July 14, 2010

Together At Last: Spencer Reed & Devin Draz

Well, this one seems like a no-brainer. Spencer Reed and Devin Draz are two of the hottest and most popular models on Dirty Tony. One of them has a reputation for pounding other guys senseless, while the other is known as the site’s resident slut bottom. Can someone please explain to me why these two haven’t appeared together in the past?

Honestly, these two should just make movies together all the time, because they’re perfectly matched when it comes to the dominant and submissive dynamic. Devin’s used to getting pinned down and plowed mercilessly, and Spencer has no hesitations about dishing it out. This really isn’t rocket science, folks!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dirty Tony

To check out Spencer and Devin in action, follow the JUMP:

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Jjgg744 3:00am on April 19, 2011

Devin Draz 's painful/pleasurable moans are great as he's getting rammed in his ass by the big cocked Spencer Reed. It's beyond acting.

  • jared

    Love that last picture!

  • nice made me real hard man thanks

  • god ; id love to do both of them an see whatelse they have to offer.

  • so hot

  • B1

    It’s going to be hot hot hot whenever Devin Draz/Danny Drake’s ass got fucked. Who is on top really is not that important IMHO.

  • Stephen

    I’d like to tounge fuck both of them, dirty or clean and drink both of their leaks then swallow their cum and have them walk away. Id never have to have sex again, id jerk off for life.

  • ickkkkk

    so so so many guys forget to qork on their legs. Usually nice upper bodies and then nothing but chicken legs. This WAS not hot whatsoever.

  • JPH

    Spencer Reed is a hottie. He fucked a guy onstage this year at one of the Pride parties in Toronto and he’s a guy that oozes sexuality from top to bottom.

  • 🙁

    thanks for pointing out the “chicken leg” thing.

    i wasn’t looking for it, but now i can’t help but see it.

    i’d not likely “kick them out of bed” because of it but, never•the•less, that’d serve as a sort of asterisk, in the back of my mind.

  • navysausage

    Naw, the legs aren’t so disproportionate from the rest of their bodies that they risk being a distraction. It’s not as if their upper bodies are over developed. They do some gym time, but they are certainly not gym rats (note top guy has got a bit of a gut on him). Besides, it’s all about cock and ass, and the money shot anyway…

  • Nice; Real men, for a change! 😉

  • sam

    I must admit, I’ve been really into both of these guys for awhile now, so it was incredibly cool to see the two of them together. Man, I wish I knew them, lol. Glad to see that Spencer got his hair cut – that Mohawk thing was really freaking me out. I wish there were more guys like this in “real life”, lol…

  • Kinda interesting to see that “Devin” (who was Spencer on Amateur Str8 is now on this site and considered the “slut bottom” because on ASG he was the str8 guy that they slowly introduced to gay sex. Guess it took!

  • BlackJackHammer

    Michael considering how much Devin LOVED getting FUCKED I don’t think it took much convincing LOL …. BTW Stephen that sounds so FUCKING NASTY and NOT at all N a good way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oasis Candem

    wooow.ı love my friends.

  • ryas bomas

    ı love my bestfriends thank you ı like strong men woooooow.

  • Jjgg744

    Devin Draz ‘s painful/pleasurable moans are great as he’s getting rammed in his ass by the big cocked Spencer Reed. It’s beyond acting.