.

  • sexuality sure is fluid.
    isn’t it?

  • This isn’t as bad as Cody Cummings appearing on the site and not fucking a dude.
    I meant wtf? Seriously, talk about ruining the whole theme of your site.

  • Blocked to the U

    oh baitbus… just a reminder… theyr’re all usually pretty well groomed quite hairless guys that are cleaned out and ready prior… sometimes pretty girly wit their sex moans too 😛

  • He looks really out of shape. Maybe he just wasn’t fit enough for gay porn so he went to straight porn haha

  • Motoro

    I always figured that site was all fake- don’t you have to give consent to have your image exploited for cash?

  • Your right I don’t have the most flattering body in those pics, but I just posted some recent photos on and other ones there as well. Sometimes lightening and camera angles just don’t work. As for liking girls no worries I’m still gay but it was def interesting to try and that was my first time actually playing with a girl.

  • Of course, these pickup sites are consentual, or else you’d be reading in the news about three video workers found dead in an SUV. Same thing goes for’s Naked Combat, where the losing wrestler gets fucked. The illusion works better if you’re unaware of the loser’s preferred position.

  • Saint Impatience

    it’s a nice premise, if you’re not smart (or experienced) enough to see through the illusion.
    but that’s what i thought, a couple of years ago: “how in the hell can this be real?”
    what Breeder would allow himself to be *filmed* doing something he would never consider, under other circumstances?
    surely the Bait Bus website would have been shut down, long ago, if all of that was real; it’s just like that show “Cheaters” — who *hasn’t* heard of it, by now?

  • Frenchicagoguys

    Okay, lots of back and forth but no real conclusion. Real or fake? This website is pretty addictive but do they really pay the guys or do they actually fuck them over when it’s all done? I’ve never seen a full video, only the samplers…

  • The concept is totally fake, FrenchChicagoguys.