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November 2, 2010

Celebrity Skin: Craig Ramsay

Bravo’s Thintervention features formidable personal trainer Jackie Warner terrorizing obese people into shedding the pounds. Or they will DIE! Besides the prospect of watching reality television victims fall weeping off of treadmills, the other reason to watch the show is trainer Craig C. Ramsay’s beautiful butt.

81% of you recently voted that you would tap that ass, and you weren’t wrong. We recently caught a glimpse of it when cameras caught him exiting a hot tub on the show, and our collective boners almost blocked us from grabbing the remote to press PAUSE. And then REWIND. And PAUSE again. *drool*

– J. Harvey

For the shots of Ramsay’s butt, follow the JUMP:

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  • CJ

    Wow wish I was in the hot tub with him or better yet hitting the shower with that hot hot hot guy.

  • scififan6

    Seriously, if I built my dream man … Craig would be it … I could make a 9 course meal out of him and still have enough left over for dessert.

  • Robert

    Sorry. Looks a little flat for that hot body.

  • Been a while

    yeah i was expecting a more plump ass

  • Kav

    yeah the ass is flat 😛
    rest is good though
    go go leg curls 😛

  • Beautiful to me. He’s a very sexy man.

  • CH

    He’s not a friendly person – never smiles unless he’s with a client and it’s for their sake. I see him almost daily at my gym. He seems pretty boring, too.

  • Rob

    i’m sorry…why is he naked?

  • ericB

    yum, tasty cakes…

  • Olly

    Flat booty yes, but the rest is A+

  • Mikey

    I’m surprised Bravo didn’t blur that out. Looks like they did in the first pic. Maybe the photoshoping flattened his ass.

  • Yeah he has a yummy ass. I’m a bottom and even I would tap that scrumplicious hard muscle Man Ass!

  • JG

    guess I found another show I’ll have to start watching!

  • JeremyS

    The backside may be flat, but the front side more than makes up for it!!!

  • Bob Smith

    flat ass alright…certainly from LA

  • hayson

    i do love this guy, so damn hot, but that is a white boy’s ass! lol how old is he btw? i couldn’t find anything about his age online

  • voçé e todo maravilhoso