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October 16, 2010

Zach Burns Gets Dirty (And Clean) For Dylan Rosser

In this shoot from one of our favorite photographers, Dylan Rosser, young hottie Zach Burns shows off his great ass! But Zach isn’t just a hot piece of 22-year-old ass, he’s a talented photographer in his own right and you can see some of his work over at his blog.

While I enjoyed his photography, I enjoy that sexy behind even more! I’m not sure if I prefer him dirty or clean, but I’ve included alternating shots of all the hotness for you to decide.

– Andy

For the photos, follow the JUMP:

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Ramoan 7:47pm on October 18, 2010

A beautiful sexy babyboi...awesome

  • DAK1975

    Very nice. Very, very nice! He’s phenomenally gorgeous & sexy. I really like the – I guess it’s mud and paint? But it still looks very well done.

  • Scooby

    This is a beautiful boy and I would love to just spend some time with him. It’s not about the sexual aspect, but that’s a plus in my book, but he would make a great bf to me. Haha. lets say he’s a hottie!

  • Perfection! Absolutely gorgeous man, time well spent in the gym, love absolutely every single muscle, not a single thing to not love! Wish I could wake up next to such a specimen every day!

  • CJ

    Flawless. I prefer him clean but I’ll take him dirty and get in the shower with him and help to get him cleaned up.

  • terpmaniac

    Lord have mercy!

  • Dygo

    I love him dirty! 😉
    Just clean up the face….:P
    Super hot! (:

  • He is one sexy man. VERY sexy!

    Note to others: PLEASE ignore the poster above!! He just wants attention. Guess he’s too ugly to get any attention on his own.

  • Rob

    oh…oh, he’s pretty. not that it matters, but is he black? or maybe he’s one of those combinations of races and places that result in such gorgeous men.

    ah, who cares. dude could be purple and i’d be in love.

  • beingGayisnteasy

    wow..ten stars

  • X

    I personally prefer the muddy shots. They seem less “generic porn”.

  • daddycentaur

    Stunningly beautiful…I’m nearly speechless…totally hott and sexxxy don’t even come close to describe this gorgeous man.

  • pinkfloydfan

    wow topocracy is a racist pig!

    anywho moving on
    yeah he’s pretty hot, wouldn’t mind waking up next to him. or even having him as a friend would be cool too

  • BlackJackHammer

    Just imagine all the fun U could have N cleaning him up 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!! Oh decision ! decision ! decision ! Just imagine all the fun U could have N getting him dirty !

    BTW Topocracy I am going 2 give U a free pass on this one but believe me when I say U will not be so LUCKY the NEXT TIME !!!

  • Way to go, BlackJackHammer!!! Hehehe!! You da man!

  • Jimm

    great ass. I would bury my face in that ass and get dirty with him anytime! HOT

  • Wille

    The photography is good but the model is kinda plain… He isn’t racially attractive, body is average, and he has nothing in his eyes, no energy, kinda dead. These factors spoil the photos. Dylan has done much much better work, but for that it requires a higher standard of model

  • Marmarshakur

    Wow…that’s all I can say, wow!!! I mean tha pic with him laid up against tha wall with those fuckable, suckable, edible cheeks poke’n out, uhhhhh…not 2 mention him cover’d all over in mud…goodness we’ll have sooo much fun get’n clean’d up just 2 get dirty all over again!!!

  • Gerhardt

    The guy is ugly… Big nose, ugly face, and covering him with shit is just making it worse

  • rowin

    @ Gerhardt,

    The guy is UGLY??? You ARE kidding right?

    The model might NOT be your type and therefore not attractive to you but under NO circumstance does that make him ugly! He isn’t my type either, but I still see and appreciate his obvious good looks and the beauty of his sculpted body.

    Can you name one man [Gay or Straight] whom you consider handsome or hot?

  • JES

    I see a kind of vacancy in the face. I won’t argue about the body; it’s beautiful. But I suspect what I find lacking is experience. I bet what seems attractive (but not much else to me now), will be unbearably hot with ten years of life on him in the future. Some things just get better with a little age.

  • hungdaddy

    maybe there is such a thing as too perfect..

  • dar

    nah, doesn’t do anything for me

  • CraigB

    Beautiful young man!

  • Doc

    a very handsome young man

  • daddycentaur

    Just checked out his blog…he seems to be a very talented driven young man….if he keeps it up he should become very successful.

  • I think I better go with clean because with all that super smooth skin that is just begging to be licked, the mud could make that process not-so-tasty.

  • I said it before, I’ll say it again … he is absolutely gorgeous! Two things I’d like to see … first, a smile … I bet he has a gorgeous smile and I could see him with sexy dimples as well, after all his ass sure has cute dimples, but I digress. Second, would love to see his junk.

    To the issue of race, I love men of color (black, latino, etc), perhaps it’s from being a pasty white man with too much irish so I’m either white or burnt. I also find mixed men extremely attractive and I’d guess he’s mixed. Looks black in the clean pics but looks amazingly anglo in the mud pics … I had to scroll back and forth to confirm it was the same guy.

    Gorgeous clean or dirty. As to dirty, I prefer natural dirty but this is still hot! But it’s the model that makes it hot, not the mud itself.

  • Not Enough

    The young mane is hot from head to toe. People need to easy out and appreciate the beauty in more than a skin color.

  • lou666

    beautiful ass and everything else to go with it. love to spread those cheeks.

  • Ramoan

    A beautiful sexy babyboi…awesome