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October 8, 2010

Secret Sex: Surprise Party

In case you’re wondering, the Saturday Night Live sketch “Surprise Party” isn’t anywhere near as funny when mouthed by a shirtless dude. It may even be the most annoying thing I’ve ever seen or heard! However, the guy in the video that’s been making the rounds? I’d totally cum all over his face.

Not only would I give him a facial, but I’d jizz so much on him that it’d be dripping down his chin in copious amounts. And then do you know what I’d do next? Take a moment to recover from my first ‘gasm, have a beer and then blow a load on his face again. Just sayin’.

– Dewitt

To watch the “Surprise Party” video, follow the JUMP:

And here’s the original clip:

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airforceex 7:46pm on October 15, 2010

He is definitely hot! His website is:

  • a

    who is this hot man??? i am in LOVE with him!!!

  • a

    seriously… camp has never been hot til now. who is this guy? i would dump my husband for one load of his jizz

  • bobby ray

    ugk. lame.

    a, youre a shallow whore.

  • Olly

    OMFG! This guy is just too freakin’ adorable! I’m gonna take him home and hug him and kiss him and squeeze him with all my heart and be such a great friend, lol!

  • Dave

    He is just too cute with an awesome, clever sense of humor! I’m sure he has never wanted for dates, even before this video.

    Yup, would marry him in a second!

  • Not Enough

    The boy is hot… I would def cum over all his body if I ever get a chance.

  • DCnBFT

    I think I love him…my husband will just have to accept it LoL

  • M

    Yes he’s cute
    but sooo gay – even if he is camping/queening it up.

  • Tyler_Manchester18

    Okay, I am a very feminine style bottom. I barely enjoy even getting sucked off…

    But for HIM! If he wanted it, damn I would just have to comply – he is drop dead gorgeous.

    If someone knows his name, PLEASE post it on here.

  • Phoenix

    Wow…this guy is just too cute!

  • kk

    Ok…you morons have hit rock bottom. Along with dewitt my guess is you dudes spend way too much time whacking to manhunts lame ass version of porn instead of actually meeting dudes for sex…get some help losers

  • To&Fro

    His name is Craig Morgan, haha!

  • Tyler_Manchester18

    kk — you’re calling us morons when we can appreciate someone’s attractive, and yet YOU just go meet dudes for sex.

    Get a relationship, asshole.

    Craig Morgan. Thank you, To&Fro. 😉

  • Jeff

    The dude is very funny and gorgeous to boot!

  • Cosmicbear

    I need to know this man! hysterical is he! His lip sync was dead on! What a talent!

  • mikep

    ok back to the videos. They are great the original skit was cute, but the guy doing the remake was hysterical. He did a very good job with his lip sync. The fact that he was cute adds to it thats for sure. Can we please concentrate on the main topic.

  • hayson

    this guy is hot, but insanely queeny. P-P-P-PASS!

  • James

    He is very hot, and obviously has a good sense of humor and willing to show it. A guy who is funny is always a little hot, add to that he’s already hot in looks and you’ve got a home run baby! lol!

  • Myke

    Love it! Love him! I’ll dump your husband for him too, A!

  • afxn8

    He’s queeny? wtf did you expect? he’s portraying a GIRL. Did you expect Sue to be butch?

    I thought it was funny as hell, and he’s sexy to boot. Made my day.

  • I loved it! And in real life, I’ll be he is as masculine as anyone on here!
    Shut up, KK!! Go somewhere else please!

  • theatrekid28

    So as a professional actor, designer and such i can say a few things. Hes lip sync is pretty dead on most of the time, he does have a few times where its just not close enough. However, my big complain is that he drops the character when hes not speaking. thats the only thing he could work on.

  • DAK1975

    He’s very adorable! I love a man with a sense of humor. It just makes someone even sexier.

  • Olly? I agree with you. He looks like an adorable teddy bear.

  • cheekybastard

    I thought the guy was hilarious!! He is really good and hot too. Much funnier than the original skit.

  • Larsuws

    let me add my load to that perfectly chiseled chest!

  • Kyle JT

    Hahaha. Hot little flamers always turn me on. 🙁 Him and Davey-Wavey. Ugh. So hot.

  • yes please. 🙂

  • Razorb

    I could just eat this guy up (in more ways than one).

    Very, very hot guy.

  • Clay

    I want to marry this man!

  • phil

    Funny video, but I wonder if everyone would be gushing as much if it were some obese pimply kid doing it…..

  • Phil, I doubt it.

  • James

    I wouldn’t be turned on by the obese pimply kid, but the sense of humor would still be cute, and would at least warrant a friendship desire. However this guy I would settle for friend, but I would want SOOOOOOO much more.

  • a

    this guy is super hot, even with the campness…
    whats his name, i want to meet him

  • wheelie81

    wow, that is quite possibly the gayest thing I have ever seen!

  • He is INSANELY hot. Love that he has high potential to be gay. Theres a video of him dancing to “Bad Romance” i found on another site, but its not on youtube for some reason. Its the first time i’ve heard his voice and he doesnt sound super manly so maybe 🙂 Anyways

  • Kyle JT

    Oh, he’s DEFINITELY gay. Lord the things I would do. Watched it again, and he looks like he has intense eyes. Uuuuggghhh.

  • James

    These are a few pics of him from his Facebook. DAMN! I’m in love. lol!

  • Razorb

    He seems like he’s the kind of guy that has a dorky personality/sense of humor, and that just makes him that much cuter. Damn…

  • Razorb

    I could watch this video over and over. This guy’s absolutely fucking adorable!!

  • Razorb
  • hh9999

    @bobby ray: OK, I’m a shallow whore too. Please, somebody, send this guy my way. He is hot, and actually has some talent for mimicry, or so it seems.

  • Magick

    I just watched the original skit. So not funny. But Craig makes it suddenly amazing. Kudos to him.

  • That guy is freaking adorable! Good on him for having fun and his buzz is well deserved. Life is about having fun!

  • Ramoan

    adorably funny man…papi likes…alot…

  • purelychoco

    hahaha this guy is jokes… the lip syncing is so good.

  • Marc

    Yes, he’s very, very cute.
    Dewitt, I totally agree. Queen-y or not, I’d be happy with him.

    And, actually, I thought watching him was pretty funny . . .


    Here he is in all his cuteness sounding a lot more fuckable than Kristen Wiig

  • arion_5

    @Pudding… “he has high potential to be gay”?? uhm, I’d get your gaydar serviced, bud cuz that boy is about to spontaneously combust! lol

    [don’t get me wrong: I’d fuck the shit out of him, tho’! 😛 ]

    the lip-synch is cute, but we all know it wasn’t done shirtless by accident. The fact we’re even discussing this at all on mancunt is proof of that. Commence 15-minutes of fame countdown NOW!

  • airforceex

    He is definitely hot! His website is: