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October 11, 2010

Everything Butt: Samuel O’Toole

In the span of nine months, a woman could get pregnant and have a baby. With that in mind, I’d like to announce to all of you that Samuel O’Toole is pregnant! Okay, so that’s totally a lie, but he did get a whole lot hotter within his nine months on the porn scene.

Don’t believe us? Well, hit the rewind button and take a look at his first post on Manhunt Daily. Aside from the obvious fact that he’s tightened up his body, you can tell he’s much more comfortable in front of the camera. We’re extremely proud of all the progress he’s made!

Of course, we’re also incredibly frustrated that he’s never taken it up the ass. From the moment we first laid eyes on him, we were dying to spread those muscular cheeks, but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen any time soon.

“I know some people would like to see me getting topped,” he told us in an interview. “Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen for a while… Some things turn me on more than others, but receiving anal foreplay is, strangely enough, more of a turn-off to me.” Say it ain’t so, Sammy! Maybe you just need the right guy to work that hairy hole?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Next Door Male

To check out Samuel O’Toole’s hot ass, follow the JUMP:

And the obligatory shots of the front…

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jay 9:20pm on February 8, 2011

He is so hot would not kick him out of bed

  • Ramoan

    now he is mother fucking HOTT…that sweet gawd damn ass…fuck!!!

  • Michael

    He is a hot man, but I think he looked better with a little meatier build.

  • Jimmy T

    Hot guy, great bod, awesome cock!

  • TugMyNuts

    Ooh! Come to Daddy!!

  • HOLY HELL. What an ass! What a horse cock!

  • anoir

    He is so adorably HOT. He did a video being serviced by Jake Cruise, and when Jake grabbed his ass and tongued it, the look of horror & nervous laughter was priceless. I just want to see Sam suck cock like he means it!

  • What a beautiful man! Gorgeous face, beautiful body – what an ass on him! And need that big beautiful ass to balance that cock! Great guns too – one of the few tattoos I don’t find distracting and even like! I know who I want for Christmas now!

  • Commenter

    Fucking wow!

  • Bryanbami

    Gorgeous!but he seems to tanned this time

  • it’s a recurring theme, for these kinds of things: when a guy starts losing weight (as a result of a regimen of exercise), he also loses the fat from his face.
    but the ‘good’ kind of fat is what’s lost, so to speak..

    ..in sammy’s case, i feel he was more winsome when his face was a bit more fuller.

    (note that i said “winsome.”
    not “handsome” or “attractive.”)

    i think one or two people might know what i’m getting at.

  • i also forgot to mention..
    ..that i was surprised you didn’t ease in a link to your “ease it in” post from just a short while ago.

  • gatosea

    totally off topic, but does anyone know where i can get those shoes?

  • daddycentaur

    Sam his definately hott and sexxxy…wonder if i could help him get over his bottom phobia…if not i’d have no problem playing with him anyway i could get him.

  • hayson

    he’s def a hot fucker, but i gotta say i liked his look better 9 months ago! his body was still great back then but he didn’t look as plastic as he kinda does now…either way i’d deep throat him til his feet went concave

  • Surprisingly he looks way younger than before

  • mark


  • I like him both ways. Before and now. he’s just a hot man period.

  • V-8

    he has an unhealthy look on his face, like he is strung out…. look at his eyes, they r dark set, like he has not slept in days… I liked him better before….

  • Timber41

    I have to agree with a few of the other posts, while he has certainly tightened up, he does look surprisingly “tired”. And while you called it “confidence” Dewitt, to me he seems to have lost that bit of innocent nervousness that I found initially attractive. Now he’s just like every other porn-bot; smile, show it hard, get a check. Still a hot man though.

  • He looks pretty hot to me before the porn makeover…after too of course but I like ’em clean shaven in the face. He’s a sexy fucker for sure…pity about his bottoming fears.

  • I’m such a huge fan of Samuel! He is such a hot fucker! And he’s an amazing person off-camera too, always willing to say hi and have a conversation! AND he’s got a blog that shows he’s more than a pretty face!
    This new selection of photos better put Samuel back on the map for the Manhunt Daily Top Ten!!!

  • whatevz

    He must’ve trained a bit since his first post and after reading the snarky comments about him the first time around ^_^

    I mean he’s cute but his first shoot he was a bit scrawny and I’m just saying, if you’re gonna model you gotta put in the effort and he obviously has =)

  • jacaranda

    He looks much more confident and sexy now, and he still has rather a lot of penis, which is nice to look at…

  • alaskaman

    holy shit, what’s not to like? I’m free this weekend 🙂

  • Jim

    He is totally hot!! We don’t care to see him take it up the ass….he can bend me over and ride my ass ANY time!

  • jay

    He is so hot would not kick him out of bed