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October 15, 2010

Flashback Friday: Jack Radcliffe

Our recurring Woof Alert feature didn’t happen this week, so I thought I’d make it up to all you fur-lovers with today’s edition of Flashback Friday. Porn star Jack Radcliffe kicked off his career back in 1989 on the cover of BEAR magazine, and he’s allegedly appeared on the cover more than any other model in the magazine’s history.

While some of these photos are no more than two years old, I still couldn’t stop myself from including them. Considering that he’s partially responsible for my affinity towards hairy men, it’s good to see that he’s still sexy and bearish to this day! Does anyone else have fond memories of wanking to this stud?

– Dewitt

To take a trip down memory lane, follow the JUMP:

And here’s a cute video from 2008…

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TED 8:26pm on June 11, 2013

Used to be a fan until he announced his "retirement" then came back, then retired again, & again, & so forth. Just hang it up. Nobody wants to see your old, tired, raggedy ass anymore.

  • lamar


  • I am not a witch!

    Thanks for the pics and videos. Still my kind of fantasy man. So sweet and handsome.

  • bedazzled

    He. Is. A. God.

    Instant hard-on.

  • frank30

    YUCK!! I just throw-up in my mouth…fat and hairy…NASTY!

  • Hal

    Not a bear worshipper. Go through too much dental floss.

  • Bohemond

    And…cue the whiny bitches who think bears don’t have a place in gay porn.

    Thanks Frank30 for restoring my faith in the consistency of gay men!

  • Mike

    Was hoping you would post about him sometime, he was (and is still, after seeing the more recent pics) my fantasy man

  • Woody

    These are the kind of guys who confuse fat with muscle and call themselves husky instead of over-weight/obese 😉 lol

    Fat is whack no matter what you call it!

  • Mike

    Jack Radcliffe will always be the quintessential bear in my book! Heck, I even mentioned him in my senior thesis about bears! WOOF!

  • Jake


  • I am not a witch!

    Don’t worry Frank30 and Jake. I doubt that Jack would touch you either. Your ugliness is apparent in your attitude alone.

  • Zan Wonder

    His pics are nice but the video made me smile! So nice to see porn stars being sweet, genuine people instead of stuck-up douchebags. Thanks Dewitt!

  • Sparky

    WOOF!!!! Sparky Likey!

  • kk

    Lol..dudes hot….I bet the little bitches with the snide remarks never get laid anyway

  • Woody

    Oh yeah,

    And, beware of profiles that say “Muscular” when they should say FAT ! LOL

  • kk

    Frank 30…go to school bro..learn when to use throw up and threw up…and woody I have seen your profile…you seem to have confused average with lean.

  • Jerry

    Now that’s a man! Not one of those skinny “twink” or “lean” effeminized fetuses who are so unattractive they would turn a gay man straight. Note: when one is 5% body fat with “abs” that look like the skin has been peeled off, (and effemnizes himself by shaving/waxing the masculine hair nature gave him as a man) – one is a skinny, not “muscular.” There is nothing “hot” about a self-emasculated plastic Ken doll. Where there’s meat, there’s heat – when it’s skinny, it’s ninny.

  • While Jack isn’t my type (and I wasn’t even going to comment due to that), I have to say that I agree with kk. Gays are the most vicious kind of people I’ve run into. We ask for tolerance, yet judge like there is no tomorrow. Such a fine example shown here by Frank30 and Woody.

  • screw the haters.


    (and that lady had a crush on him, too!


  • Yagermeister

    LOVE Jack! I would do ANYTHING for this guy.
    Are you reading this, Jack? Call me….

  • alaskaman

    men like this make living in alaska even better, we got lots 🙂

  • CJ

    To each his own and I would like to make Jack my own…at least for a night or two, or three or four.

  • BlackJackHammer

    I had a flash back 2 the sign at the zoo that read don’t FEED the animals !!!

    alaskaman I bet they really come out N droves during salmon spawning season along with all the Alaskan Grizzlies & Sarah Palin !!!

  • so hot

  • Ray

    The video shows he is a very nice man,the pics show him to be a very sexy man.The haters show themselves to be pathetic a-holes who have probably shut guys out of their lives who might have otherwise enhanced their lives.Or,they have been told ‘no thanx’ by Bear guys who thought they were too effeminate or scrawnt,like the fish you throw back.Grow up guys,he’s a man!A HOT man too.

  • ryan

    Good grief people, we need to realize that this world is made up of all kinds of people and the gay community is ALSO made up of different kinds of people. It drives me crazy that we’re always putting one another down, alot of times showing just how insecure we are…is it any wonder the gay community hasn’t been making any progress to being equal? If we can’t love or even like ourselves….why the fuck should anyone else?

  • Woody

    You lie kk,

    You haven’t seen my profile ! LOL

    You don’t even know my profile name ! LOL

    Remember guys: Honesty is the best policy !

    Fat is Fat and, muscular isn’t fat !

    There seems to be ALOT of liars here ! LOL

  • Woody, your profile name is ….. WOODY! We’ve all seen it.
    I do agree tho. If you say you are muscular and are fat, that’s not right. But, I’m still not sure what you accomplish by bashing someone that has his picture posted on here. It only comes across as hate, and that isn’t pretty at all.

  • Woody


    WRONG !!!

    You lose ! LOL

    That’s not me, FOOL!!! LOL

    I’m not that stupid to use the same name here !!!!

    P.S. Woody is a part of my REAL name though ! 😉

  • Well Woodrow, good to know. At least we can now establish that you aren’t blind! lol Thanks for clearing that up for us!

  • Woody

    Woodrow ? ROTFLOL

    Nice try but, you lose again ! 😉

  • Lol. Well.. I’m trying! lol

  • Woody


    I’ll give you that !

    Just don’t let it become an obsession

    😉 o.k.? lol

    Nighty-night ToddM (if that’s your real name, lol)

  • That’s my real name. Todd Myers. No sense in hiding my name.
    Have a great night yourself, Woody.

  • Heath

    Love this guy’s thick uncut meat!! Want to deepthroat him so bad….

  • BlackBear

    If he’s not your type, look at it this way: imagine all the times I’ve been force-fed a plastic looking, bleach blonde, super nelly collection of bone & skin as the “Hot New Gay Model”. I seach LONG & HARD (sorry, had to..)to find the kind of male body I wanna see naked. You’re grossed out by an icon whose pics were clearly labled as “BEAR”?!? Next time look for “Twink”…or “Hater”, either one will do…

  • blue10101

    GAG! What a fat, hairy blob.

  • Euro0083

    Hahaha definitely not a turn on for me!

  • mks

    i want fuck with jack

  • mike

    Jack is HOT and very handsome and he is a decent guy….and friendly too.
    He’s got the most sexy body big and hairy and nice thick long uncut manhood

  • tom

    But i doubt if jack’s cock is 9″ as he claimed…maybe 8″ and not more

  • robert redford

    Jack Radcliffe will be a hot bttm and i’m sure he loved being fucked….

  • robert redford

    YEAH i’d love to fuck Jack Radcliffe…hear him moan ..and make him lick my cowboy boots..and make him rub his cock on my boots.
    then shoot my load on his hairy chest

  • Danzigerman26

    I love Jack Radcliffe and I also agree with Zan and Ray I love sexy furry older muscle bears and average bears and I am far from that type. Hit me up anyone who is interested

  • jack

    you are my dreamy man you are in my background life

  • TED

    Used to be a fan until he announced his “retirement” then came back, then retired again, & again, & so forth. Just hang it up. Nobody wants to see your old, tired, raggedy ass anymore.