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July 19, 2010

Everything Butt: Brock Magnum

Does anyone know what’s the deal with Brock Magnum? It seems like he’s some magical unicorn who came out of nowhere, took off all his clothes and then disappeared from the realm of gay porn. Like, we googled the shit out of him, and this is the only photo shoot we were able to find.

Alas, we’re okay with this situation, given that the world would explode if this perfectly round, hairy rump were caught on film too often. And by “the world”, we mean all of your cocks. In fact, there’s a pretty high chance that these photos alone will cause your cocks to explode! Well, but in a good way…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Men Magazine

To check out Brock Magnum’s hot ass, follow the JUMP:

And the obligatory shots of the front…

Kudos to Furboi for the tip!

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BrockMagnum 7:21pm on June 24, 2011

wow, thank you for all the compliments guys.... i had no IDEA that i had an impact on so many people. lol This has inspired me to open a facebook profile with more pics on it...

  • potblessed

    I rather bottom for him!! He ca grab me and fuck my ass as hard as he wants anytime!!

  • would love to top him! not usually into hairy, prefer ultra smooth — just gotta have shaved nuts, but am totally turned on his hairy body … hairy enough to be very manly and attractive but not overly hairy … woof

  • willie

    hot guy…but he couldnt come up with a better pseudonym than brock magnum?? lol

  • Stu21202

    you mean that’s not his real name????

  • WestAtlBear

    I was wondering if he had done something new to merit inclusion here … but that ass is timeless, as is the rest 🙂

  • HngBlkBtm

    Why do people “over photoshop” abs? Everyone these days seems to have a six pack!

  • brech

    HngBlkBtm, and all the queens like you, do us all a favour and shut the fuck up. You all complain about this yet you still read it. Porn and male models are supposed to represent what the majority finds appealing. All models for that matter. And they are doing it very well. So stop being such a queen and get your head out of your ass.

  • Tommy

    HngBlk, his look real. Either way he’s f’n sexy! Except that stupid eyebrow ring.

  • Michael

    Definitely a hot, hairy ass! I’d eat there … breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  • Eric

    i miss men and freshman magazines… for pictorials of hot studs like brock magnum!!!

  • LW

    dayyum . . . very nice! I’d take him — top or bottom — anytime he’d wanna come to my place!

  • Ed

    He’s really hot but the tatoos and piercings detract from his really beautiful body and cock.

  • jacob.e.

    His ass is just a great sight to behold. It’s like a masterpeice, of course his dick is so hot. I would bottom for him all day long…………….I wouldn’t mind topping that ass though.

  • anubis

    maybe he did porn to pay for college or something similar, his bf said NO MORE

  • NorthRyder

    that’s smokin’ hot!!

  • manaboutown

    eyebrow ring? what eyebrow ring.

    somehow the face doesn’t match that body.
    but who am i to pick apart a combination like that? i rarely comment, but DAMN!

  • stephenstefl

    Now that could be fun to roll around with for a while…

  • HHHH1961

    wow..what a beauty….that ass is heaven to a daddy like me…..I’d eat and eat and eat…then eat some more

  • terry

    In the first pic, he is all serious and everything. But, let him take his clothes off and he has a pleasant little smirk on his face. A beautiful man that I would love to find naked in my bed. Ah, the things I would do with him…..

  • Jon

    Would love to top him…..fuck he’s hot!

  • jeremys

    Ed, Two tats and a nipple piercing are a deal breaker? Boy, are you picky!!!

  • Dale

    wow look like lot guys going to bed happy tonight L0L

  • David

    I want to do more than fuck his ass I want to eat his ass! Wowzers..now that is close to perfection..just be better if he was a brunette, altho blonde is very fuckable! So yummy

  • Jimm

    damm he is HOT! That ass looks delicious! yes please!

  • Good looking. To bad he is hustler. Lots of potential.

  • something this beautiful is a sin, an i, would love to meet him

  • hounder

    Marriage material…he wants and needs someone special in his life

  • heh heh.

    i can envision my doing naughty, but oh-so-passionate, things with old Brockie Boy.

    in these pictures, he does exude a Bad Boy vibe, huh¿
    (yet, i think i’m able to make out a streak of Intelligence/Cunning, in his face.)

    i imagine he has no problems with picking up all the boys.

    and, all The Girls.

    (i’d be willing to bet the guy is bi-sexual.)

  • daddycentaur

    Like the pix….nice cock and ass…I’d do him.

  • BlackJackHammer

    Thank U Brech 4 saving me the trouble of having 2 tell all the photo shop , tattoo , why does he trim hating queens 2 shut the FUCK UP !!! Brock ass should be N a museum because it is truly a work of art would love 2 SPANK that ass …. LOL & FUCK that ASS !!!

  • arion_5

    top or bottom, that is mighty fine!

  • Brian

    This guy is amazing! Not kidding about exploding. He’s not even moving, and I’m hard as a rock.

  • navysausage

    mmmmmm…..to that perfectly sculpted fuzzy butt.

  • Mark

    furry ass = win

  • Bee

    All i have to say is Elijah Wood.

  • Thanks for the shout out Dewitt!

  • Well, if this magical unicorn ever reappears I’d be happy to take him for a magical ride…or give him one! HUBBA!

  • HngBlkBtm

    I am a trainer, and I can honestly say that I have never seen abs like those displayed in the next to last photo. There are just too many abs.

  • Marmarshakur

    OMG…He can just stay ly’n there on his stomach with that nice bubble ass of his face’n up so that I can just go 2 work with my tongue & dick…DAMN!!!

  • Andy

    @HngBlkBtm well clearly your a sucky trainer as those are not his abs but the indentures of his side oblique muscles…
    Whole different muscle group! Where exactly do you train? That way I won’t go there!

  • I’ll take him in any way I can

  • Don

    I would suck that big cock dry, spit the load in his hole and ride his sweet fuck hole till I fill him up deep…

  • FFVIIMidgar

    OMG he’s fucking BEAUTIFUL! I want him to fuck me and make love to me all day and all night and all day and all night….

  • BrockMagnum

    wow, thank you for all the compliments guys…. i had no IDEA that i had an impact on so many people. lol
    This has inspired me to open a facebook profile with more pics on it…