July 1, 2010

Hot or Not?: Short Guys

Everyone’s always clamoring on about men who are “tall, dark and handsome”, but I’ve got a serious confession to make–short guys get my dick hard as fuck. Though this isn’t really easy for me to explain, there’s something about a difference in height that sends me right over the edge…

Several of my friends, both male and female, won’t even consider dating someone who’s an inch or two shorter than them, so I’ve always wondered if I’m alone on this. I suppose there’s no better time than now to find out whether that’s true! What do you think of shorter men? Hot or not?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Hot Jocks Nice Cocks

To see Tucker Scott in action with Lucas Knowles, follow the JUMP:

And if you can get past the hilariously bad “check my butt” premise…

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topinghard 2:08pm on July 17, 2013

My partner is 5'4, never been partnered to anyone over 5'7. Love shorty guys especially when they have 8 inch cocks.

  • FurLover

    Short guys are hot. I actually saw a little person at the Louisville zoo today that I would have banged. That may be an anomaly, but I do love me short guys.

  • Tam

    Poonanny really needs to learn that popping in on a subject just to be an ass only makes himself more of an ass! Dude! You never have anything nice to say so just shut up already! We don’t give a rats ass!

  • Marmarshakur

    Short guys r just as hot & SEXY as taller 1’s & trust sum of them even give u great surprises if u kno what I mean…

  • Anthony

    since I’m 5’2…I guess I can’t really answer this, but I’ve never much cared about height personally…as long as I don’t need mountain-climbing gear to make eye-contact with you, I won’t mind how tall you are.

  • Joshua D

    I’m not the tallest guy in the room at 5’10”, but the hottest fuck I’ve ever had was with a guy who was 5’5″ on a good day. He came up to me while I was working retail (college days!) and told me he thought I was really hot & that I should go to his hotel room after my shift. He was so forward and confident that it piqued my curiosity & I was instantly turned on…. I did meet him, and when he opened the door he pulled me into his room & started making out, pulling cloths off, bumping & grinding our way to the bed. I was noticeably stooped down while we were standing but once we got on the bed it didn’t matter…he got on top of me and had me pinned down on the bed…he was amazingly flexible I remember & some of the positions were got in I haven’t been able to duplicate since! It was the most amazingly hot 4+ hours of intense, hot, sweaty, wild sex I’ve ever had. He made up for any vertical challenges he had with determination and intensity that turned me on more than I though possible.
    Since that night I now notice “short” guys in a whole new way….& usually with a hard-on!

  • Jeremy

    I must confess, I’ve always had a thing for shorter guys.

  • bruno

    my husband is a shortguy and im in love like a dumb ilove you jose

  • Theodore

    ShortItalian, I’m 6ft, and I would steal things off your topshelf in an instant. Only thing hotter than a short guy is a short Italian guy. whoa.

  • Matt

    Thanks for showing the love to us short guys! I’m only 5’6″, but my 6’2″ bear bottom-boy loves it when I top him and fuck him hard!

  • nychungital

    I am very into short guys. 5’10” here. Love compact guys. Jeremy Piven is my celeb crush. Met him once, he’s actually not as short as rumored. But soooo hot. Italian shorty guys are my very favorite, so I agree with Theodore that I would grab anything off any shelf for ShortItalian. Even better we can share you all night long. Whoa.

  • Ari

    Being a short guy… i dont care the height. id be a hypocrite since im 5ft 5in i dont like my guys too tall for other reasons like difficult to kiss and i look like a younger brother lolz

  • Rob

    I’m 6’0″ dating a guy who is 5’8″. He’s a top and I’m a bottom.

    It’s hot as hell. I’ve never had better sex. I see no problem with short guys at all. =)

  • Lee

    I love guys of any height but it is one of my fantacies to have sex with a midget. Ive never heard or seen a gay male midget but Im sure they are out there.

  • Rob

    I am an avid mtn biker in N.Arizona and there is nothing better than meeting a gay guy or two on the trail and ripping our bike shorts off for some hot fun.
    I am only 5″8″ and have no problem with short or tall guys….. mtbikerrob

  • Blocked to the U

    5’7″ guys tend to the most attractive on camera…

  • Brad

    I hate to quote Jack, but this is what we call… a minigay 🙂

  • Pudding

    Id have to agree, most short guys are cute, but really tall guys are super hot for some reason. This is solely based on height.

  • MichaelK

    I think that short are just as hot as tall guys. For instance, I have a best friend that is only about 5’5″ tall, which is 4″ shorter than I am. We were celebrating his 30th birthday and doing shots of Crown Royal, normally my friend doesn’t like hard liquor because it makes him sick, but he did it because he was being nice for me, I threw his party at a female strip club. Anyway, long story short, he ran into the bathroom to puke, and then after he threw up, he took a piss right next to me, I saw the biggest cock that I have ever seen, he was at least 8″ long and 6″ wide. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I finally got to see my best friend’s cock. It was amazing, he’s straight, and at the time he didn’t know I was gay, of course I told him later, but still, WOW!

  • Short is HOT

    I’m in total agreement with the poster…short guys make my dick hard as fuck, too. However, my luck hasn’t been very good finding anyone that’s shorter than me at 5’7″! I seriously want someone who’s 5’4″ with an 8″ shoe (my shoes are 9.5).

  • RedPhillip

    I was a short kid growing up, reaching a tad more than 5’8″ in high school. I moved to New York City, where I was suddenly tall (these things are all relative, of course). Many years later I’m now 5’6″, back to being short again. I’ve never had a lack of attention due to my height. I personally enjoy men of most any height, though it gets a bit silly when the difference brings to mind a dachshund next to an Irish wolfhound. There is something really special, however, about a guy who is my height or shorter. Getting that button pushed is more of a challenge now that I’m 5’6″ 😉

  • RedPhillip

    PS: Dewitt, did you notice that your (and my) favorite from the “Who Wears It Better” poll is the guy so expertly giving up his ass in this clip? Tucker Scott comes very close to being a perfect fantasy fuckbuddy.

  • Perhaps it is the “Daddy” in me, but I have always been attracted to shorter guys…for the longest time I would not go out with or date anyone over 5′ 8″…I found that 5′ 6″ fit perfectly for spooning and other things…I am just slightly under 6’…

    In the recent years, I have dated guys as tall as 6′ 4″…while a sexy guy is a sexy guy regardless of height, the shorter guys still turn me on most…woof…

  • Skeep

    I’m 5’6, my partner is 6’4 so a height differnce can really have some cute effects on going out in public (that and I can get get piggy backs everywhere)

    Though, normally? I’m into guys shorter than me, one of my biggest crushes is 5’2… Shorter guys are just adorable…

  • watafu

    Tall guys are more attractive on sight than shorter ones. However once you consider the whole picture, shorter guys are easier to handle on bed (top or bottom) which gives you more possibilities. And since they usually weight less than a tall guy they can hold positions longer 😉

    I’d give a 50-50 to tall vs short, both have pros and cons.

    Oh one more thing, short guys kinda tend to fall into the “ugly duckling trauma” some don’t realize how hot they are.

  • Jamontoast15

    I’m what I’d consider a shorter guy, standing at 5’9″ and I’d love to be maybe two or three inches taller though now that I’m 20 I can’t see that happening any time soon. Personally I like taller guys since I quite like reaching up to kiss a guy, however the thing about my height that I don’t like is that I feel I’m viewed as a “twink”. While I know I’m no muscle-jock, I like to think I’m not a twink (possibly because the terms insinuates a level of brainlessness) however my body shape is due to my chosen career. I’d love to meet a tall guy who liked ’em shorter 😛 I also agree that once you’re shorter than someone they see you as cute, though to be honest I’ll very happily take being called cute, while I’d prefer hot/sexy/etc, a compliment is a compliment!

  • Steve

    To me, height is immaterial. There are some really hot short guys, just as there are some ugly tall guys.

  • Gilpower

    Oh wow i like

  • topinghard

    My partner is 5’4, never been partnered to anyone over 5’7. Love shorty guys especially when they have 8 inch cocks.