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April 26, 2010

See More Pictures of Michael Fitt Naked


Has enough time passed that we can talk about Michael Fitt again? For a long time, the atrociously attractive model was the measuring stick of hotness on Manhunt Daily. Any man who was posted would ultimately be compared to him. And then we posted pictures of his cock

My, how the tables turned! After seeing an hour-long video of Michael posing for the camera, some of you thought he went from "atrociously attractive" to downright atrocious. There were a few supporters in the midst, but suffice it to say… he wasn't receiving as much love as he had in the past. 

Now that some time has passed, let's take another look at Mr. Fitt's naked body. Don't worry! There aren't any videos this time. These shots are nothing more than Michael showing off his hard cock and gorgeous muscle butt. In other words, they're just plain hot.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Mark Chin-Sang

To see more pics of Michael Fitt naked, follow the JUMP:













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  • Alex

    speak for yourself dewitt those other bitter queens were just jealous of mike’s perfection.
    he is gay right? or is he also like scott herman.
    hes still my yardstick, i want to play lickety stick with mike’s big dick.

  • james hunter

    I would go down like the twin towers TRUST!!!

  • Bobby

    I don’t know. I guess that speaks to perception, I think he is definitely good looking, but in a really average, not very stunning way. Which isn’t to say he’s not attractive, but I just don’t see why he was so idolized. Is it because he doesn’t look fake? Does that make him more tangible? Or maybe im just not wired that way. I can say this much for sure, when it comes to fantasies (which all of these guys are) I would rather jack off to pictures of unobtainable gym-bunny Adonis’ any day.
    HAHA maybe I’m just vapid.

  • WestAtlBear

    James: think we could have used another metaphor than that one …
    Michael Fitt believes he’s hot and acts it. Giving him the attention just reinforces his beliefs. Yes, he’s pretty to look at, but I’d rather be with someone who may be a 6 or 7 in the looks department but a 9 or 10 in character.

  • mike

    I still don’t get why everyone thinks he’s so hot…He looks just like every other gym rat jock out there…sure he’s attractive and sexy, but no more than the others out there. personally he does nothing for me.

  • Randall

    James, that was a horrible metaphor, prick.
    Mike, I agree…he’s a little wolf boy looking to me, but hot none the less.

  • JVC

    I think he’s hot (and I don’t know if his attitude is not) but nearly every guy featured on this site is hot so for a guy marketing his pay site just being naked is so boring.

  • tam

    I’m curious as to how you all know his personality stinks… He’s hot. No doubt about it. I agree, I would like a good personality, but really! Are any of you gonna get a chance to find out if he has a great personality? Most likely not. He’s there to look at. Period. And that’s one fine guy to look at. Period.
    And James, I agree, one lousy metaphor! Think before you type!

  • NHdude

    Hot? Yes…but the whole “worship me” act is a HUGE turn off, especially since it’s probably not an act. Give me a good, honest gay man over a straight “gays love me” ho anyday.
    And the twin towers? Too soon. In 100 years, it’ll still be too soon.

  • sexxxy period…i wouldn’t let him outta bed.

  • hh9999

    He’s still hot!! Unfortunately, along came Vernon Brown who immediately became my new “yardstick” to measure other guys against. And Vernon Brown is one tall order to try and top. Not to say I wouldn’t try, given a chance. But Fitt is still right there near the top. Nothing plastic about him and that’s a change from most models. He’s obviously having a good time exhibiting himself and doesn’t give a damn who knows it. You gotta appreciate that, or at least, i do.

  • i’m not quite able to discern what’s so hot about Wolf Boy.
    at all.
    (now, i’m not saying old mikey is *un*attractive.
    rather, i say that there are others, who have been featured in this blog, who have caught my eye more.
    duncan mais.
    neo-David Chase.
    vernon brown.
    those two guys who were featured in that last, “classy,” black-and-white Leather Feature from last week.)
    and, dewitt, even though it has indeed been a few months since he was last mentioned here..
    ..only the uninitiated (or the equally priggish) would be in support of this fellow.
    (the same will apply to our old favourite, Malachi Marx, as well.)

  • -Jack

    where do i sign up to workout with him?

  • JJMS

    James- you’re an asshole.
    And this guy is nothing to write home about.

  • keith

    Wow get over it. I thought the metaphor was funny

  • tresqboy

    Why do people in manhunt hate confident, self concious guys? He is beautiful (thanks to the good genes), and he loves himself to to take care of his body. For all under-confident and those who does not workout: there is a place called a gym and it only cost the price of 2 bigmacs per month. Don’t hate aa guy because you don’t have a will to live a health lifestyle. And if you have low self esteem, please seek seek a professional help (dail 1-888-HELPME).
    Back to Mr Fitt. He is fuckable. Did anyone noticed his hot ass?
    Have I said too much? I apologize if I offended anyone.

  • Many faces of me

    Isn’t that the yappy kid?
    Yeah, and he needs a cock in his mouth in a bad way, more so to shut up than anything else. . .
    So long as he’s just quiet naked and posing we don’t care…..

  • *shrug*
    i don’t hate him.
    but i would hate to have that old debate one more time.
    i can’t say that i have a buff bod.
    if i ever do build one for myself, i hope i won’t have others saying about me, “well, The Saint is okay… …as long as he keeps his mouth shut.”
    I Want People To Be Able To Like All (or Most) Of Me — Not Just Certain Select Portions.
    i will continue to wish more power to you, though, if all you need is a pretty face and body to satisfy you.

  • johnbradley

    @ James – no hate – inappropriate, but aren’t all the best jokes? Made me laugh then cringe…like seeing The Aristocrats the first time.

  • stu21202

    yup. too soon. as soon as I saw the pics, all the memories of that retarded video came flooding back.

  • Anonymous