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September 22, 2010

Woof Alert: Morgan Black

It brings us great pleasure to introduce you to Morgan Black. Then again, it brings us great pleasure to merely look at Morgan Black. This scruffy lad is a newcomer to the porn scene, and you’re going to see a whole lot more of him within the next couple of months! We can make a guarantee on that statement, since we plan on shoving his pictures down your throat as often as possible…

To start things off, how about a passionate flip-fuck scene with Dean Monroe? While it’s definitely appealing to see Morgan in the dominant role, I’m loving the way he looks with those hairy legs thrown in the air! I’ve said it, and I’ll say it again–versatility is seriously underrated.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cocksure Men

To check out Morgan Black in action with Dean Monroe, follow the JUMP:

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Markus 5:45pm on October 18, 2010

What kinda watch is Morgan wearing???

  • Allan on Sushine Coast

    Wow, how hot are those 2? Would love to be the 3rd. Fuck yeah

  • Michael

    OMG! I would so marry that man! Hot, hairy and sexy as hell! I think you guys should do the”what would you do with your favorite porn star” thingy and let me at that man!

  • Olly

    Those two are really hot! Scenes like these make me wish I was more versatile, haha! Didn’t know Cocksure Men is part of the Jake Cruise brand though, wow!

  • B1

    Put him on The Ten, NOW! LOL

    But then again, a couple of hairless gymbot will end up each having 35% of the vote anyway, by the way things looked last week, so never minded. 🙁 No place for hot and mature men who can take a dick with a smile on The Ten anymore.

  • Mike

    WOW! Morgan Black is HOT!

  • hh9999

    Ummmm! No!! Not either for me!!

  • anonymous_soldier

    I want. Right. NOW!

  • Dave

    Yum to them both! Bring ’em BOTH on!

  • Jboy

    Dean Monroe is so hot. He sounds so classy with his British accent. Then when he starts fucking he is a total sex pig. Great contrast:)

  • Laris

    When the hell did Dean Monroe go from piggy bottom slut whore to hot fuckin’ top???? And why wasn’t I part of it?????!!!!!

  • Woody

    Finally, Men who look like REAL MEN.

    Dean Monroe is MY KINDA BOTTOM ! ;-)~

  • mad1026

    OMG! Love a hot, versatile man. Morgan Black is a SEX GOD and gets my vote for #1 with a bullet on The Ten next week.

  • He is one sexy man, no denying that! WOW!!!

  • artsofboston

    Like, squared.

  • muffintop

    Sorry, while Dean Monroe is hot he doesn’t have that raw manliness to top this hot daddy.

  • TommyTrojan

    Please, Dewitt, shove all the pictures of this guy you’d like down my throat! And, hey, Morgan–speaking of shoving things down my throat…

    Maybe Dean can give him some tips on being a fantastic slut bottom. I would LOVE to see Morgan gang banged by a bunch of thick, fat, juicy cocks on a crop of hairy muscle men.

    (P.S.–Good call on the toe sucking, Dean. Yummy!)

  • hayson

    so hot to see an older guy in porn these days. it’s a refreshing alternative to all the barely legal hairless twink bullshit that we are offered.

  • Markus

    What kinda watch is Morgan wearing???