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July 14, 2010

Woof Alert: Heath Jordan

Kyle King better watch his back, because I’m a little obsessed with his boyfriend Heath Jordan. Ever since I caught him in the latest issue of BEAR magazine, I’ve been having dreams about this man. In fact, I’m pretty sure he was created in my dreams. There’s no other explanation for his level of hotness.

Although Heath hasn’t done much work in the porn industry, Steve Cruz recently revealed that the two of them would be filming a scene together. That sound you just heard? It was my head exploding. Because the idea of Heath working Steve’s hairy hole is more than I can possibly handle.

– Dewitt

To check out more pics of Heath Jordan, follow the JUMP:

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ryas bomas 7:58pm on January 4, 2011

hey gay full wonderfull sexx party

  • Yum!!

  • B1

    Please let that be a flip fuck. Heath looks like he will be delicious both pitching and catching. Oh, and he need to be in the Ten ASAP. I’m voting for this piece of hot ass, for sure.

  • haha

    mm mm mm

  • Andy

    He’s def. hot and tho I like hairy men, the thick patch of sphagnum that’s growing heavily on his feet is kinda weird!

  • haha

    @andy i can’t even see his feet

  • LoveGame

    WOOF indeed!! What a sexy bear (actually I’d say cub) and he looks superhot with beard!

  • Andy

    @haha 1st pic!!!!

  • haha

    @andy my bad, forgot about that one completely 🙂

  • Dale

    wow, who wouldn’t like to be in that dog place L0L

  • Joster

    He was also in G.I. Joe with Channing Tatum…YUM!

  • Joster

    wrong post

  • echocheck

    Hair on the feet means that the body is healthy and the guy has very good circulation. It is not a bad thing.

  • Tommy

    Damn, this guy is hot!

  • Andy

    No I’m pretty sure it has to do with heredity just like all hair distribution but thanks anyway!!!!

  • tiger40

    it’s about time some hot guys are shown with upper body hair!!! More of a man really.

    Too many guys shave themselves smooth…

  • Guy

    Hard on. Instantaneously. Damn.

  • wow, that’s a cutie right there

  • jorge

    delicioso”” what a hot men

  • haha

    can’t wait for the first person to call this guy fat, that’ll be fun

  • me

    He is ugly.

  • Tim

    Me, I know you don’t really believe that, you’re just trying to start shit. This man is sexy!

  • matt
  • anoir


  • daddycentaur

    Heath is one damn sexxxy furry hunk of a man…loving the fur

  • oops


  • NorthRyder


  • ssfmassage

    Woof indeed! I agree with the person above who requested/suggested that this Health be a contender in the Top 10 competition! While he still looks a little young for my taste, I am eager to see how he turns out in 10 or so years…mmmmmm…thanks for posting these!

  • i can only hope heath’s personality is as attractive as he is.

    (cripes, but what a looker he is!)

  • Dennis

    I’m a twink that loves bear. Fuck I wanna eat that ass!

  • ed

    love it! oh my! oh mine!

  • BlackJackHammer

    Dewitt usually when I see the word Bear N any of your posting I get that sickening feeling N the bottom of my stomach but this time I must give U 2 DICKS way up !!! 🙂 🙂

  • Anonymous

    He’s hot without the beard.

  • stoudy

    ok without the facial hair but am i the only one who thinks he looks strikingly similar to that guy who played the older brother in home improvement?

  • well.. me, heath strikes more of a resemblance to channing tatum.

    at least, sometimes.

  • ddd

    I don’t care for his body hair much…
    BUT he’s definitely one of the guys who look better without facial hair. It simply doesn’t work for him.

    Much cuter without cover!

  • (what’s wrong with the facial hair?

    is it that it might make him look older than he actually is?

    or do you just have a preference for the clean-cut look, ddd?)

    well, for me, heath could show up at my door either hirsute or bare, and i’d still be happy.

  • alonder26

    hey heath u are so hotttttttt I like the men hairy I wish have a men like u hell yeahhhhhh lol.

  • Anonymous

    hello see you again please thank you.

  • thomasactivo

    mas rico y no naces

  • Texan

    WELL THANK GOD… a real man!
    I’d rope and hog tie this boy and have my way with him from dawn til dark and dawn again.
    Pretty damn perfect, in my book.

  • simplyjim

    fucking a hairless ass is like watching a silent movie!

    he’s got my vote!

  • proud2b

    i like him with the beard he looks more masculine and sexy. i vote him to be the sexiest man in porn!

  • Billy

    I think he is so hot. I love hairy men. I would love to run my hands all through his hairy chest. I would also love to have the bone in me. 🙂

  • Ray

    I agree he’s not ready for the full beard look, maybe a moustache. But let’s take note that he’s just about lost the last of ‘twink’ in him. You should realize that Heath is ‘covered’ with hair, shoulders, back, all the way down over his butt. All that is kept shaved and someday will become a major management problem. We’ll see if he becomes a real hairy daddy or a shaved middle ager. No telling. Personally he’s just about ready to let the ‘real man’ out of the cage and say goodbye to the ‘cute boy’.

  • ryas bomas

    hey gay full wonderfull sexx party