September 9, 2010

Hot or Not?: Rim Chairs

For those who aren’t in the know, rim chairs are essentially toilet seats, except they have four legs attached to the bottom. Their purpose is to provide a sitting place for an individual who’s getting his butt licked, though you probably could have figured that out by the name alone. Some folks prefer to call them “rim seats”.

Once upon a time, I was invited to sit on another gentleman’s rim chair, and I couldn’t help but politely decline his offer. As much as I love a good rimjob, the scatological associations with the toilet seat were a total turn-off. Plus, I didn’t want a piece of plastic in my way! When you’re eating my hole, I want to be able to spread my cheeks and shove your face deeper. That’s just how I roll.

Look, I love munching on ass as much as the next guy, but I can’t even comprehend why anyone would want to use one of these. Isn’t it hotter to merely let a guy sit on your face? Or set him up on all fours and get your feast on? Maybe I just need to open my mind or something… You know where I stand on this matter, but what do you think–are rim chairs hot or not?

– Dewitt

To check out a pic of Leo Giamani on a rim chair, follow the JUMP:

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pdxrimmer 6:35am on March 21, 2016

I love being underneath a rim chair, worshipping a manhole.

  • SWMITop

    They are wonderful for dedicated ass eaters–and those who love to be rimmed deeply. It does not replace someone sitting on your face. I’d say it’s the next step up. The seat spreads the hole open for deeper penetration. Without the full body weight on you, you can rim for a longer time.

  • matt

    All good points, not to mention that you can use it as a port-a-potty when you get older!

  • LEO

    I think you should have provided a picture of your ass Dewitt just to complete the hot imagery you created above.

  • DD_838


  • Shames

    I think the rim chair is a good idea and can be fun. But ihave to agre.. having a gay/boy on his back legs in the air or .. up on all 4’s gives you a much better open ness for eatting out a hole real well!!!!

  • anoir

    NotHot NotHot NotHot

  • jeffm

    I actually purchased a rim seat. I guess I would be considered a “dedicated asseater.”

    I love to rim and though the chair would add some spice. I must say I was disapointed. It does not replace a guy sitting on your face by no means. I needed a pillow under my neck to reach up to the ass. It just wasnt fun at all.

    I used it once and it’s in the closet now.

    For sale: Rim Seat. Only been used once. LOL

  • HngBlkBtm

    How the fuck do you walk out of a store with that bitch? It’s so NOT HOT!

  • JD

    and what is the guy sitting on the chair supposed to do, read a magazine?

    This thing turns something hot into a clinical procedure.

  • Ben

    Could we say the seat is the equivilent to a glory hole? I never had the opportunity to be under one so I can’t comment on that. But I have had a great time sitting on them. it does seem to make things easier for endurance, but sometimes you just want to feel the guy’s whole face up against you and maybe grind into it.

  • Erik


  • ben

    i have to say i have one and its wonderful-seeing a hairy ass about to make contact with your face hearing a moan when the tip hits the hot spot

  • David

    Fucken hot!!!! Where do I get one??? email me and let me know anyone please I would love to get one so that the guys who visit me can sit in comfort while i suck lick and clean. email me

  • alaskaman

    not for me thank you. Leo’s ass is though.

  • dave banham

    revolting. it even made that hot guy look vile

  • God’s boyfriend

    yeah truly sick

  • hairyo

    agree with JD takes away from the physical touch, nothing like a warm hairy butt sitting on your face

  • nycjockdom

    “Scat” seat

    Need I say more ?

  • Bohemond

    The technical term is actually “queening stool”

  • i experienced one a few yrs back, was amazing!

  • stupid fucking idea.The pratt that thought this up is obviously a sad case

  • YCA

    Even Leo’s ass can’t save this one.

  • BrucetheMoose99

    kinda have mixed feelings about the RIMMING SEAT….sat on a few, and it was good for me as the TOP GUY, not sure about the bottom
    . who said after 30 min how his neck was stiff and hurting,,,another bottom “eater” had a big pillow under his neck/head and did not complains, but i must say,,, being on all fours while the BOTTOM dude is licking my virgin asshole is being in heaven …. now i really know what all those BOTTOM guys feel when i am rimming their ass and getting them ready for a nice long sexy fuck

  • Sooooo NOT ——-HOT
    TOP or BTTM

  • jete

    NOT HOT at all! Gross!!
    I love to rim a hot ass and want my guy on his back or on all fours with my face in his ass. Now that’s rimming!!!

  • Randal

    All I can think of is poop. Ewww. Not hot!

  • Mike

    Just spent the last 30 minutes eating a real nice ass from a rimseat! Best way to appreciate a man’s ass with your mouth. Can’t understand why anyone would turn their nose up at it 🙂

  • dbear66

    I use the foldup version when camping in the Aussi bush, no need for a top to lick ass as million flie’s quickly get stuck in.
    Seats are meant for crapping, only way is on all fours, Mmmmm

  • hh9999

    Since I won’t rim and really don’t like having it done, NOT!

  • furrier

    I know this is going to seem really mean and petty Mr dbear66, but adding an apostrophe and ‘s’ does not make a plural of the noun. More than one fly is flies. This is what greengrocers (for american readers, these are people who sell vegetables and fruit) do when they want to refer to more than one orange – orange’s – it’s (= abbreviared form of it is) just plain wrong.

    I duly await the barrage of abuse. However, I have to agree with your last line. Sitting on something like that is going to stimulate the same biological reaction as a proper toilet seat…ew!

  • Mike

    First things first, rimchairs are really only for ass-eating enthusiasts, not for guys who just “like” or “enjoy” rimming. You gotta crave the hole.

    Second.. YES it IS different than having a guy sit on your face or having a dude on his hands and knees (or stomach) in front of you. You can get deeper and have more control over what you are doing in my opinion. The seat splays the asscheeks and opens the hole better.

    for the ass-eater and ass-eatee it is a totally different experience than the usual ways of ass eating. I have never felt more pleasure than one i sat on one of those seats.

  • I just can’t get past the look of the stupid thing. lol

  • Randall

    disgust. I agree with randal, all I think of is someone shitting on someone else’s face.

  • BlackJackHammer

    I do not object 2 getting rimmed but I myself am completely turn off by thought of rimming someone else . I do not understand how people ( Dewitt & others ) could have a scatological issue with the toilet seat and yet not have a issue ( scatological ) with the fact that the poop ( 4 nicer term ) drop from the very place that Dewitt and others do not mine placing there tongue . For me it’s not the toilet seat that turns my stomach …

  • hayson

    leo is fucking hot in any pose, but when i first say that pic of the toliet seat thing without reading the article i thought it was something for invalids to use who couldn’t get to the toliet in time lol. so glad it was clarified….kinda.

  • I’ve had the opportunity to use one a few years back … it wasn’t quite as industrial looking, leaned back against pillows and it was a bit lower sitting … enough that the guy had to turn his head to get under so when he looked up, he was already in contact. Yes, it allows you to spread your cheeks more and to focus on that and the contact and penetration is to die for. I sat on that chair with an aggressive rim job for 3 hours before finally allowing myself to release all over him from my perch on the seat. I would welcome the opportunity again. Of course, I bet he’d give an amazing rim job without the seat, but it was awesome. LIke any rim job, if the guy really knows that he’s doing, it’s great, doesn’t matter if your ass is in the air, sitting on his face or on a rim seat. If the guy isn’t that good at rimming (quite a few out there), then it doesn’t matter how it’s done.

  • no, it’s not cute

  • I absolutely LOVE to rim a hot ass…love a guy sitting on my face (as well as other ass-eating positions)…I have never used a rimseat and cannot ever imagine it replacing the job of a hot man sitting directly over my face…as someone else pointed out, it would seem to remove the “bottom” from the scene (read magazine or something)…it would also seem to ruin the spontaneity of quickly changing positions for more fun…so, rimming: YES! Rimseat: NO!

  • patrell

    To be fair, with Leo Giamani, ANYTHING is hot.

  • Woody

    I like to Rim ALMOST as much as I like to Fuck but, a rim chair looks too much like a toilet and, I’m not into scat :-(~ Yuck ! LOL

  • My opinion: not. Not. NOT.

    And BTW, 3 hours doing the same exact thing seems a bit, shall we say, B-O-R-I-N-G to me. I don’t care how good it may or may not feel. I hope there’s a good book nearby ’cause someone’s gonna need it…

    Oh for the good old days of simple man to man contact… when you might have felt special and close in being with the other man, even if it wasn’t true. LOL. Just warm sweaty flesh to flesh without any additives…

  • Hot Euro

    I’m a full out top but loove to get rimmed (tongues only please.. fingers suck) and I also loooove to rim my bottom boys, but no creepy chair needed. I don’t like any toys in general.

    The best toy to play with is the one sleeping in my underwear 😛

  • ski

    To Jim Wilkinson:

    yes. Yes. YES.
    I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • FuzzyDad

    Love squattin my fuzzy butt on my rimseat……made it myself!

  • Rod Black

    @FuzzyDad would luv to be under it, burying my face in your fuzzy ass.
    love rim chairs, but only for big boys, not for guys who dont love to experiment with new things.

  • I agree, Jim!!! Well said!

  • behot

    You guys (girls?) and your “ewww” and “gross” Run along now, I think Glee is about to come on.

  • BradA

    My Rimseat is my face.

  • BobB

    I have not tried a rim seat yet, but one of my friends suggested I get one as he gets tired crouching over my face. Also, for those that may be into scat [not for everyone], the rim seat relaxes the top sitter. It is very hard to produce scat when stressed in a crunched position.

  • Insling2007

    hey you still have that rimchair in the closet for sale?if yuo do, do u have any photo of it? I for sale what’s the  price and where are u located? email me, zany guyssd in southwest virginia want a rim pig?

  • Anonymous

    I love to get fed brownies while underneath a rim set.

  • Sam16648

    love them.  i’m into rimming and playing with a big, beefy butt–when he’s on all fours, squatting on my face, or sitting on the rim seat over me.  am also into scat; i like being under the rim seat when a guy is sitting on it, doing his job.  they make it fun

  • Zingzamzoom

    Hey anyone in New York ready for some ass licking? Get back

  • McJesus

    Check out “Queening Chair” — legend has it that in the 1600s-1800s when men went off to war, their women would sit on queening chairs with a servant’s head in the sling. Then they would spread their ample skirts over the whole affair.

  • McJesus

    Check out “Queening Chair” — legend has it that in the 1600s-1800s when men went off to war, their women would sit on queening chairs with a servant’s head in the sling. Then they would spread their ample skirts over the whole affair.

  • fggt

    Love to be under a rim seat and working a straight man’s ass I feel like a toilet

  • Asseater

    YES! Rim chairs are awesome! If a guy sits on your face you often can’t get the mobility as he is smothering you. A rim seat/chair also lets you SEE that ass and visual is also an important part of sex.
    Plus, when a guy is on a rim chair, he is perfectly open for your tongue. If you have a small pillow that can put you right where you want to be.
    You can back off, look, smell and lick. 🙂
    Yeah, rim seats are definitely worth the investment. Just keep them clean and disinfect them on occasion. Keep them in your closet.
    Lastly, one can sit one way then turn and face the OPPOSITE direction and bring even more fun into the picture! Its awesome no matter if you are the one licking or being licked!

  • Blank

    SUPER HOT! Best way to get your ass eaten! Love mine!

  • pdxrimmer

    I love being underneath a rim chair, worshipping a manhole.