October 1, 2010

Have You Ever: Shared A Dick?

The dynamic of a threesome is a no-brainer with two tops and one bottom, but what do you do when the tables are turned? With two hungry holes involved in the equation, the singular top can’t fill them both at the same time (unless he’s the infamous two-dicked man). This situation requires a bit of sharing!

We’re curious to know if you’ve ever had a “sharing” experience of this nature. Whether you were the one giving or receiving, leave a comment with your hottest story. Or you could just enjoy these pictures of Trevor Yates ramming his hard cock into Julien Hussey and Dario Dolce

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Bel Ami Online

To see more of Trevor Yates fucking Julien Hussey and Dario Dolce, follow the JUMP:

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K-rod8.5 12:48am on April 26, 2014

Sounds like a hot time bro! My advice is just let your fantasy be known to your bf and the third guy. Let them know that you want them to take turns fucking you and that you are willing to return the favor. I am sure everyone will have a great time. Def let us all kno how it goes!

  • The most recent time I shared a dick was a month ago. I was bottoming with my vers friend. We were at a local bath house and hooked up with a top. The original plan was for the guy to fuck me while my buddy watched and stroked. I was pkaying with my buddys hole and sucking on his cock and balls while getting rammed.
    I convinced my friend to switch places with me. Once he was in place and was taking the tops big member, I held his sholders down and told him to take it like he gives it to me. I would not let him go and made him take more. Eventually I gave him a big kiss and got back on bottom. He got back at me later in the day when we were alone.

  • Gay and proud!

    This just represents the sexual pervasion of the gay male and explains why we will never be accepted in society. We need to conform with the right wing conservative portion of the straight population to demonstrate that we are worthy of being accepted by them. After all, heterosexuals never engage in three ways. Just ask ToddM or Carter Steele.

  • …I can’t tell if Gay and Proud! is a troll or not. Anyway, never shared a dick. Would you like to though. Hot pics, btw

  • John

    Isn’t this kind of…dangerous? Switching a dick from one hole to another? I mean, I guess if you were anal (pun intended) about protection, you could swing it, but jeez…I don’t think I would.

  • alaskaman

    G&P, WTF? I don’t get it.”We will never be accepted in society” because of 3 ways? LMAO you gotta’ be kidding.
    Try it, as long as there aren’t any emotional bonds being violated and nobody gets hurt, go for it.

  • Gay and proud!

    Wink, wink! I am kidding. I was mocking a couple of very conservative members of this board. I am very liberal and they hate gay people who are liberal.

  • meh!

    To Robert: cant’t tell…is a troll or not? What the FUCK is that? A statement like that truly shows just how ignorant you truly are. Its people like you that cause us to take 3 steps backwards for every 2 steps forward. Grow up.

    To Gay and proud!: sucks that no one caught your apparent sarcasm at its best. Kudos to you.

  • Gay and proud!

    Thanks meh for understanding. No one has ever called me a troll. LOL

    I am 6′ 200 lbs of solid muscle. You know the type… daddy all the way. Love to have a good time. And do!

  • meh!

    link your profile for us, gay and proud!

  • alaskaman

    G&P,no shit, got me all horned up. Me 5’11, 195lbs, semi-hairy. Bench 225lbs, squat 350lbs. 6’cut. 80k/yr.

  • Chris25dc

    I have never shared as a bottom. As a top, I have had two occasions in which I fucked both guys. I never switched during; instead I fucked one and then the other. I also switched condoms so I guess that is about as safe as you can get. The second time was the best because one guy swore he was all top. After he saw me fucking his bf he couldn’t take it and bent over himself!

  • Its forum troll implies nothing about looks, and sacasm never comes across well over the internet though that statement it should be obvious. though G&P your statement is kinda WTF off topic. Never shared a dick but its allways been a fantasy of mine

  • NJ201

    I’ve had my dicked shared. I got to fuck both guys. BUT both guys wouldnt suck me at the same time which still remains my fantasy.

  • BlackJackHammer

    As a TRUE TOP I have shared my dick with 2 holes ( like Chris25dc ) switch condoms both guys where hot with tight bubble asses and the way 2 keep both bottoms happy dilldo one while deep penitrating the other !! LOL G & P I am glad meh clarified your statement b4 I had a chance 2 respond .

  • Nope. I haven’t. Prefer to have the guy all to myself.

  • alaskaman

    well DUH, all you need to do is watch a quality gay vid, buy a COSTCO size box of condoms,change them each time BEFORE you switch holes, come on guys…

  • yea shared some hot ones but best i ever had was when mine was shared by five hot bttm bois at one time all nite :-9

  • Bill

    This if for Gay and Proud. they may not do three ways, but they will cheat on there wife or husband and go fuck their co worker, friend any one they think they can get a way with doing. Why do you think the divorce rate is over 50%.

  • adaz76

    yes that look like fun my next weekend with my mate from Melb and my man .

  • RedPhillip

    @ Bill “Why do you think the divorce rate is over 50%[?]”

    The divorce rate is as high as it is because people change, and a relationship that works at one point in time may well not work a decade or two later. Far worse than divorce is people staying together in misery.

  • to me the last picture shows real friendship, when too friends can share the same water fountain at the same time, that’s real friendship

  • Sharing a cock is great fun. 3-ways (or more-ways) rock because sometimes you can just sit back and watch and recover and othertimes you can double up on one guy…make a daisy chain…do some DP action…stack the bottoms and rotate holes…so so so much fun.

  • Oh and I could have almost believed that the guy had to REAL cocks…until that cum shot. Still…fun possibility.

  • nkemp15

    Yes, on more than one occasion. It usually ends up just both of us just being very oral on the other guy or just taking turns. More of a hassle than anything if you ask me. Life would be easier if I were a top 🙂

  • Wow – G&P, I never said in any posts that one must conform to the right wing conservatives. Go back and read and you will find others who passionately wrote those words. I simply called you out for your foul treatment of other people on the blog.

    You poor boy, you were probably rejected by pedophile priests and that scarred you for life so now you’re lashing out and over-compensating. Okay, I now deserve the lashing you’ve already dished out on this blog 🙂

    Pitiful – at least keep it honest (def:a refraining from lying, cheating, or stealing; a being truthful, trustworthy, or upright; free from deceit). I’m happy to save you the trouble of looking up the word definition.

  • I would like to state that I also did not say that one must conform to my ideas. Seems that G&P is the one who thinks WE must conform to his ideas. And they say we are intolerant! Sheesh.

  • Gay and proud!


    I’ve provoked you and succeeded. Mission accomplished. You both support the right wing agenda. And believe me boys, you are not welcomed by them.

    I am having a blast goading on conservative gay men. Every time you respond it makes me laugh.

  • G&P you’re so full of it. So you call out by name and them think you’re successful on goading? How mature.

    Is that why you posted a supportive post as another name on the Mondo thread, then thanked him for his support – but forgot to change the “name” field back to your own? LOL. What a fraud. It’s too bad everyone else sees your mean-spirited posts and simply shy away, lest they be attacked. Much like you started attacking me when I disliked how you were targeting others.

    I am having a blast goading on idiots (i.e. G&P) to where they have to lie and otherwise reveal what little character they truly possess. 0 integrity.

  • I’ve had several conversations with men from this blog … I enjoy the range of issues and opinions – do not agree with everyone on everything, but most men can keep it balanced and are intelligent enough to be able to hold a conversation and not just rant because someone took their seat. And unlike G&P, I do not hide who I am, I proudly post my MH profile link for anyone to engage me directly.

    And for God’s sake G&P, start acting like you would in person where the real possibility exists that you’ll get your bell rung if you behave like you behave on here. It’s no wonder you wish to remain “anonymous” …

  • Gay and proud!

    LOL. Got cha going again!

  • Gay and proud!

    Carter and ToddM. I had not bothered to look at your profile. I made the mistake now of doing so and this is no longer fun. Still hate your politics but now you are real people to me and that changes everything. I won’t post anymore. It is too easy being “evil” when you don’t know the other person but this changes everything. I’m not a bad guy. I have a nice home and big family that I am close to. I’m not lonely or sad. I have plenty of friends but it was your political views that annoyed me so. This is my last post. Even if you take another shot at me I won’t respond. Be careful about putting too much confidence in the republicans. They are not watching out for your best interest as gay men. Good luck. And sorry for the aggravation.

  • Jeff

    Meh… don’t jump all over Robert like that… jeeez you sound and look like a psycho… just because he didn’t quite get G&P (who is very intollerant) sarcasm you freaked out and called him “ignorant” what a nut.

  • meh!

    serioulsy Jeff? Or should I say Robert. but refer to Jeff instead.

  • meh!

    serioulsy Jeff? Or should I say Robert. (Insert my previous post RE: Robert) but refer to Jeff instead

  • Jeff

    yes, seriously!

  • G&P. I won’t jump all over you. Just don’t put too much faith in the democrats either.

    Family is very important. Without them, I would not be the man I am. And I’m very proud of who I am. I’m honest, caring, loving and reliable. Those are the things that count.

    Best wishes, G&P.

  • G&P – it is really sad that you had to look at profiles to see real people. I see real people with every post and never attack, only defend when provoked.

    BTW — don’t assume straight republican … really do look at each and every candidate and issue and decide on a case by case basis.

    And honestly, I think ToddM and I are definitely a minority, a conservative and a gay man along with a few others that have emailed me direct commending some of my other political posts but aren’t going to post that and get someone’s ire. But definitely a minority – we should get special non-discrimination rights … conservative gay men.

    And please don’t stop posting – engage but in a thoughtful and respectful way and let us have dialog. It is healthy for there to be disparate ideas and discussion over those. Some of my best friends are ultra liberal – but it’s mutual respect, no matter how wrong they are 😉

    One last thing – from your post, I think I understand wny you stay anonymous on the board, but how about emailing me direct and identifying yourself – I’d love to check out your profile. At least with profiles if people get belligerent they can be blocked! 🙂

  • meh!

    to Carter, ToddM and G&P – things wouldnt get out of hand here if everyone stuck to the topic.

    Everyone has thier ideas. Their preferences. Their likes & dislikes…etc.

    But when someone disagrees with another, things go apeshit! People conclude things without any bases like Robert and Jeff. And there really is no need to defend your posting but rather maybe explain it in greater detail if warranted.

    This posting was about a 3some and whether or not you ever had one. NOT divorce rates, politcall beliefs or name calling.

    Imagine what this blog would be like if people just stuck to the topic.

    If you want to talk, discuss, bitch etc about other unrelated stuff – then start your own blog somewhere else and invite us to comment, argue, disagree etc.

  • Blocked to the U

    isn’t top sharing a hep c risk? tsk tsk dewitt 🙂

  • I Did that for the first time about a week ago, I was running and was approached by these guys hold hands and….. It was pretty awesome, while I fucked one, the other would rim me, or play with my nips. Awesome but probably not going to do that again, trying to “grow up” and do the relationship thing eh 🙂

  • To Meh… Plese stick to the topic at hand. If you wouldn’t post on things other people had said, we wouldn’t have this problem…… (Sound familiar?)

  • Derrode

    i all about attention so iam not really for sharing it, as a bottom, i been shared… oops

  • horny in ottawa

    I’m considering participating in a threesome because I think it would blow my boyfriend’s mind. There’s only one guy I think my bf wants to do it with and he’ll be moving away in 2 weeks. The only problem is that my boyfriend is a top and the other guy is a big bottom. I dont really want to do a threesome in the first place, but I love my bf and know it will make him go wild. If we do it, I’d want to be the bottom or at least everyone take turns. The idea of taking two dicks at once gets me really horny. Anyone know a way to get two bottoms to take turns?

  • K-rod8.5

    Sounds like a hot time bro! My advice is just let your fantasy be known to your bf and the third guy. Let them know that you want them to take turns fucking you and that you are willing to return the favor. I am sure everyone will have a great time. Def let us all kno how it goes!