August 24, 2010

Would You Hit That?: Malachi Marx

We can remember the Malachi Marx backlash like it was yesterday. One minute you were worshipping his butthole like it was sent from the heavens above, and then he announced that he was retiring and releasing a book about his gay-for-pay career. That’s when it all went to shit.

The feedback on our exclusive two part interview leaned heavily towards the negative side. Later, we learned that Malachi doesn’t quite understand the meaning of “retirement“. Shortly after, there was the interview where he talked about puking after sex with another man. This one’s a charmer, ain’t he?

Love him or hate him, it doesn’t change that fact that he’s back on Randy Blue yet again, putting his lips all over Diego Sans‘ naughty spots. Having been inspired by this surprise return, we’ve got to ask–would you hit that?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

To cast your vote and see Malachi with Diego Sans, follow the JUMP:

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Xzamilio 2:16pm on October 13, 2013

Naturally...because if he doesn't possess any self-respect, why should you?

  • DAK1975

    Oh, he’s into it. i don’t care what he says. you can’t get hard & maintain it if there’s not at least /some/ attraction.

  • Kboy

    I’d like to say I wouldn’t, but if he showed up on my doorstep, I’d want to go for a ride.

  • Randal

    I don’t care what he says. He obviously enjoys it.

    He’s a loser, but I’d still have sex with him.

  • wolfwave

    he’s a grade A tool

    At the very least you’d think he’d be interested in selling himself better. My penis might have gone up for him at first, but the minute he opened his mouth to expose his bouchebaggery it deflated and hasn’t gone up since. Randy Blue can do better.

  • Heinrich Gutenreich

    I never undrestood what the big deal is about this guy, and as soon as he opened his mouth and said all of that shit, I was so beyond over him! This guy is a super-douchey closet queen. All I know is he better take his hands off of Diego. Diego’s super hot, and I don’t want him tainted with Malachi’s self-hating, quasi-homophobic bullshit!

  • ecrivain2007

    He’s a total fag but id still fuck him, I mean there’s not many guys i won’t fuck, i’m not too picky and looks dont really matter 2 me.

  • jj

    he’s one you fuck, and never look back

  • Denis

    Gay for pay is bullshit. The way this guys sucks cock and eats ass, well guys he’s gay, only he is not proud of it like us real men.

  • scott b

    Here’s what many (all?) psychologists assert which is not an opinion commonly held among gay men at large:

    The act of having sex with another man or even the ability to become aroused by another man does not define you as a homosexual. In other words, homoeroticism does not equal homosexuality.

    Malachi Marx may not be a gay man. Frankly, I don’t care. He’s enough of a douchebag that any interest in watching him in homoerotic scenes is nil.

  • Jerry LeonGuerrero

    When I hear guys say it’s gay for pay. Give me a fucking break. It just an excuse. This way they don’t have to admit to being gay. I am gay and no amount of money is going to get me to have sex with women.

  • The Irrate Buffy Fan

    Yeah I’d definitely have sex with him. No doubt about his sexiness, but at one point you guys were just over praising him as if he was the hottest thing on earth. And he’s not.

  • I’d do both of those guys! Sexy! Especially the “bottom”! I voted yes.

  • Kyle JT

    Oh, I don’t care if he dislikes it. Hell, he can hate it for all I care. Hate me, too. Just focus that hate into ripping me up, and hoy, I’ll see you tomorrow…

  • Commenter

    Yes, it’s possible I’d hit that. But it’s also possible I’d throw up afterwards.

  • Demarch

    He’s gay for pay all right. Thankfully he’s willing to loan me the five bucks. Seriously though, he doesn’t show any of the signs of disgust or even disinterest. So for all the posturing, I call bullshit.

  • Czarles

    I’d pound his ass.

  • Jace

    what a little fucker. hell no, i would never touch him. there’s something about him that makes me puke. i cant stand arrogant cocky assholes and thats exactly what marx is. id like to punch him in his face.

  • alaskaman

    would I hit that? in a heartbeat. We don’t need to talk, just fuck like newlyweds 🙂

  • Yagermeister

    Let me tell you something. If a guy sucks another guy’s dick, he’s probably gay. If a guy kisses, fucks, or plays with another guy’s dick, he’s probably gay. If a guy licks another guy’s ASS, he’s definitely GAY!!
    Hell, I’m a gay older man, and I can’t bring myself to rimming another guy. F**k that “gay for pay” crap! You wouldn’t be able to perform that well with another guy if you didn’t enjoy some of the action. I’m just sayin’…….I’ve been with married & so called bi guys & the most they’ll let you do is suck their cock or jack them off. They don’t reciprocate at all.

  • hh9999

    Some of my best lays have been “straight” guys. Gay for pay or not, the boy likes sex with other men. And call it what you will, he’s gay. Missed the ass so much he came out of retirement?? Or just for a few extra bucks?? Your guess is as good as mine, but I’d hit that every day of the week if I could still do it.

  • Hell yea I’d hit that. I’m sure that many of the men I’ve been with are just as big a douchebags in one or another way. But as long as my dick is inside his holes, I’m in. no pun intended 🙂

  • HHH4873

    Nah i wouldn’t. He is somewhat attractive, but he’s an asshole and I wouldn’t have sex with a prostitute. That is really gross!

  • Nice body and OMG those bright blue eyes with the darker hair works well!

    Just lose the beard and go to scruff or clean shaven.

    Man I wish they showed his cock as well

  • tpsc85

    I’d be able to get it up for him, but I don’t know that I’d be able to finish, or at least wouldn’t enjoy it. I get off knowing the other guys is having at least as much fun as I am… just knowing that he might be thinking about hopping off a ralphing is an instant ice pack to the testes.

  • Urban

    Hell no, someone with self hatred, and self loathing is not attractive to me no matter how a guy looks. This gay for pay shit only gives fucking cowards an excuse to stay in the closet, have their cake and eat it too. Some dumb fags eat it up, I’d take my porn stars out, open and honest anyday.

  • navysausage

    I think it’s the dumb fags who fail to realize guys will do anything for money…gay or straight. You wishful thinkers think the world revolves around one’s (homo)sexuality. Live your own life, and quit whining. Jeez.

  • Justin

    No way – I prefer having sex with actual gay guys. Malachi is cute, but I deserve better. 🙂

    And I agree with Urban in preferring porn stars who are openly gay/bi.

  • i would strongly consider “hitting That,” on two conditions:

    • he owns up to being homo-/bi-sexual

    • he apologizes to the L.G.Q.B.T. Network—i don’t want to say “community,” for Obvious Reasons—for those things he’d said, in his past.

  • keliikoa

    i’d rather have the bottom 😉

  • Roberto

    Yeh i’d hit him…right in the face!
    I hate these G4P douches!

  • hh9999

    OK, all you guys that say “No WAY”. what about the girls that do Lesbian scenes for the money?? Hate them also, do you?? I already know the answer to that one, you do not, and isn’t that being a little too hypocritical?? I’ve taken either cash or “other considerations” for my “services” in the past and not one damn bit ashamed to admit it.

  • V-8

    as far as the girls who take cash for lesbian scenes, well, u’d have to ask lesbians how the feel, not us as we r not the audience, and that was not the original question from the post anyway…

    (I hear that lesbians do not enjoy when two straight girls play lesbian, but I am sure there is a gamut, taste-wise, just like us gay boys)…

    at the end of the day I do not understand why Marx won’t find himself another profession…

    the real unattractiveness is what I imagine being the need for fast cash…. if he was just doing it for money, what has he done with the money saved? did he spend it all? I would suggest that he uses his porn money for a college education (or grad school if he already has a degree), to open a business and/or pay for therapy…..

    this need for money and attention is very strange…. not saying all porn actors need therapy, but I think this one does…

    also, as suspected by many of us, there was no interest on his book….. books like this get usually published in few months, not years……. he should never made an announcement without a deal…… now the hype is gone, he missed his boat, back to gay porn….. (he’d probably be too boyish or even girlish for straight porn)….

    I say, get a job man, and get over the whole gay and porn experience, move on with ur life….

    as for having sex with him, yeah, he is pretty attractive and seems to be a good actor in gay porn (he is believable, even with closed eyes), but I still voted no……..

  • navysausage

    Obviously, by the majority of those repulsed by his actions yet would still do him, realize that his look/package is undeniably an asset. Marx is very aware that he has the goods to market himself, even if he is a douche for making such remarks.

  • Mike

    Dude you guys are so fucking stupid and I am serious hes not even hot anymore now hes an ugly gay retard. I can put up with homophobes better than that moron.

  • Charles

    Does he only have one nut?

  • navysausage

    @Mike: Well, appearances are subjective; so what you may find as “hot” may very well be an ugly fucker to someone else. But I get your point. We loathe Mr. Marx to the nth degree, hot or not.

  • So… Everyone is a coward this is in the closet? What about those that have to be to save the job they have? One has to live. I love blanket statements..

  • HahaGay4Pay

    This all is pretty retarded.
    1. Everyone will do anything for money obviously, we all like money
    (oh and girls don’t have sex with other girls just for money, they do it when they’re drunk and stupid (GGW), just like us guys)
    2. If he really didn’t like it then he wouldn’t have came back after he said it made him puke, he obviously likes it and doesn’t look like he worries about money.
    This whole gay 4 pay thing is dumb if your videotaped sucking a guys dick, saying you did it for money won’t undo the fact that you sucked a guys dick, and if your hard you totally like it.
    As for this guy, I’d totally fuck him and probably get him to scream out how much he liked my cock, then tell him to get lost and give him a Subway card haha!

  • Marmarshakur

    Hell yeah I would…I would gladly bend his happy go puke’n ass over & shove my big thick cock deep in his ass 4 all tha boyz & then when I’m done slap him in tha face with my dick so that it’ll leave a mark remind’n him of how well he LOVES THA COCK!!!

  • Mike

    @ navysausage Though looks are subjective it worries me that over half of our comunity would have sex with a married man with child who is a self loathing fag who only has one nut and can’t suck dick without gagging himself on it (clearly cause he likes it so much he could’nt take it all in without trowing up) with a fucked up nose, while he leeches off the gay comunity like a parasite. Randyblue should fire him.

  • gay

    i would do more than hit it

  • xander scott

    fuck yea

  • Laurence Olive

    He has a fucked up nose.  

  • PD

    He looks like a girl with a mustache, he is cute but can I ask if he hated doing gay 4 pay why did he return? LMAO, dick starved?!

  • Xzamilio

    Naturally…because if he doesn’t possess any self-respect, why should you?