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July 21, 2010

Woof Alert: Marcello

It’s not often that one hears the term “muscle cub” thrown around, but it may be the only label which aptly describes Marcello from The Guy Site. Judging from the size of his arms, this guy’s obviously no stranger to the gym, and that coating of fur on his chest definitely earns him “woofy” status.

While his equipment may not make the size queens rejoice, it’s definitely enough to get the job done, and he proved that in his latest scene with Neo. Hopefully, they’ll be inviting him back to appear in more videos, because he’s undoubtedly one of the hottest men they have on the site!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: The Guy Site

To check out more pics of Marcello, follow the JUMP:

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Personanongratajoe 12:14am on July 1, 2011

Your not around cum very much are you?

  • LS

    Normally, he woiuld be a little young for my tastes, but DAYUM!!!!.. The boy is HOT!!!>>> Can’t wait to see him in a few years.

  • LS

    Normally, he would be a little young for my tastes, but DAYUM!!!!.. The boy is HOT!!!>>> Can’t wait to see him in a few years.

  • Javier

    Nice looking guy, and a cute smile, but damn….where was this shoot done, a Motel 6?

  • mtbikerrob

    Hot indeed and not too young for me…I would lick the cum off that hot cock of his……

  • Craig B

    Sexy and a wonderful smile!

  • i’m going to ask some obvious questions about this guy:

    • where is he?

    • why is his crotch not in my face right now?


    • when are we going snuggle up together??

  • Crystal DeCanter

    I always love how they take these pictures in a cheap motel. Doesn’t anyone have a fuckin house? Also, chin straps are SO ghetto, so maybe the sleazy motel works. My favorite part is the fake semen. It’s so obvious especially in the last pic.

  • Captchunk

    You’re right. He’s an adorable, howyousay, muscle cub.

  • pazzo

    OMG i’m in LOVEEEE

  • Michael

    I’d marry that man … furry chest, great nips and sexy as hell!

  • Mot

    What idiot would think that a size queen wouldn’t enjoy this man’s meat. Woofy good lord almighty. Does this man have a husband? If not where do I get the marriage license….cause I’m all over him. Top/Bottom/Sideways who cares?! He’s got looks and the body to back it up. The big question remains, can he hold a conversation. If so…SOLD!….to middle aged gay man in Oregon.

  • datethisotter

    how do you make fake cum? and, wouldn’t it be easier (especially with 2 hot naked guys together) to just ‘make’ the real thing?

  • biboy80

    For some reason the pic of him in his dirty socks is making me very horny…

  • Dale

    WoW all you can eat….don’t be shy no twinks tonight

  • Tobias

    everything is cute but for some reason I can get over his fat hand lol sry

  • Phillip

    His naturalness makes him so special.

  • Evan Falcone

    You size queens can look somewhere else, I’ll take Marcello’s dick over any big dick in a heartbeat!

  • Don

    He is at least real…hott too…

  • Matt

    Whew. This guy is like my wettest dream. Damn.

  • WantsHairyMusl


  • BlackJackHammer

    I’ll pass not 4 me !!!

  • if he got any better, he would spoil……

  • Anon


  • haha

    @datethisotter, crystal decanter doesn’t know what (s?)he is talking about.

  • Jake

    i look like this joke..same body type!

  • Montcoguy11

    Looks like “Justin” from THE HILLS on MTV!! lol HOT!

  • Crystal?

    you can bugger off for connecting chin strap beards to the ghetto.

    (plus: although you didn’t explicitly say this, i’m going to deduce that you’re not a fan of Marcello, at all.
    if so, then i’ll never•the•less take the opportunity to inform you that you are likely in the minority.
    it certainly is the case right now, regarding all comments currently left in this thread for the gentleman.)

    since you do have an obvious problem with the “ghetto,” then it will behoove you to ensure that you espouse none of its representative peoples’ influences anywhere in your life and on your person.
    (from what i’ve observed, “ghetto”/”urban” culture has a farther reach than most will even know to give it credit for extending.)

    i’m not going to call you “racist,” but i am going to suspect that you tender some sort of over-arching Prejudice.. ..because it’s pretty ridiculous, that you were able to arrive to that conclusion which you’d “unearthed,” based on such a triviality as mere Facial Hair — if Marcé didn’t rock the straps? what “defect” would you dig up then?

  • AthleteLv

    Ghetto Culture? Huh? Saint Impatience, I’ve never heard the term ghetto acquainted to urban culture. I just thought Chrystal was saying he/she felt the chin strap was trashy. Probably not a nice comment, but not racist or prejudicial.

    P.S. he’s not my type either. With or without the chin strap. lol

  • Mister Resistor

    No, No, No, No, and No. Did I meantion “No”???

  • Dave

    VERY HOT!!!!

  • versajock

    Ok the chinstrap is a turnoff. its like his body hair is so natural but his facial hair so contrived. i am not saying i would not pick him up if he were selling oranges or hanging outside home depot looking for work…i am just saying. the deal breaker is the picture of him washing his ass. if he is a top why wash your ass at all. and who is that bottom with the big face and skelotor grin. whats up with that?

  • God….bless. All I can say.

  • AJ

    Sorry Versajock … but … you don’t wash your ass at all? That is just disgusting. I think, hot cub, hot ass, he may not have a giant dick, but dayum (quoted) it is mighty fine, and more than enough.

    Personally, even in a bear or cub, an unmanaged beard or goatee is just untidy, and I think what you call a chinstrap means he takes care of his personal hygiene … including washing his damn fine ass. I like the way his trimmed beard defines his jawline … Who says it is trashy to take care of your appearance.


  • daddycentaur

    Versajock…you wash your ass because if you don’t it would get a little crusty down there and would also start to smell…I would hate to hook up with anyone top or bottom would didn’t….definate deal breaker. lovin the furry chest on this guy…not bad looking.

  • no, i’m not implying that ghetto culture and urban culture (both of which should be in quotes, since it is rare that everyone who inhabits those areas will universally immerse themselves in what prevails/stands out) are one and the same.

    ..they do seem linked together, to me.
    since quite a few, marked, but subtle traits one might find in ghettos were appropriated directly from Urban Centres.
    (towards the end of the last century, that stream of appropriation had reversed, somewhat.)

    it’s hard to explain; i am in possession of another interesting bit of information, though — for, if one looks hard enough, one can find a lot of commonality between the so-called “ghetto” culture and the former culture of certain peoples from … the United Kingdom.
    like those you might have read about in charles dickens’ books.
    or, Blackbeard.
    or, as you might have seen in “Dances with Wolves.”

    but, notwithstanding all of that: are there ghettos in rural areas? suburban areas? 3rd world slums?

    (if there are, Ath, please let me know.)

    Chrissy did specifically say “ghetto.”
    (“SO ghetto,” as i recall.)
    since chrissy’s post was framed with “proper english,” for the most part, then i can infer that this person also has, at least, a decent range and command of vocabulary; so if “trashy” was intended, then “trashy” would have been used.

    i’m pretty sure “ghetto” didn’t just slip out.

    so i don’t know why you’d wanted to defend the priggard, on that one.

    i mean, i gave the benefit of the doubt that “racism” (which cannot apply anyway) wasn’t involved — isn’t that plenty?


    you left your reason for not digging Marcello at “not my type.” now, how can anyone possibly give you shit for that simple, non-specific declaration of your feelings? I won’t; i had felt a minimum of disappointment that you don’t share in my current opinion, but I’d gotten over it in, like, 3 seconds.

    versajock, however..
    ..well, i know you went to the host site to conduct further research.
    and i will, unapologetically, corroborate the bases of your assessments of the above-pictured bottom; while they weren’t tactfully phrased.. ..well, when one gives permission to another to publish, or personally publishes pictures of one’s self… …then, one will have to accept that one will be automatically critiqued as harshly as is humanly possible. none of us is exempted.

    i might have a problem with a couple of other things you said, though.
    they weren’t “racist” — which i know is easier to say.
    “ethnic stereotyping” is the offense you’d actually committed.

    shame on you.

    of course stereotypes have their own bases in empirically-observable Reality; but that truth cannot be universally applied, ya Bigot!

    otherwise, i’ll accept your explanation for why that fellow’s beard displeases you, since it seems reasonable enough.

    i’m hoping someone else will explain to you why tops have to wash their asses, too.
    (if you were posing that in seriousness, and your current role is Actíf, then i will feel sorrow for your sexual partners, if there are any.)

  • hayson

    lawd this guy is hot

  • Patches

    First off, Marcelo is delicious. I just wanna snuggle and cuddle and suck and fuck all night long with him! ha.

    and there are too man guys on here that talk shit, say if you like him or not and leave it alone.

  • hott to trott

  • NorthRyder


  • Kupu

    Wooooof! Srsly, moar hair plzkthnkbailol

  • Chris W


  • ssfmassage

    Very woofy! And he has PLENTY of equipment to satisfy…wish I was there in the shower with him…behind him…I could take care of that ass for him…woof indeed…

  • I’m glad that wasn’t my couch

  • Furrifun

    OMG……….mega WOOF! Hands off boys…..he’s MINE! hehehehe

  • strap2900

    Hot, If you have hairy armpits i love you

  • Would love to sit on this hot guy and ride him all day!

  • rafael

    Damn, he’s fckin’ cute.
    But am I the only one noticing those ugly bitch-tits? Clearly, an steroid-taker.
    But still, damn! I wanna ride that cock.

  • Allan on Sushine Coast

    Wow, what a smile…..

  • Personanongratajoe

    Your not around cum very much are you?