May 27, 2010

When Goofing Around At Work Pays Off

Despite what you may think about Manhunt headquarters, we simply don’t wave around our dicks and jerk off in the middle of the office. Hell, we don’t even jerk off in the darkest corners of the office! It didn’t even occur to us that people (other than porn stars) have jobs where they can expose their hard-ons in a professional environment. That’s because we forgot that there are people who work for Jake Cruise.

The silver-haired porn mogul caught his VP of marketing, Jasun Mark, in the act of pleasuring himself, and he did what any boss would naturally do in this situation. Duh, he filmed it! This was partially revenge for Jasun doing the same thing to Jake a few months ago, but it’s not very good revenge considering one of the consequences…

Porn star Bryan Slater has now openly expressed his desire to film a scene with Jasun, and it may happen based on the mutual interest between the two of them. So does that mean that if I jerk off in my cubicle, Colby Keller will magically have sex with me? If only that were the case!

– Dewitt

To watch the video of Jasun jerking off, follow the JUMP:

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Billy 12:47pm on May 29, 2010

the video got deleted...

  • AmericanSoldier

    delete last comment, please. It makes no sense.

  • DaveM

    WOOF!!! I’ve found Jasun hot as hell ever since I found him on Twitter…would love a little quality time with that Stud!

  • daddycentaur

    DAYUM…Jasun’s a hottie with a nice tasty looking cock…would love to see how many times I could make him cum in one night

  • Herne89

    THAT is the Vice President of Jake Cruise? What makes that video hotter than any porn ever is how he just laughs at getting caught and then puts on a show for the boss like that. I guess when the boss catches you jerking off, you’ve already been caught, might as well finish what you were doing.

    Let’s hope that Bryan Slater/Jasun Mark scene does happen.

  • BlackJackHammer

    I hate Jake Cruise but the vid was cool

  • wvudude

    Super hot vid…. love it!

  • Adam

    If you close your eyes, tap your heels together, and wish real hard, we might be able to arrange for Colby to appear in your cube…

  • tbv

    Whether real or staged, Jasun is one HOT man! I’d rather watch him over a pro – anyday! Granted, I’d rather be 69’ing with him too!

  • C

    2 Thumbs down.He should stick behind the camera and throwing hissy fits on twitter. Maybe if they stopped dicking around at work their product might be better.

  • Alex

    Ugh Jasun is so damn hot. Loved him ever since the first time I saw him. Wish he would have taken off his shirt though.

  • Billy

    the video got deleted…