May 26, 2010

Rapper Bow Wow: Hung & Bisexual?


Former Snoop Dogg protege Bow Wow has been caught with his pants down. And we mean that in the literal sense! Thanks to a horny groupie, an alleged picture of the rapper’s cock has hit the net. And what did we learn from all of this? There’s nothing “Lil” about his “bow wow”.

On top of that, there’s a chance that he’s bisexual. If we can believe this random chick’s story, Bow Wow has also been in an on-again, off-again relationship with singer Omarion. While here’s a pretty high chance that she’s just a crazy-ass hoe who’s seeking attention and traffic for her blog, we certainly don’t mind the visual of these two making out with one another’s buttholes.

– Dewitt

To see the alleged cock pic, follow the JUMP:


And here’s an actual pic of his body…


Just for fun, here’s his sex scene from Entourage:

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boyblue 2:54am on November 3, 2011

u wanna give me some off dat dick

  • crewdcut

    If his cock is that bent, he needs to get that shit looked at…

  • PhoenicianRex

    Second pic seems to be a white guy’s hands on him. Hands seem too big for a woman.

  • Mr.Ke$haSpears

    I think he is bi. There has been many stories of him and Omarion getting it on!

  • Tom

    If he was even remotely bi he would trim those scary sideburns around his cock. I’m not convinced.

  • Leo

    I can believe it.

  • Marc

    Eh, why not!

  • Aegis

    regardless of his hair situation, i honestly would not be suprised one way or ten. i’ve seen too much happen these days to even be worried about it, honestly. if he’s bi, he’s bi. might as well not get all bothered by it. if he’s not, he’s not. why do people even bother about someone’s preferences if there’s little to no chance of ever getting that far?

  • hanfrina

    … Who-CARES?!?

  • daddycentaur

    There have been rumors about a few of the rap stars and their sexual activities for a while now…This could be one of those rumors…only time will tell..cute scene on Entourage…and he’s definately got a nice cock.

  • daddycentaur

    …and those are the hands of a black woman…you can tell by the manicured finger nails.

  • tam

    I’m with Crewdcut. That sucker has way too much bend in it no matter who it belongs to! I’m also with hanfrina. Who cares?!? He never did have my attention and lost it even more when he showed how much of a loser he was on Punk’d. Immature. Wouldn’t hit that if I were paid to!

  • anthony

    Okay the tats on the arm do not match at all..

  • samantha

    i am not saying if its true or not but i am not convienced if u look at the 1st pic he has no tatts on his chest, and the 3rd pics has tatts on his chest, pulls the hands around his waist are to manly for that to be a woman, plus in the video he has no tatts.
    so my thoughts r if he is well congrats but i would like to see more proof

  • Don’t really care. They’re both hot but if I’m not gonna get in the middle of that action, what do I care. If he is he is. If he’s not he’s not. It’s not business.

  • James

    I say who cares if he’s Bi, Straight or Gay. Only thing we should care about is if that’s really his dick. Although I will admit the though of him topping Omarion’s hot bubble butt is very interesting.

  • my dick is way bigger then his maybe i need to give them some good then we can see how gay they are !

  • my dick is way bigger then his maybe i need to give them some dick then we can see how gay they are !

  • look my dick is way bigger then that maybe i need to give them some good dick then we will know how gay they are!!

  • my dick is bigger then that maybe i need hit them whit some of this good dick and we will see how gay they is!!!

  • hit me back if you know what i’m saying!!

  • i’ve read all these comments and see the pics but i got to say it just does not adds up to say that hey his gay or bi the body pic with the white guy hand around him with all that tatoos doesn’t seems like bow wow

  • Don

    Gay, queer, black bottom sexy babyboi…the ‘dar is off the meter on BowWow…get on all 4’s for Papi now wow!

  • lala

    there is no way in hell that that belongs to sexy rapper bow wow

  • boyblue

    u wanna give me some off dat dick