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November 22, 2010

Everything Butt: Trystan Bull

You may have heard that Trystan Bull launched his own site. Taking this into consideration, we thought it’d be an appropriate occasion to post pictures of his butt. Because, duh, that’s what you’re supposed to do when a hot Canadian porn star launches his own site…

Unfortunately, we haven’t ever seen Trystan take it up the ass, but we’re hoping that will change now that he’s a porno superstar. I mean, can they really wave those glorious muscle cheeks in our faces and not put a dick between them? That would just be plain torture!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Trystan Bull

To check out some hot pictures of Trystan’s ass, follow the JUMP:

The obligatory shots of the front…

Click here or the picture below to watch a hot video preview!

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levo 2:34pm on October 4, 2012

I love trystan bull. He is so fucking hot

  • Starmanjpoc

    Very hot man! But I didn’t appreciate his spam invitation in my mailbox.

  • CB

    I would definitely welcome him into my bed, kitchen, living room, backyard, etc.

  • MSU Dog!

    Canadians are so hot!

  • hungdaddy

    the guy looks nice enough -but his arse, Dewitt, is not that brilliant..

  • He’s a beautiful man. No doubt about it.

  • yeah, gotta admit – he’s pretty hot!

  • misto

    Also wasn’t a fan of his spam. I feel every blogpost making advertising something or someone should be labeled as such instead of mixed in with everything else.

  • DAK1975

    Oh yes, he’s got a great face! I love that look in the shower picture.

  • DAK1975

    Oh yes, he’s got a great face! I love that look in the shower picture.

  • Playhard7plus

    Exactly, getting spammed on a site on which I pay a subscription is as annoying as having to watch commercials at the movie theater! Poor judgement Manhunt!

  • Mad1026

    He’s ok for “gay-for-pay” trade. I’m tired of models who don’t reciprocate. If you want my gay dollars, do something for them!

  • Mad1026

    He’s ok for “gay-for-pay” trade. I’m tired of models who don’t reciprocate. If you want my gay dollars, do something for them!

  • MassagebyD

    wow this one will make lot olds mens with candy eyes ………

  • He is so hot in the first picture! I am breathless! Just doesn’t seem the type to take it up the butt. Nothing wrong with being a total top!

  • Ricky

    One Very Hot Guy!

  • equalove

    yep, pls.

  • Whothenknows

    He’s nice looking but gotta say doesnt do much for me,looks very uncomfortable like a mannaqin…..not natural at all… Bey hell id still do him…

  • breakmold

    remember when porn was pretty much anonymous?? now we refer to these guys by name like we should all know who they are. and follow their ‘careers’…. I see this time and again in the blog headlines..and now that its weaseled it’s way to my inbox???? I smell a rat.

  • Anonymous

    I get Cody Cummings, I get Rod Daily, I get the red head guy I can never remember his name. But this guy? I don’t understand why there is any hype around him at all. He does nothing for me what so ever. And the fact that he’s “going gay”‘makes me even less interested .

  • Roberto24

    I’d rather spend my money on porn made by real gay men. None of this gay-for-pay crap.

  • halation

    I dont thing that hed be the type to take it up the ass…..well not willingly anyway, or he’d have to be really drunk. he just doesnt have the arch in the back for it. but hey he could throw me down anyday!

  • watafu

    very handsome but I agree, his ass is not particularly impressive.

  • Khakiprep

    Hes “ok” in a Canadian kinda way I guess

  • TheGambler

    Cody Cummings wannabe!

  • MichaelSoldier


  • cute, needs a little more booty

  • Michael

    ….what a weird “twisted” old penis he has in the trailer.

  • thick9guy

    That boy has some hips on him.

  • E-Rat

    eh, he’s alright
    But wait..he has his own naked website like 100,000 other gay men? Say it ain’t so!! I simply must see it!!! How much? I’ll pay anything! Not.
    Why on earth should I pay for him when real men come right to my door.
    STOP Spamming my account with this crap, and if you do he better be friggin spectacular, not “eh”

  • Hayden

    I’ve had the honor of meeting him and let me just say that he is so worth it….

  • mark

    mmm…nicely meaty…

  • Trgodsey

    That boy needs my dick!

  • Chickenhawk269

    Plain Jane if you ask me. I’ve seen much hotter that deserve their own website.

  • He’s got a sexy face but perhaps he should consider being a porn bottom…I mean, that’s not really a porn star dick and that sure is a sweet ass.

  • Joseph

    agreed with the comments on spamming. totally uncalled for MH. y’all shouldn’t allow that to happen, or have a button to call it out as such. i wouldn’t give that asshole 2 cents.

  • Jussa

    Haha I’d just be afraid he’d say “eh” with every thrust he does.

  • Jussa

    Yeah it took me a few seconds to realize it was spam. So I was like: “Is this douchebag really referring to himself in the 3rd-person?” lol
    That being said, he’s attractive, yes, but not attractive enough to warrant me actually paying for porn.

  • OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mx5guy_de

    I agree with all the spamming comments. and if MH gonna spam at least offer a big discount on subscriptions or something. As for Trystan, yeah he’s hot but probly just another Cody Cummings. Why watch if he doesn’t suck cock, get fucked or even kiss for that matter. What’s the point.

  • Robin W

    luv the Canadian bacon

  • Edo_tito

    this a rico sweet men i hope i can i eat’r all

  • trystansxsucker

    you have a very nice dick i like blow it so much…

  • robin

    WOW, amazing,muscular body with the right amount of body hair; especially like his beautiful thighs, sweet ass and uncut dick !

  • robin

    Gorgeous muscular body with the right amount of body hair; I like his beautiful thighs, sweet ass and uncut dick !

  • TheIncarnate

    OMG. What a ripe virgin ass. Want to take him off to a secluded place and bang his tight many pussy …. aaaahhh !

  • John

    Trystan Bull you are such a hot and very very sexy man, you have a very hot body and a very hot ass I just would love to fuck you and sleep on you, where do you live??

    I would welcome you!!!

  • Rohan

    I like very much trystanbull.Y because he is a very sexy hunk.im very lucky to see his naked body.keep it up darling.

  • levo

    hi rohan

  • levo

    hi rohan

  • levo

    hi rohan

  • levo

    hi rohan

  • levo

    I love trystan bull. He is so fucking hot