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September 3, 2010

Flashback Friday: Al Parker

After the extremely positive feedback on our post Hot or Not post about Vintage Men, we thought we’d introduce a brand new series entitled Flashback Friday. Our first post will focus on ’70s and ’80s star Al Parker, whose name and image has practically become synonymous with “vintage porn”.

In the future, we may not necessarily zero in on a specific individual, but feel free to throw out some of your favorite names in the comments section! We’ll do our best to dig up pictures of these guys, and hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!

– Dewitt

To check out more pics and video clips of Al Parker, follow the JUMP:

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Tom 10:33pm on November 10, 2014

Did Al Parker ever bottom? If so, which videos?

  • LEO

    I wanna see MORE!The bottom video was hot. He was awesome, died from Aids I believe.

  • jim

    Parker was hot. He did die of Aids.
    My favorite was Kyle Hazard. What a hunk. I think I may have seen him bottom once in a vid that was so dark I wasn’t positive it was him. Would anyone know? I’d love to see him featured here.

  • HOT! Hot men are hot men, period. Even if the period reminds me of the Brady’s

  • DannoFL

    I would love to see some Jack Wrangler..

  • Mike

    Soooo HOTT!!! but I gotta say, he looked better with the short haircut! lol. WOOF 😀

  • Louis

    Those were two really sexy scenes, vintage is definitely growing on me

  • TommyTrojan

    I love men from this era because they were just that: MEN! Not the shaved, waxed, plucked, made-up, tatted-out, ‘roided G4P-ers that dominate so much of gay porn today. You could have seen these guys at the hardware store or the park or living next door.

  • artsofboston

    Beards. The last decade have had fewer and fewer men with facial hair like this. Would like to see them return.

  • bryan3395

    Like the idea of Flashback Friday. Who could forget Michael Brandon when he was younger. HOT! HOT!

  • scruffman

    How about some Eric Manchester!

  • hot, nuff said

  • DavidUK

    TommyTrojan put it perfectly – even when the sites do cater for more regular men than the smooth model look the guys are buff to perfection – The above pictures still look hot today and the guys actually look like they enjoy and want to be together rather than thinking of the pay packet at the end of the shoot

  • DavidUK

    Have to admit had forgot how bad the music was and that you never hear the real sounds of the action due to the limited video recording technology of the 70ths/early 80ths.- there are some benefits to modern videos!

  • (i was probably the only one who’d automatically thought of the BeeGees with the first few pictures above.)

    it was interesting to look at this..
    ..things that we young folk think is unique to our era, has already been done long ago, by our elders.


  • Jimmy T

    Al was soooo hot and had such a great cock. But the music in porn vids of that era was almost laughable. Great to see this stuff again. (Yeh, I was there the first time!)

  • hh9999

    Hmm! Prefer today’s “adult movies”. Better lighting, better video quality, better audio quality, better access, better looking men (more buffed, polished, shaved, plucked, tweezered, better tatted, better waxed, and photoshopped) for a better product. Although I must admit, nothing new under the sun in the action on the film.

  • mike

    it was the 70s prime movies and hot scenes anyone remember jeff stryker in stryker force all grainy bad acting but still hot to this day

  • James

    I agree with Mike – would love to see a Flashback Friday devoted to Jeff Stryker.

  • sdsinmpls

    I would’ve so been ready to ride Mr. Parker. He was in the first gay porn I ever saw–something about forest rangers and camping. 🙂

  • BlackJackHammer

    Sorry guys but Al just does nothing 4 me although I will admit that he does look lot better with short hair. BTW who is the blonde guy ? who ever he is H.O.T.T HOT !!

  • Timber41

    If you mean the last picture that Al is blowing, it’s Casey Donovan, another star of the “silver” age of porn worth featuring. If you mean the blond outdoors, that’s Jeff Turk.

    Anyone know the name of the movie the last clip is from? Obviously Colt, but that one escapes memory.

  • hayson

    this guy was always so fucking handsome, loved the beard. but he did weird things with his balls that always freaked me out

  • 1leanlad

    Kris Lord

    Yes Please…

  • frank8mtl

    Woked with him once in the 80’s and was hot and a sex addict and perv on set, Off set he was a regular dude. And to answer tour question about his Big Ballsac, he liked a bit of pain and was in rough sex. Was a great sex partner on set!

  • SkinDick

    Let’s see some BILL ELD – he is GODCOCK !

  • Tom

    Did Al Parker ever bottom? If so, which videos?