August 29, 2010

Just The Tips: Going Down, Looking Up

When there’s a throbbing cock bouncing in front of your face, it can be easy to forget that it’s attached to another human being. Some of us let our sexual appetites get the best of us, to the point that we can’t focus on anything beyond the hard shaft down our throats. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

However, while you’re devouring your partner’s schlong, you might want to occasionally gaze up towards his face. Even if you don’t make eye contact, you can at least get a sense of how he’s reacting to your oral skills. Plus, the dominant side of him will love looking down on you with your lips wrapped around his dick!

– Dewitt

To watch Dylan Roberts demonstrate on Mario Costa, follow the JUMP:

Wait for it…


And a few bonus shots for being good:

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BlackJackHammer 12:54am on August 31, 2010

I love when a hot bottom stud is looking up at me while slobbering all over my dick kind of give a since of DOMINATION LOL !!! BTW ( U haters ) would U rather have someone who looks up 2 U or someone lookink down apon U ?

  • Rory

    creeps me out when someone is sucking on my dick and they look

  • Yeah. I agree, Rory. That said, these pics are HOT, HOT, HOTTTTT!!!

  • Marc

    Y’all are weird, lol! Love it when a guy is looking up at me, and I love to look at a guy while I’m going down. It’s pretty hot, and makes it easy to guage their response/ pleasure!

  • Taterdog

    def like looking up and seeing pleasure while i’m servicing a guy

  • Kboy

    Joe Rogan has a hilarious bit about someone looking up when they’re sucking dick. I always think of that when I see eye contact in porn–or real life. Even though, personally, I think it’s hot.

  • Yeah, I like looking up at a guy while I am slobbering on his dick.

    Oh, and that guys has a HUGE dick. Yummy

  • What a nice stud Dylan is — great smile, those big nipples, great build, nice n smooth. Doesn’t bother me either way if a guy looks up at me while sucking me … as long as he’s servicing me, I’m happy, and if he wants to see how happy, that’s fine.

    I tend to look at a guys reaction as I tend to be a bit aggressive and am a bit creative, if you will, occasionally. Not afraid to use my teeth a bit or attempt to use my tongue as a sounder 😉

    I am disappointed in his taking of Mario … I wanted to see Mario being deep throated all the way to the shaved pubes. Likewise while he was fucking Dylan … only put a few inches inside, wanted to see him buried deep. He barely got a bit more in his ass than he got in his mouth! But that’s a bit off topic I guess 🙂

  • NHT

    @Marc: Yeah, they ARE weird!!!

    I FUKKIN LUV having a HOT studboy down there looking up at me to make sure he’s servicing my cock the way he’s supposed to!!


  • Weird? Call it what you want. Just preferences. Nothing wrong with that. Maybe you guys are the weird ones.

  • So .. those that find it weird for a guy to look up at you while he’s sucking you … guess that means you’re looking at him? Why look at him? Just put your head back and enjoy, then you won’t know if he sneaks a peak.

    Perhaps it’s not while I’m sucking that I look up, it’s while I’m munching on his nuts … gawd I love a pair of shaved nuts … can munch on them for hours …

  • daddycentaur

    It’s not an issue for me either way if i look up at him while servicing him or if he’s looking up at while returning the favor…I really prefer a hot 69 session anyway.

  • I’m with Marc… If I had to pick between locking eyes with a handsome guy, or watching the top of his head, no contest. Sometimes I’ll let a guy with no skills suck on it just so we can lock eyes while he’s doing it… Like Dewitt says, sometimes it’s kinda nice to know he’s not just a hungry pig looking to be fed wherever he can, but he’s getting off on you, specifically.

  • apothos

    whether i am the one looking up or he is i do not care, if you are doing it right his eyes should be partially closed, and he should be slightly ‘sucking air’ or gasping, i prefer the ‘sucking air’ sounds better than gasping.

    and if he looks up and creeps you out, then why did you invite him over, or you accept his invitation in the 1st place, sex is as much visual as physical.

    if you are creeped out by his eyes go to the arcade and use a glory hole.

    sex is the sum of the parts, licking, nibbling, sucking, kissing, & fucking. at some point you will lock eyes. get over it or get a fleshlight.

  • damrhodes

    don’t like like being looked at like that. haha. like the late bernie mac said, “what are you looking at, you want a complimen??? ‘You’re doing a good job!!'””

  • hecticsexmachinetopurfaceismouldy

    Listen its weird when a bloke looks at u while suckin ur cock
    look into eachothers eyes when u fuck an wen u cum

    but keep ur eyes on the sausage an the saussage on ur grills

  • Blocked to the U

    my ex was annoyed i couldn’t cum from oral…

    so he read up this 5 page pdf on how to give a better blowjob…

    it was all about giving eyecontact…

    PS: it didn’t help… i’ve yet to cum from oral alone from anyone still >.>

  • malebarber

    that dudes cock is so hot. Id be happy having any sort of contact with him!!! eye, butt, cock…

  • Mick

    hmmmm … I’m a fan of the sucker looking up and locking eyes with me … and vice versa. Oh, and a fan of Mario Costa too!

  • xlbutt

    I am an obedient cocksucker and I prefer if my man has his hands on my head and keeps me focused on my loving responsibility …

  • I love Mario Costa I’d love to do him goood suck his beautiful cock and really make him come loads Do you think he’s up for a sexy English guy?

  • TugMyNuts

    I can usually gauge the pleasure I am giving to a man just by listening to his moans, I don’t need to make eye contact with him. If someone is trying to pleasure my cock and he looks up at me, I always feel embarrassed and look anywhere but at him.

  • ralf

    i like to get up close to his face at least once with my mouth wet and loosely open, and my tongue in view so he can see where all that dick is going to and how much i’m enjoying sucking him and i’m ready to take his load.

  • jeepweekend

    no i dont like the guy looking up i want him 2 just take it and get into it

  • Well it is easy to see how the HUGE cock in the pics could be a bit of a distraction but eye contact is nice.

  • anoir

    eye contact is hot….Love to watch and for him to know I am watching…. HOT

  • BlackJackHammer

    I love when a hot bottom stud is looking up at me while slobbering all over my dick kind of give a since of DOMINATION LOL !!! BTW ( U haters ) would U rather have someone who looks up 2 U or someone lookink down apon U ?