March 26, 2010

Secret Sex: Jake Cruise


Now I've got a confession, and some of you aren't going to like it. In fact, I can already hear the "you're on crack" comments coming from a mile away, so let's just get this over as fast as possible so we can move on to other topics. I want to have sex with Jake Cruise, and I've felt this way for a very long time.

Back in my younger and twinkier days, I submitted an application to appear on his site. This wasn't because I merely thought it'd be a great way to get into the industry. To be completely honest, I wanted nothing more out of the situation than an opportunity to have sex with Jake Cruise. They wouldn't have even had to pay me.

Not only do I find this man attractive on a physical level, but he also looks like he's incredibly talented in bed. Think about it–few of his models are legitimately good actors. They don't have the ability to fake the expressions of ecstasy on their faces. They're obviously loving every minute of this sexy daddy working their bodies, and I'd love it too!

Call me crazy or whatever names you'd like. It won't have an effect on my desire to be mauled by this manther. Who knows? In the future, you may see me plowing him from behind on his site. Never say never…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Jake Cruise

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Spencer 12:24am on July 16, 2010

I would totally love to fuck and be fucked by Jake. I am not into the "hot" guys.

  • BrucetheMoose

    JAKE looks ok for an older man,,,he stays in reasonable shape and his cock is not bad either,,,,wish i could film young jocks and muscle hunks stroking and sexing each other, and being able to join in as well

  • Jake does look good, hes lost a lot of weight since the last time I saw him. I wouldn’t have sex with him even if I was offered a large amount of money but I’m not going to sit here and judge anyone else that does. I’ve got better shit to do.
    I never really understood why people still call him orca or whale, he’s looking really fit these days.

  • Leo

    He’s got a job I would look forward to EVERYDAY!

  • JT

    He looks good! I want to be HIM!! Can’t even think about having sex with him. Those pictures, the guys he’s been with….yeah I want to be Jake Cruise, i admit it. Just for a day I mean a week!!

  • Brian


  • jason

    i have the cold shivers now. mama please hold me

  • wrestletp

    Ah, Dewitt. How much do you and Manhunt get to promote Jake’s website?

  • matt

    he creeps me out…no matter how hot the guys are that he pays to play with him, i cant look

  • Alex

    yeah… only if I got paid tho

  • Darson

    Just goes to prove that ANYONE can be sexy with enough zeroes on the check.

  • That’s a new low… gross.

  • djbuhhda

    ok so im not the only one, i’d totally have sex with him, he is sexy and not sexy all at the same time.

  • terpmaniac

    Jake Cruise. America’s favorite old, fat, ugly troll.

  • Javier

    Okay, first of all, no I wouldn’t have sex with him. ZERO sex appeal….to me.
    Second, what’s with the bitchy queens *cough*terpmaniac*cough* calling him fat? He’s not toned whatsoever, and I wouldn’t call him skinny, but he’s NOT fat at all. He’s lost quite a bit of weight that I can see.

  • Bohemond

    Terpmaniac, just remember that in fewer years than you want, you too will be an old fat ugly troll, desperately trying to get young guys to have sex with you. So be kind to older men, because karmic payback is a real bitch.

  • Tarnished_Knight

    Well……I actually agree with Dewitt on this one. I see nothing wrong with Jake Cruise at all – he wouldn’t have to pay me either. He looks perfectly fine – I see nothing wrong with him and he’s perhaps even sexier than most men in his age group. He does have a certain sex appeal (beyond the number of zero’s on his checks) and he does seem to both know what he’s doing in bed as well as thoroughly enjoys what he’s doing in bed (I’ll take someone who enjoys sex any day of the week over someone who just looks good doing it.) From the look of it, I’m sure most of the young men blew the check on yet another hideously ugly tattoo or equally scary body piercing….so what does that say about them? I personally find those things more upsetting than I do a man with a little age on him. Live long enough – and all the one’s on here poking fun of him will learn first hand what it’s like (only, Mr. Cruise has enough money to buy the boys he wants….I rather doubt many of the rest of us will be so lucky.

  • mattydean

    Jake Cruise is a freaking bareback site. You guys promoting unsafe sex now too? Not really impressed.

  • thump

    U like to get everybody fired up don’t u? lol….i think more guys on here would do him they just don’t want to admit it….I would do him….lol

  • ewwwwwwwwwww. When I am his age I do not intend to be going for guys 30 years younger than me. Honestly, I think it is sick and disgusting that he insists on thinking he can get these guys to have sex with him when really it’s just because they are basically prostitutes

  • tresqboy

    Dewitt, you are on crack.
    He look like a pedophile to me.

  • arion_5

    ah, the ol’ “when I’m older, I’ll never chase 20yr olds” mantra that is SO typical of myopic youth… pity all these presumptuous naysayers can’t have a time-capsule pop up 20 or 30 yrs later to remind them of their arrogance. Karma indeed!

  • Very hot! Would love to be in the middle of that!

  • i did find mr. jake to be kinda “winsome,” some years ago.. this time, the fire in my Jets have cooled off, for now.
    i might consider “It,” once again, if he went totally bald.
    (and, of course, provided that he managed to be free-and-clear of any STDs, from his Raw Escapades.)
    shaving the head.
    that’s what i would do, if/when i don’t have much more hair left in my scalp.
    and i’d advocate such to anyone in a similar position.

  • wrestletp

    Some of these comments are ridiculous. What the fuck does a pedophile look like? And freaking bareback site? What is wrong with enjoying watching guys have bareback sex? They know the risk. They may be positive. That is their business not yours. Grow the fuck up and quit being so judgmental. It is not an advisable practice but it is done everywhere. Education and understanding the risks is what matters. I would argue that a bareback site does not promote unsafe sex at all. But it is hotter sex no matter what anyone says.

  • Nex

    hate this guy and his videos

  • TVB


  • Commenter

    Touche, mattydean. I suppose we’ll soon see a link to Jake Cruise’s site alongside the one to “Manhunt Cares.”

  • terpmaniac

    Oh my God….I don’t believe it! I am being chastised by the gay community for being intolerant! The very same community that celebrates all things, “young-white-toned-and-beautiful.” Go ahead. Keep fooling yourselves into thinking we are all one big, happy , family.Put more pics of Jake and men who look like him up on Manhunt, and lets see how you people react. Anyone who spends one second searching gay websites or gay culture knows what its all about…and it isn’t about the Jake Cruise’s of the world..THAT’S FOR DAMN SURE.

  • wrestletp

    Twerp,I mean Terp, you are making no sense. You are intolerant. Just because you have an opinion it does not make it right. Or worse, it demonstrates how intolerant you are. And the rest of your comment is senseless. The gay community celebrates diversity. Have you ever heard of the bear culture? The twink culture? The leather culture? etc. Jake Cruise is just a fragment of the gay culture. Now have a drink and relax. This isn’t about you.

  • Alex

    actually terpmaniac there are plenty of older guys with money who came out later on in their life, and who pay to see things like this.
    its also a great entry into the porn world for the younger guys who audition for these sites, up against younger fellow pornstars they may not look that great, but against older, fatter “daddies”, they shine and young guys watch these sites to see the young guys and say ” oh he should be with me instead since that guys too old for him”, meanwhile the younger guys aren’t actually that hot, and older guys dream it could be them doing it.
    sites like daddymugs and jake cruise actually have huge fanbases.
    the older “daddies” don’t just represent older guys, they represent your “ordinary joe”, your everyday guy who is just average and he sees these sites and thinks – it can happen to them – it can happen to me – it feeds a certain fantasy and market and has a certain realism which sites that go for polished, gorgeous porn stars lack.
    daddymugs and jake cruise give people hope LOL
    its great to look at guys like malachi and michael fitt, but the ordinary every day man is sooo far away from them, that watching the porn and fantasing and thinking hey that could be me – is just unrealistic – whereas daddymugs gives everyday people hope

  • haha

    While I don’t find Jake Cruise attractive, I ain’t about to hate on the nigga coz this motherfucker gets to fuck guys that i would KILL to sleep with.

  • terpmaniac

    Whats the saying..”if you put lipstick on a old, fat, ugly, Pig..its still a? A what?
    a Pig!

  • BillG

    So another site endorsement by the Manhunt bloggers without disclosure and in contravention of federal law. Wonder how
    much all these kick backs amount too. Yeah go ahead and bitch it is “free porn,” yup and virtually all blogs are free too! Just would be nice if they disclosed as they should.


    I would rather go 2 the museum of ancient history and FUCK a fossil !!!

  • haha

    billg you are literally getting upset about porn advertisements.

  • BillG

    Not at all just think the MH bloggers should be up front and honest, ending the “oh look what I just found,” “oh want him so bad,” and not disclosing ah the link puts money or credit in the pockets of blogger. I was just commenting to naysayers who are oh but it is free porn, right it is and many bloggers disclose as they should.

  • HlwdFit

    I just hit 35 last night and being out in the club with my friends made me realize that one day, probably sooner than later I will eventually loose my tight body and looks and will turn into one of those trolls hunting for younger boys LOL. Right now the thought of JC even approaching me, gives me a gag reflex and seeing some of those hunks just let him do anything with and too them makes me wonder, are they that desperate or is there really some sort of chemistry or simply a good amount of dough.
    Whatever this is, like the saying says, there is something for everyone, he nor his site is my cup of tea, but obviously there are those who find it appealing bot the site and him.
    In my words, I’m out LOL.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion so wether you call him a sexy dad or a nasty pig, it’s your opinion and feel free to express it. Be well 🙂

  • Ben

    Jake Cruise makes me puke!

  • Mack

    I would totally do him. He is obviously talented in bed and for him to do what he does is inspiring. And that’s sexy.

  • Spencer

    I would totally love to fuck and be fucked by Jake. I am not into the “hot” guys.