November 6, 2010

Unlockables: The Pre-Cum Drip

Let’s talk a little bit about pre-cum! In particular, let’s address whether it’s an attractive sight in Manhunt profile pictures. As with the past two editions of Unlockables, we encourage you to ignore the man in the accompanying pictures. He’s only here as one example, and you shouldn’t base your votes on him alone.

With that said, what are your thoughts on this matter? If you saw a picture of a hot cock dripping with pre-cum, would it be a turn-on for you? On a different level, let’s say you’re video-chatting with a guy via Manhunt Chat. He touches the tip of dick, stretches up some pre-cum and licks it off his finger. Would you consider this hot or gross?

Take a moment to think about it before you cast your vote! In the meantime, you can check out last week’s results on the asshole close-up. While a good portion of readers voted in favor of these shots, much more than usual were grossed out by them. Very interesting!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: The Guy Site

To check out Jason’s dripping cock, follow the JUMP:

Click for larger view.

And a few bonus shots…

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Alan 6:45am on November 8, 2011

I want to make babies with this man.

  • Larsuws

    totally hot hairy guy.. wish that precum dick were a lot bigger… but those hairy forearms make up for it

  • Precum drip is very hot. Always gets me riled up.

  • Seethruyou

    Too fat and hairy for me.

  • Javier

    Ummm….Seethruyou….the man’s level of attractiveness isn’t the point of the post…maybe you should read the text, rather than just judging the pictures.

    I think precum pics are hot (I always have a lot myself), though not every single time.

  • haha

    Someone can’t read.

  • mrt123

    I do pre cum alot i mean alot wet wet, and none of the guys i gave been with likes it. I wish there was something i could do about it. I really don’t like it on myself because of this but i would like it if my boyfriend did it alot.

  • DelSam

    @Seethruyou – Are you for real? Too fat? What are you, one of those little sissies that has only a tic tac for dinner and complain that it is too many carbs and now you are a bloated 89 lbs? Get real. That look isn’t attractive. It’s anorexia.

  • drips of precum is Hot but a ton of precum is GROSS. I don’t like a leaky dick

  • Mike

    @DelSam: Not everyone who is on the slender side is “anorexic”.

  • Michael

    Precum is hot, be it a drip or a stream! The man in the pics is hot also, love the hairy body, the eraser nips and would def go down on him and suck that precum up in a heartbeat!

  • JPH

    I don’t care if this guy doesn’t precum. He’s very hot. Look at those arms. Proof that you can be muscular but not an adonis and I am sucker for mature guys.

  • haha

    lol this argument is basically why we can’t get anywhere as a community

  • GetReal

    Im with haha…many of the comments on this post are another prime example of why most gay men just need to keep their mouth’s shut…

    And to ANYONE who thinks the man in these pictures is Fat, Old, Hairy or Ugly.. trust me – you should all hope and pray every night that you age HALF as well as this man obviously has…..

  • So true GetReal. That guy is a beefcake by any standards but esp. for the age he’s at. Love a stocky older man. Great for fucking and cuddling. 😀
    That said precumming means that you are turned on and your dick is readying your urethra for sperm and semen to flow through when you orgasm. If a guy is precumming a lot it means you’re doing the your job right. Like when a girl’s pussy gets wet. She’s turned on and lubricating naturally. Can’t tell me that warm precum dripping out of a cock and leaking onto you while you’re kissing the man it’s attached to isn’t super hot.

  • domtoppapi

    Luv the taste of my babyboi’s precum…lets me know that he is turned on with me eatting at his ass, or sucking that cock…rewarded with his thick tastey load…lap it up n feed it to him…

  • barry14

    Im so horny after seeing that cock dripping precum I want to suck him so hard.
    Really hot

  • Brian C

    I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s pre-cum. It comes out of your dick. It’s natural. To say one would have a problem with pre-cum, but not with cum itself… there’s no logic there. As for the small subset of men to which this dichotomy applies, you’re just weird. Go read a book on how to genetically engineer your next Reichen Lehmkuhl-looking baby.

  • phoenixblue78

    And we’ve entered that head space, of insults and judgment…alas we’re in high school again with the queens (homecoming, prom) believing no one’s better than them.

  • Bohemond

    Definitely not fat. Nice body. His face doesn’t do much for me, but that’s just my tastes.

    Precum can be hot, but I find it a bit of a turnoff in profile pics.

  • i am quite charmed by jason..
    ..and i’d like to soap the big fella down, m’self.


    i prefer seeing prêjaculate “in motion,” as opposed to seeing it produced through picture stills.

    (i can say the same for the Starfish Pucker, actually.)

    hmmm.., in a personals’ profile/AD, i could take it or leave it.

    as usual, my reception to the imagery depends on the Sum Quality of its components.

  • My opinion

    Once again it is comments like Seethruyou made that make this board so depressing and not worth participating in any more. Manhunt should consider having some moderators on this board. I’d be glad to do it for a free membership. Otherwise this board is just totally out of hand. Not fun anymore.

  • hotass4u35

    I Luv a guy that precums a lot! Nothing hotter than sucking a hard dick and hes precumming in ur mouth the whole time.My ex would precum alot and we’d just use it when we fucked.Also saved money on Lube!

  • anoir

    PreCum =HOT. I’ll eat up precum over cum any day. Plus it makes EDGING so much more dripping fun. It is the nectar of the gay gods.

  • acn_1962

    love seeing some precum dripping off anf a cock! gets me hot when i play with the pre cum as i rub it all over the head of the guys cock! and the guy in the pic and stop by my place any time and drip it on me any plce he see fit! i’d open the door for him any time! love the furry chest and nipples! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!! more like him!!!!!!


    Yes! It’s very hot! As another posted, I know I’m doing my job!

  • Dylan

    Precum is very hot. End of story.

  • BlackJackHammer

    Precum does nothing 4 me 1 way or the other and neither does the dude N pixs not N 2 BEARS (: (: ( : !!!

  • BlackJackHammer

    🙁 🙁 🙁 !!!!

  • daddycentaur

    Sometimes I precum alot when I’m anticipating a hook-ups arrival or when I ‘m on my way to hook-ups place…for some reason I usually get wet before the event happens…or after he arrives, or I get there and we start making out. Some guys I’ve been with have commented on it, but most don’t…some guys don’t like the taste of it, but most I’ve been with don’t say anything about it…I agree with a previous poster…pre-cum is to me just like cum itself…your just warming up.

  • meh!

    ToddM makes me precum!

  • muffintop

    Yes, precum is extremely hot! I love when the precum forms long, silver strands. It’s especially hot when a top precums while rimming his bottom, or the bottom while he’s getting fucked, or even from just making out.

  • rowin

    I’ve never liked pre-cum! When I was still dating that would be a deal breaker for me I’ve always found it extremely “icky”

  • Bee

    God I love how Seethruyou’s comment made people rage. The guys getting all butt hurt over it probably have similar bodies to the guy in the pictures.

    I have to agree though. Fat, hairy, and makes precum look totally gross.

  • haha

    Or we’re probably not bitchy queens.

  • Precum shots are hot…drip or stream. Seeing a guy eat his own is even hotter. If we can’t love the taste of our own juices how can we want anyone else to?

  • Jay

    I’d be content just to roll around on top of Jason for awhile!

    As for precum…. yes, it’s hot and stimulating, whether it’s my partner’s or my own. It shows that the “oven” is ready!

  • Yudhaeth

    maybe a little bit drip it’s OK…
    if it’s too much, well i really don’t like it… 😀

  • z

    I don’t know how common this is, but two times over the last several years I experienced this. I was sucking, licking, and deepthroating this guy, backed off a couple seconds to lick and he shot about 2 feet in the air…I guess I looked at him a little disappointed that I missed it, but he said he didn’t cum yet and that he fires a precum warning shot when sex is really hot…I proceeded to suck and about 30 seconds later got the mother load 🙂
    It happened several years later with a different guy who said the same thing, only I got his warning shot down my throat.

  • DCJarhead

    I got robbed, I only precum if edged for a while and even then it’s not very much if at all noticeable.

  • kellboi

    Not only do I find precum hot to see dripping of a guys cock but I just love the taste. I adore snacking on it for afternoon delight

  • daddycentaur

    This may not have much to do with this post about pre cum, but the link below definately had me getting wet while watching it.

    I hope the link works.

  • Aww! That’s so sweet, meh!! See! I knew there was a nice side to you! I had not given up on you yet!

  • Hot guy!! am more and more turned on by bears.

  • DCJarhead

    I have to agree w/Seethruyou. I’m not a fan of the beefy hairy look. Having said that, precum on some guys depending on their entire look can be hot. People cant say they would find it hot if some dirty out of shape homeless person w/scabies came up to them and wiped out their dick while it was dripping.

    The poll gives the option of if it is hot or not and also if it depends on the penis that is precuming… so appearances do matter to varying degrees. Individual tastes are what makes the world go round… imagine if we were all attracted to the same types?

  • Christopher07

    Love precum off the tip a hard cock, even mine. My ex was able to drip a few drops, and I also would love to lick his cock after he shot his load, usually got me to get off again.
    As for the guy above, have already shot a load! 🙂

  • Alan

    I want to make babies with this man.