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September 15, 2010

Quickie: Courtney Grant

Don’t call Courtney Grant a gym rat! Although he does have an excellent physique, it’s all thanks to a healthy diet and body weight resistance exercises. He’s not your typical, shallow model who hits the clubs and pretends he’s better than everyone. This quiet, introspective lad would prefer hanging out at home with a few close friends…

At least that’s what the internet told us. We haven’t actually met Courtney in real life, but we’d love to get to know him. And not just in the biblical sense! Aside from being insanely gorgeous, this guy seems to have a decent head on his shoulders. It just so happens that it’s an extremely attractive head. Some guys have it all, eh?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Abel Cruz

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Blk4fun 7:59am on August 22, 2014

Is Courtney Grant Derek Fox on Brokestraightboys? If not, striking resemblance.

  • Jboy

    WOW…I’ll be the first to comment….WOW

  • Damn! I love this man … I love his looks, his eyes are gorgeous … but I’m a sucker for gorgeous men … black men … smooth men … I’ll take 2!

  • Randall

    Oooooh wow yes!!!

  • equallove


  • johan

    solamente sin comentarios

  • Fred Rålekker Nilsen

    Ee is yust jammmmy.

  • glvmkr

    sexy and sultry, what a combination

  • yes, his eyebrows are a little intense…but with those eyes, lips and smokin’ bod…I’d forgive this man anything…

  • Perfection! Beautiful! HOTT!!

  • Blaise

    He’s a perfect male beauty!

  • Joe

    very beautiful form

  • Sparky

    Hawt Chocolate!! That man is fine!!

  • he looks like the kind of guy who you can have a nice night out on the town with, then go back home and have a nice night in the bed with.

    i approve.

  • ski

    someone, get the smelling salts!

  • Not Enough

    Disclaimer: Extreme Hot Handle WIth Care.
    He can have me any way he like.

  • Blk4fun

    Is Courtney Grant Derek Fox on Brokestraightboys? If not, striking resemblance.