Celebrity Skin
September 14, 2010

Celebrity Skin: Bear Grylls

This week’s Celebrity Skin is a bit unconventional, but only in that we usually post actors of musicians. Bear Grylls is neither but his nude shots definitely look just as hot!

Bear hosts several survival shows throughout the world, most notably Man Vs. Wild. He finds himself in the middle of the arctic or the jungle quite often and clothes aren’t always the most convenient attire, which is probably my favorite part of his show!

The pesky censors usually block the good view, but in the first picture after the jump we see some balls! And there’s plenty of Bear ass to go around!

– Andy

For the nude shots, follow the JUMP:

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antoniomamie 11:24am on May 16, 2013

Bear Grylis is one hell of a hot guy...I enjoy his program man vs. wild....at time he's shirtless man he's hot...I being gay am not to defame him not to suggest he is...but love to see all his body parts dick erect an all if he can I'd appreciate an email from this hot hunk in the buff his dick an all my email tfernandes2@yahoo.com should he care...I just want to see this dude an drool over him he has all I always wanted never had

  • Jimmy T

    Never knew about this show. Have to check it out…hot lookin’ bod on this guy!

  • LEO

    He is hot, him finding a way to get nude almost everywhere is hot, but he’s crazy as hell when he just starts grabbing things and eating them(snakes, frogs, etc.)

  • JR

    He is a bit nuts….hmmm, but hot!

  • canundra

    YES!! Bear Grylls is HOT! And I love his show. The crazy shit he gets into…God, and that accent.

  • If I can quote Austin Powers…

    “I used to think you were crazy, but now I can see your nuts”

    Yeah he’s freaking crazy; he once fell into some water in the arctic, decided the air was warmer than the wet clothes he was in, then stripped naked and “warmed up” by rubbing snow on his body.
    Worst. Shrinkage. Ever.

  • Boom!!!

    Man oh man, i’ve been waiting to see him featured on Celebrity Skin. I have a huge crush on this guy. The Discovery Channel should release an uncensored DVDs

  • gggonewild

    Well, it’s not that far-fetched to feature him, as he IS an actor. Being hired to pretend you are a survival expert and be overly dramatic about everything you encounter makes you an actor. Ha.

    He is one hot bastard though!

  • gia

    bear grylls is gorgeous. bear grylls is a lying hack

  • gia

    bear grylls has a great ass

  • Olly

    I’ve always had a huge boner for this guy, and always wanted to see his peen (censors be damned) but that ass isn’t a bad consolation either! WOOF!

  • Give me some Bare! I’am glad i’am not the only one who thinks he’s hot.

  • MikeH

    Can someone find the uncensored photos? OMG, I’d pay to see those. Actually, I’d pay to fuck him!

  • Triston

    Always thought he was H O T!!

  • Heinrich Gutenreich

    Yeah, this guy is super hot! He’s my only reason for watching Discovery!

  • Another reason I love Discovery! He’s a loon, but a hot one!

  • Richard

    Feature Mike Rowe from Dirty jobs hes a sexy ass piece of man candy!

  • daddycentaur

    I’ve actually met Mike Rowe in person…not that sexxxy.

  • JG

    Oh my dear Bear, how lovely you are to me. UHHH how about that Lion guy? I know nobody probably knows what the hell I’m talking about, but he’s a discovery guy and he’s hott as all get up! He did a pretty steamy shoot that I just so happened to pleasure myself to. DAVE SALMONI…that’s his name, look him up he’s pretty yummy, I wanna be a lion. Lions, tigers and Bears…OH…my.

  • Island guy

    Bear has been stunningly attractive for years and so comfortable with his own body. Definitely one to drool over.

  • Vespiquen

    Jolín! I’m in love with Bear Gryll’s, known about him for years and I’ve always fancied the hole off him. He’s been the subject of many happy times :P. My perfect 3some would be with Bear and Alberto Casado (spanish tv presentor)

  • Grant in OZ

    Love him …

  • James

    Bear Grylls is a very good survivalist, and a very attractive man. The downside is, he’s most likely straight, since that’s how the game tends to go. But personally, I’d die for a chance to hang around with this guy, none the less go out on a date with him.

  • He needs to land on me and see how long it will take him to get out of my cave.

  • Randall

    I LOVE BEAR!!!!! He’s sooo cute!!

    Yeah he’s straight, married, with 2 kids I think. But it doesn’t hurt to look!

  • hayson

    i have had the hots for him for yaers! woof!

  • Travis V

    I saw an episode where he gave himself an enema. He seemed a bit to willing to shove something up there.

  • purelychoco

    Hahaha, this dude… I swear my sis is in love with him & I think he’s hot too..

    But here’s where the diff. between her and I come in…
    …for me, all his eating raw insects, snakes and what not, would kindda make me think twice bout kissing him…
    But my sis’s attitude towards it is “he brushes his teeth so it’s fine”

  • BlackJackHammer

    I’ve never seen this show but these photo’s R a good reason 2 start …….

  • Rich

    He actually was a trained British SAS paratrooper but broke his back and (i might be wrong on this one) paralyzed for a time period….had to leave the military and everything. He ended up spending 2 years forcing himself through training and physical therapy…and ended up being the youngest British male to ever summit Mount Everest

  • Rich

    JG…the lion guy’s name is David Salmoni…VERY HOT!! Someone finally managed to convince him to do some modeling shoots so there are some amazing photos of him floating around. He is Canadian and in his early to mid 30’s I believe.

    Another hottie is the South African snake dude, Donald Schultz..he had a show called Wild Recon on discovery channel, and did the 10 days in a glass box with 100 snakes in vegas..called venom in vegas.

  • Cam

    Hes hot. LOVE the accent. But whats up with the blurs over his junk??? Inquiring minds wanna know. . . what hes workin with!!

  • Rufus

    Yes this guy is gorgeous and his accent… damn!!!

    And I agree Richard… Mike Rowe is hot too!! Something about a man gettin dirty just drives me insane. lol

  • jay

    I need to start watching this show

  • antoniomamie

    Bear Grylis is one hell of a hot guy…I enjoy his program man vs. wild….at time he’s shirtless man he’s hot…I being gay am not to defame him not to suggest he is…but love to see all his body parts dick erect an all if he can I’d appreciate an email from this hot hunk in the buff his dick an all my email tfernandes2@yahoo.com should he care…I just want to see this dude an drool over him he has all I always wanted never had