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October 11, 2010

Quickie: Josh Wald

If you’re one of the unlucky folks who doesn’t have Columbus Day off, you can at least celebrate (or not celebrate) the occasion by getting off. Of course, you should probably wait until you get home to engage in such activities, as we imagine your coworkers won’t appreciate you wanking in the middle of the workplace.

We still can’t believe that Josh Wald‘s never been posted on Manhunt Daily. With his gorgeous features and hairy chest, he’s one of those “duh” guys we’re always talking about. In other words? We had to take a moment and ask ourselves, “Duh, why haven’t we ever fantasized about fucking you from behind?”

To makes the situation in our pants even more urgent, he’s more than just a pretty face. When he’s not modeling, Josh produces the alternative hip-hop group Mama’s Boy Goes Digital and works on developing his skateboarding skills. Yes, there’s no denying it–he is a sk8er boi.

– Dewitt

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  • Jboy

    He looks like a younger (hotter?) Jon Hamm in some of the pics.

  • frank30

    gross looking tat’s but ok looking guy.

  • David

    I’ve had that first pic for a couple years now, one of my favs.

    He has a great presence on camera and nothing about him turns me off. I’d enjoy a romp with him I bet but me thinks there’d be some cool pillow talk afterwards too.

  • James

    I still think one day the Quickie should be Randy Orton. I think he’s hotter than this guy. Although, this guy does have a nice butt.

  • daddycentaur

    In spite of the tats he’s just about perfection…another hott and sexxxy stud…Ok, now I have to go back to work

  • Javier

    That is one sexy-ass motherfucker. My kind of guy almost to a T.

  • Rick

    I remember being obsessed with this guy for months after these pics came out a few years back.

  • DAK1975

    That first pic made me fall in love with him a couple years ago *sigh*

  • rowin

    Very beautiful man, just a shame he chose to get tattooed!

    Thusly I shall concentrate on his gorgeous face and try to dismiss his delicious body. 🙂

    Do you think that’s at all possible? It’ll be difficult but I’ll try.

  • Bobby In Seattle

    The guy definitely has bedroom eyes. Wow!

  • Daryll

    Well, hello. Nice pics, for sure. First ‘clean guy’ I’ve seen x3!

    Fresh from the drier clean, anyway.

  • Mike

    About the hotest man you’ve ever posted on here, nice furry armpits and ass, oh yeah

  • tiger40

    One very handsome good looking man!! Nice to see he always had some chest hair for every pic!

  • Bohemond

    Wow. If it weren’t for those tats, he’d be a 10 in my book. As it is, he’s about a 9.5

  • erik

    hot guy
    stupid TATS

  • Den

    Don’t know why y’all don’t like the tattoo, personally I think they are HOTT. The hair, the tatts, and them eyes, a true man!! Then again I am more of a man’s man, if I wanted someone fem, I would date a girl, not a guy….just saying

  • Bry

    Yeah…tats cheapen the overall look…but one hot guy otherwise.

  • devilsgrin

    since Jake is pretty much the typical AussieBoy (albiet an extremely hot one) the tatts are to be expected… theres a whole new generation of young aussie guys getting tatted up… so if you into that, head on Down Under… if not…

    Jake is very hot… the tatts don’t take anything away from that for me… the chest hair balances them out… yum

  • devilsgrin

    lol my bad… JOSH and American lol…

  • Oceanguy4u

    He’s male beauty.

  • Commenter

    I want to lick him everywhere.

  • Island guy

    The runway-underwear shot is one to drool over. Stunning.

  • chowsea

    REally poorly done tats – cheesy and random…
    Too bad, it really spoils a perfect canvas 🙂

  • Geno

    I was a fan until I saw the tramp stamp. A heart? Really, Josh? Why didn’t you just get a bulls-eye?

  • hayson

    i don’t want to join his fan club but…good lord! nice

  • BlackJackHammer

    n 2 words FUCKING AWESOME !!!

  • Lemaitre

    What’s people’s issues with ink? If you don’t like it don’t fucking look. it’s the 21st century you can’t stop freedom of choice poes.

  • stoudy

    weird laundry pic that was not needed but damn… woof woof id love to get to know this guy i wish there were more smiles and enough of this pouting crap but putting that aside he has the best chest hair ive seen! and his legs are so adorable he can wrap those around me anytime i would be pleasing him until he begs for more need i say again? Woof!

  • Very hot and sexy dude. I love the runway sunglasses pic. DAMN!
    So do the back tats (secretly) mean that he loves to get fucked in the ass?

  • alaskaman

    smokin’ hot, on my Christmas list 😉

  • Woody

    I (HEART) HIS ASS !!!!

  • huntnpeckr

    <<<<>>>>>>> WOW!