September 6, 2010

Bottoms Who Love Big Dicks Will Hate This Post

While I’m a huge fan of bottoms with big dicks, it’s become clear to me that everyone doesn’t share my enthusiasm. Some guys believe it’s a waste for a well-hung man to bend over on all fours, and that’s probably because they’re greedy cock-whores.

Just kidding! I can totally understand the frustration. It’s like finding the most beautiful ass on the planet, only to discover that it’s attached to a total top. Except in this case, it’s the reverse situation. You want that dick in your ass, and he would rather get plowed upside-down until the cows come home.

Those of you who fall under the “hung bottoms infuriate me” category will absolutely love this post. Tommy Deluca is packing an eleven-inch dick in those briefs, and we hate to break it to you… but he’s riding dick like nobody’s business.

Lucky for you, it turns out that Tommy’s actually a versatile top! You can now proceed to breathe a huge sigh of relief, as there’s now a possibility that he’d ram that monster schlong deep inside your hungry hole. Hope that makes things a little better for you!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: BentleyRace

To check out Tommy Deluca in action, follow the JUMP:

You start off drooling over that huge dick.

Nice! This guy’s totally gonna service that monster.



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YCA 4:05pm on September 13, 2010

ToddM you're obviously older so things are different for you than they are for other generations. we understand the world a bit better than your generation did. and we understand human psychology better than yours did i guess (maybe it's just you though). meh. had the thought crossed your mind that it's the other way around? not being able to marry for generations has stunted the emotional maturity of the gay community? we can't have children or get married so we have no social imperative forcing us to grow up raise a family and be mature and responsible. oh and for the record... there is a difference between knowing spelling and grammar and then not caring about them on a medium like a blog post. if you are stupid enough to devalue the idea i express based on my use of capitals, that says more about you than it says about my education level.

  • Michael

    WOW!!! Amazing cock but it’s the sack full of nuts that catches my eye! I would love to get those monster nuts in my mouth!

  • Mike

    All these shallow queens into only big dicks, tsk, tsk, tsk, I go for the man his personality and way , if his dick is 2 inches that’s okay, he’s got a lot more going on, and most guys with big cocks are whores cause they whip it out and you shallow queens dive for it, no wonder gay men are made fun of and critisized, I’m just saying….

  • Mike

    The caption is whos’s gonna service that monster? The caption should read who wants to get to know this guy and maybe form a relationship, or not, but stop the emphasis on the cock, I have a pretty big cock and I have found that it’s the only thing guys i hook up with are into

  • grey

    well big dick is obviously a big plus! but to is more like a extra credit. if the person is ‘scoring’ badly, a big could help with the grade but overall, it’s still not a good one. 😛

  • novabill

    Im a fan of both bottoms and big cocks, i love to get behind a hot guy and while im in his ass, reach around and jerk’n him off…just a thought

  • Superlovers

    I love a bottom with a big dick; a.k.a. “The Hood Ornament”

  • Bobby In Seattle

    It’s all good, except for those socks. Those socks have got to go.

  • First off, thank to “Mike” for admitting that in the ned, a guy’s personality and compatibility are really what’s important for those of us more interested in relationships instead of a steady stream of anonymous sex…

    As a total Top for years (though getting more interested in being versatile as I get older), I have found many a total bottom who possess “killer sized cocks” that other bottoms would gladly sit upon…not sure why that is…while I love fucking a gorgeous ass, I also love to suck a nice cock…so for me, those hung bottoms are the best of both worlds!

  • gia

    That is one intimidating cock.

    Mike, don’t you think it’s kind of hypocritical to rant about relationships on a site that concentrates on porn?

  • scott b

    Men are what they are. As a population, our sexual behaviors are strongly determined by visual cues. This has always been true. You can be bitter about it, rail against the “superficiality” of it, bemoan the shallowness … but that doesn’t change the fact that that is the way male H. sapiens have always been wired.

    Nothing says “male” more than a penis, and for men bigger is better. If you poll any large group of gay men then, yes, the tops among them will always largely prefer hung bottoms because of the visual cue.

    Happily, individuals cannot be explained by group statistics, so not all gay men are size queesns.

    But nobody should ever be surprised that many are. Men are what they are.

  • Buhk02

    Pigs! Men are pigs! If the dick is small and it wants inside, well, bag that thing up and get to it! If the dick is big and it doesnt want inside, well then, where is my bag?

  • yca

    man some of the replies here are retarded.

    scott b your remarks here are ridiculous. sure we’re visual but there is nothing in our DNA that says bigger is better. anthropologists and archeologists have documented cultural ideals of sexuality for centuries and they change from region to region and over time. if you’re a size queen own it – it’s your own doing, god didn’t make you that way. if you really think that’s how you were meant to be, you should be seeking sex therapy to overcome your unrealistic expectations that are probably a result of a very experienced sex life and over exposure to porn. … i say that honestly too, not as an attack. i prefer 7+ inches myself but i recognize that’s because i’ve conditioned myself to needing larger sizes over the years. i use to be satisfied by smaller when i was less experienced, but not anymore. but i own it.

    i think it’s funny to hear tops implying that big dick bottoms are preferred and smaller dick bottoms are less desirable for their sexual diets – considering those dicks won’t even be used (hence hood ornament). when tops start excluding btms for cock size they are on a pretty slippery slope – cause lets’ face it if btms were to do the same thing (and some do) … well there is always someone out there with a larger cock to replace them as well.

    also, as a nicely hung (above avg but not huge) btm i’ve encountered a lot of well hung tops that have actually pointed out that there was a lot more to them than the size of their cocks. they regularly get used for their cock sizes. most of the hung tops i’ve hooked up with on manhunt, for example, don’t even list how hung they are in their profiles to avoid this.

    i’d be willing to bet money that anyone who even embraces this “endowment elitism” (lol) as either a top or btm is single or has spent most of their life being single and will.. this sort of mentality is so unhealthy for having normal well adjusted sexual and interpersonal relationships.

  • Jurry

    Nice dick, but his face is TOW UP!

  • scott b

    @yca: First of wall, don’t post walls of text. Nobody reads them. If you can’t be succinct, then your post is as good as not posting.

    Secondly, my post is ridiculous on what grounds? Do you have some evidence that behavioral or population psychologists are just learning? If you mean to suggest that behaviors cannot be selected for (just like any other trait), then you are patently wrong.

    If you mean to suggest that experiences and learning can modify behaviors that derive from our animal nature, then granted. I think we can agree this is why not all gay men are size queens.

    But in fact everything that is going on sociologically and politically and economically in the world right now can be understood in terms of the basic animal nature of H. sapiens. The same behavioral traits that helped our species survive and grow into the dominant species on the planet are still very much present and in action today. Maybe not in individuals, but in populations they are for sure.

    Men are what they are. It is appropriate neither to apologize nor to rail against them for it.

  • korie

    Have to agree Nice cock but a “tow” up face…Maybe rode hard and but away

  • Yummy!!!!

  • Don

    Mother Fuck…luv a big cock BOTTOM…the beautiful thing is its mine to suck…but my ass is safe!…dated many a big cock bottom bois…great fucks and tastey cum loads…

  • Holy shit. I just found the man I’m going to dream about for the next month!

  • Gia, “hypocritical”?? NOT AT ALL! This site is not all about porn! Do you miss the music posts? The political posts? The unicorn post? Some of us who want relationships come here to feel a part of something. To have conversation and see what is going on. I say, Bravo, Mike! You said it well! I agreed with every word. Get off your high horse, Gia.

  • tpsc85

    I haven’t bottomed in years, but I like bottoms with thinner dicks so if I decide to flip it’ll still be comfortable (big dicks take too much warming up for, imho).

    However, a couple of my favorite bottoms have bigger dicks. At one point when I was younger I could autofelatiate, and being able to blow a guy while I was balls-deep was a popular sideshow trick. I’m a little less flexible now, but the guys with longer dicks I can still get a mouthful of.

  • daddycentaur

    I’d certainly top him.

  • No dick is wasted, no matter hung or not, top or bottom. I know one local guy who is totally turned off if his dick is even touched – and he’s turned off cuz so many men are only interested in his BBD.

    For those that are hookup centric then dick size focus is understandable. For those more relationship, then dick size is secondary at best. For me, I love a big dick bottom but honestly, I’d rather have a man with big nuts and a smaller cock than a big cock and no nuts. I totally love LOVE LOOOOVE munching on huge nuts.

    However, those I don’t take anal, I do enjoy a nice hard cock teasing my hole … and somehow it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s big, small or average, a hard cock on the hole is hot!

  • hayson

    def very hot, but what a waste of a dick on a btm guy (atleast in this scene)

  • yca

    scott b: i’m not looking for your acceptance so giving me rules to abide by was a waste of time.

    ridiculous in that your argument is invented by your own rationale, not based in any solid fact. evidence? i paid for my education, you’ll have to take some courses for it too.

    make any choices you want but don’t rationalize your own character traits as genetic, when in fact they are the result of your own lifestyle and experiences. men are what they are. they have enough to overcome as a species without people like you assigning personal baggage to the workload.

  • hh9999

    @Scottb: You’re absolutely right, most hook-ups are made on a visual sighting first and everything else follows. That’s true for males and true for females. Sounds like we have a bunch of old queens on here hoping not to grow old alone trying to justify their insecurity by ranting about the “relationship” part of it over the size of the dick, then trying to drag up all the pseudo facts they can think of to verify their statements. What a crock of crap! I’ll bet these guys don’t run around picking up small-dicked trolls just to find someone interested in a “relationship”. Well, maybe a few do….lol…

  • V-8

    while I prefer larger than smaller, I have to say the guy above does not do anything for me…. a bit too skinny and not so great on the face perhaps, can’t tell…

    of course personality goes a long way, and after a certain age, at least for me at 36, I am not inclined to just hook up, I wanna meet someone that I am both attracted to physically and intellectually.

    on the yca versus scott b, what I want to add is that it’s been argued by many that there is bias in research, meaning that even if enough data is collected, it does not mean it was not coerced by the research itself…

    even the question “do you prefer big cocks?” has a bias in it, as it favors a particular size… a better question could be “what cock size do you prefer” or even better, “what do you prefer?”

    just some food for thought…. at the end of the day, wether we r wired this way or that or wether it is learned, we should make our on conclusions and own our actions…

  • V-8

    whether, not wether…… sorry lol

  • Jay

    I would love to let him dump a load in me, what a great cock

  • Bohemond

    It’s important to realize that not all gay men like huge cocks. My ex vastly prefers guys with small cocks–it’s one minor reason he left me actually (not that I’m bragging…). Just like with body type, skin color, and position preference, there’s a huge range of preferences. For me, cock size is a fairly minor issue. A couple days ago I played with a guy who had a very small dick, but he and I clicked like crazy and we’ve got a date for this weekend. Would I like a larger cock on him? Yeah, but it’s hardly a deal breaker for me.

  • Hurray for versatiles!!! We rock and we love the cock!

  • TJ

    As a big dicked vers bottom myself I can attest that many a BDB grow into becoming more of a bottom than a top because lots of guys have eyes bigger than their holes. I once dated a guy for seven months that just flat out refused to bottom for me because it was “just too big”, and he had a tiny, beautiful little jew boy ass. Time and time again this happens where they go to sit on it, get too eager and hurt themselves, then ask if they can top you. Don’t hate the BDB because he needs a fisting or power bottom to take it.

  • YCA

    lol at TJ that is just awesome. lotta truth to that.

  • LilLatinGuy

    I agree to an extent with you Mike…2 inches is not very satisfying, especially if he’s a tall handsome hunk. But agree… that even if the guy is hung…very well hung, if his attitude stinks, I wouldn’t touch him.

  • yca: Give your money back! They forgot to tell you in your education that you are supposed to CAPITALIZE every letter that begins a sentence! So much for your education.

  • Nicholas

    I totally agree with mike(second comment from top) a true man is classified by whats in his heart. now to show some shallow side a 2 inch dick wont cut it still average is fine. but everynow and again itd be nice to bend over for my man instead of him always doing the bending and with that id prefer someone with a little more below the belt than what a new born baby has. just saying…….

  • Angelliano

    YES we should judge by inside not outside but being a mostly only Top we do not. I know some big cocks that use it to get foot in door to person they want and personality keep them. I myself go either way with bottom, small or large. i play with nipples and body with small and cock more with hung bottoms. love to see a hot cock moving and jumping while i fuck it make me hotter and like someone said gives us top a hot cock to suck also. Yum.

  • hh9999, I usually agree with you. But for you to call us that want a relationship dried up old queens is just not a fair statement to make! I’m personally not into hook ups. Never have been, never will be. It’s the way I was raised and the way I am wired. We wonder why the US doesn’t want to give gays the right to marry…. Well… Everyone wants to screw around! No one seems to want committment! If I haven’t met you, and you start talking about taking me to the bedroom on the first chat, I’m more than likely going to block you. And I’m no dried up old queen.

  • Woody

    The top should be the one with the biggest cock.

    And,if your cock is less than 6 inches then you should be a bottom !

    If your cock is bigger than mine,then well, I’m a top so, forget about it! LOL

  • Marmarshakur

    I totally agree with Novabill & Superlovers, I totally love a hot hung bottom especially when he’s on top riding you & u can play with his piece until he dumps his load all over ur chest & to see his reaction while you’re hitting it in all the right places…uhhh a total turn on!!!

  • YCA

    ToddM you’re obviously older so things are different for you than they are for other generations. we understand the world a bit better than your generation did. and we understand human psychology better than yours did i guess (maybe it’s just you though). meh.

    had the thought crossed your mind that it’s the other way around? not being able to marry for generations has stunted the emotional maturity of the gay community? we can’t have children or get married so we have no social imperative forcing us to grow up raise a family and be mature and responsible.

    oh and for the record… there is a difference between knowing spelling and grammar and then not caring about them on a medium like a blog post. if you are stupid enough to devalue the idea i express based on my use of capitals, that says more about you than it says about my education level.