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August 14, 2010


These shots of super hot model Andrew Stetson by Rick Day have got my Saturday night started on a good note!

Rick Day always gets the hottest men, and Andrew is no exception. I think he has the perfect mix of typical male model, but with a little “manly” thrown in. I’m also a sucker for tattoos and big dicks… am I alone on that? Now I just wish he’d whip that thing out and give us the full monty!

– Andy

Photo Credit: Rick Day

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BlackJackHammer 11:17pm on August 18, 2010

This guy is so smoking HOT that ( as much as I would love 2 see his HOT naked ass ) the nudity would some how diminish his over all sex appeal............

  • Not Enough

    I would marry him without a question. Ricky day knows how to find his models.

  • andy23

    Wow! Look at that heavy bulge in the first pic!!!! I want him…

  • tpsc85

    Definitely lead with the good foot there. First picture definitely has that real-life man feel to it. The others are pretty stock model shots, but definitely liking that first one.

  • jacksdad

    looked at the first pic after the jump…..and jizzed in my pants 🙂

  • tpsc85

    Also, there’s a pic in that underwear series after he’s been soaked down… um, yeah.

  • Erik


  • andy23

    damn hot thanks TPSC85 wish it wasn’t cropped so high up tho!

  • agreed – love the body and would love to see that dick … but I find the tats distracting …

  • hh9999

    Not one thing about him that I do not like! Andy’s on another roll…lol….

  • Marmarshakur

    I’d naw on that piece of meat all day as if my life depended on it!!!

  • hayson

    good lord, that is a hot bulge

  • Ringo

    Could he be anymore airbrushed???

  • stephenstefl

    Hot, I love the not-quite-shaved look. Don’t care for the hair sticking up look though. Other than that, he’s beautiful…

  • dave banham

    10/10 and the idiot who said about airbrushing, theres nothing conspicuous there… the guy is just way better looking than you could ever get and youre being totally jealous

  • mike meyer

    thanks tpsc85 that link was worth it

  • andy23

    thank you Dave so agree, never understood the point of coming onto a blog where they post pics of hot men only to type stupid shit like “airbrush”. Has your life been that disappointing?

  • Bee


    Haha, what a queen you are. GET FUCKED!

  • yes please.

  • gia

    There is a LOT of airbrushing on these pictures.Just look at how weird his abs look on the second picture. There is absolutely no doubt about that, but it doesn’t mean that without the airbrushing the guy wouldn’t look hot.

  • Don

    Hot, awesome beautiful man meat…my type 100%

  • ToddM

    This man is amazing! Period!

  • Marmarshakur

    GORGEOUS, HOT, SEXY, WET DREAM…I mean need I say more…

  • BlackJackHammer

    This guy is so smoking HOT that ( as much as I would love 2 see his HOT naked ass ) the nudity would some how diminish his over all sex appeal…………