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April 27, 2010

Celebrity Skin: Bug Hall

Bug Hall Naked

I never thought I'd be featuring a former Little Rascals actor as a Celebrity Skin, but Alfalfa is all grown and showing cock and more! Bug Hall was recently found on an adult dating website and let's just say he wasn't very shy… at all.

He's also got a tattoo and piercing on his dick, so this might be a good time to discuss whether that's Hot Or Not? Am I crazy for thinking he's kinda hot… like dirty hot?

Thanks to OMGBlog for the tip!

– Andy

For more shots, follow the JUMP:

Bug Hall Naked

Bug Hall Naked

Bug Hall Naked

Bug Hall Naked



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emergencysucker 9:43am on July 3, 2010

Nice cock, must be into pain to have it tattooed and pierced though.

  • Beat you to the punch!

    Alfalfa is HOT!!!!!!!!!

  • JP

    No you are right he is hot

  • Mel

    Was it a gay site or st8?

  • BlackJackHammer

    FUCK Spanky !!! Alfalfa is H.O.T.T HOT !!!

  • Ryan

    He is my facebook friend! lol

  • mike

    He does have the “Grungy” hotness thing going on, which is AWESOME!!! but on the other hand, he’s way to skinny! Someone give this kid a SAMMICH!!! 😀

  • Russ

    wow, i always thought he was a cutie, especially after seeing him in get a clue, with our favorite star (sarcasm) lindsey lohan

  • Coco

    totally dirty hot:-P
    I’d rape him.

  • NJ201

    soooooooo hot. n fluffy. id fuck him.

  • he’s kinda hott…i’d do him

  • Marc


  • KLB

    this guy is smokin’ hot–but he looks a little young to have been alfalfa . . . we sure ’bout that part?

  • Rich

    @KLB: He played Alfalfa in the 1994 “Little Rascals” Movie. He was nine at the time.

  • furfiend

    Don’t worry, KLB, that confused me, too. I was like, “Uh, isn’t Alfalfa 80 years old, and dead,” until I remembered they had made a remake movie.
    Anyway, the “capt’n” is not doing anything for me.

  • Cameron

    Is he gay? Even if not, I’d go there. Nice!!!

  • Brad

    Wow. My fond childhood memories of Alfalfa have just been replaced with something much dirtier and gayer…. =)

  • as skinny as he is i’m still digging that hairy chest of his….that happy trail down the front is kinda hot.

  • JMS4

    Sorry, not my type… too skinny

  • arlcool

    not my type, but he’s definetly got some hotness to him

  • Greg

    I don’t think so …lol


  • Rob

    Not a bad Little rascal !!! 🙂

  • hh9999

    but a rascal nevertheless!!! Not!!!!

  • Xpeeps.com was the website

  • oh god. I never thought I’d lust over Alfalfa…but…even with that silly “captn” tattoo…I’d let him inside me. For as long as he wanted…OwO

  • Colby

    It says Captn when soft, but hard it says Captain and Tennille! Wow – Go Muskrat Love!

  • So somebody offer him a contract already!

  • ya know, i was having a real tough time determining if all those pictures were of the same fellow, what with some of them featuring tattoos, and others not.
    my jury is still out; but, i noted a similarity in the shape of the “Pelvic V-Line” between one of the non-tattooed and tattooed photographs.
    so, perhaps they’re all of Old Buggy.
    either way, i don’t believe he’s not my type..
    ..but my curiosity drove me here.

  • blue10101

    Cute kid…and a HOT MAN!!!

  • matt

    I love his big cock

  • emergencysucker

    Nice cock, must be into pain to have it tattooed and pierced though.