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November 24, 2010

Woof Alert: Rocky LaBarre

Where do I even begin with Rocky LaBarre? From his warm smile to his striking blue eyes, this guy had me hyperventilating before he even took his clothes off! And when he flexed his thick biceps, I nearly fell off my chair in a frenzied passion. Actually, I did fall onto the floor and drop to my knees, imaging his thick hard cock slamming against the back of my throat.

“Muscle bear” doesn’t even begin to describe this man! He’s the Woof Alert to end all Woof Alerts, and one of the most exciting men to appear in this series since Heath Jordan. Perhaps I’m hyping him up a bit too much, but can you blame me? He’s totally frickin’ gorgeous!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: The Guy Site

To check out more pictures of Rocky LaBarre, follow the JUMP:

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  • Ah, Dewitt, I’m so glad we share tastes in men. He is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Mad1026

    I want to go BEAR hunting and find him in my shower. Yummy!!!

  • Ssfmassage

    Woof! You got it right this time, Dewitt…those wet scenes at the end had ME dripping wet…Top Ten material…nice to see a real MAN here…and look, Ma, no tattoos! That earns him even more points!

  • delsam

    Hmm. Only complaint I have is… HE AINT IN MY BED!!!! WOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SFO Joe in Phoenix

    Man, that is one Hot daddy Bear, I would def love to be under him or on top of him riding the Daddy-pony, yee-HAW!

  • Lorenzo

    Holy shit! Hottest guy you’ve EVER had on here!

  • Joseorp

    Papa mio!!!!!!!

  • Scoobie110

    OMG!!! Where can I get one .. he is beyond hot!!!

  • KLF

    Fucking hot. Love me some beefy furry daddy. Woof.



  • Domtoppapi

    Nope…Chereriq, u n i are in agreement…he may be hot to someone…n thats kewl…but not for me…

  • darryl

    Nice looking Bear, but that Bear Butt shot is missing.

  • Highhandicapper

    When’s hunting season?

  • Highhandicapper

    When’s hunting season?

  • HardTarget8

    Love too lick every inch of that furry hot body

  • triadfigaro2010

    one word – laser hair removal – otherwise he is a hot man – Just too hairy for this guy.

  • Richie

    Don’t you even think of getting rid of one single hair on that HOT body!!!
    He can do whatever he wants to me and I’ll do whatever he wants, whenever. Can I keep him, PLEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cman65


    Hot Furry Daddy Bear

    I want a bear Hug!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hatpat

    omg!!! Im in love with this guy!

  • ali001

    Bit too hairy for me but nice cock

  • this guy is the type who messes around with my perception of reality — i wouldn’t think to ask to bury my face in his crotch, because he pulls off that “str8 look” so well.


    it ain’t fair..
    ..but, i can dream.

  • he’s so hot, great pick

  • Holliseagle


  • Dave M

    Now THAT’S a MAN!!!

  • Jaybird562

    He is perfection! Would love to have him fuck me til I break in half!

  • Jace

    its nice to see someone for everyone on this site but this is just too much for me personally. all that hair makes me wanna throw up. plus, he’s too old for me.

    like i said though, there should be more diverse guys on here, so i can spare a couple blogs for others!

  • PatrickB1405

    where is the dick? golf pencil cock on a big man a total turn-off

  • Mkesantafeguy

    he is a real man very beautiful if your lookin for twinks or smooth it said woof alert get over yourselves and stop complaining

  • Gtm99260

    I agree…very hot…sure wish there were some bear butt shots!!!

  • Gtm99260

    I agree…very hot…sure wish there were some bear butt shots!!!

  • Well it’s probably a good thing that we don’t all have the same type…it’d be way too much competition for the ones we do like.

  • Well it’s probably a good thing that we don’t all have the same type…it’d be way too much competition for the ones we do like.

  • Bazz123456

    I would ride that all night. So hot!

  • ScruffMcRough

    You are right in saying that this is one of the best Woof Alerts ever.

  • Rocky LaBarre

    Jace, you will change your mind in time. I didn’t like hair when I was a pup now I like both hairy and smooth.
    One day in the future guys will look back at all of those guys who plucked & dieted their bodies until they vaguely resembled 14 year olds and they ‘ll laugh.
    “What was wrong with them? Why didn’t they look like men?”

    I don’t take it personally.
    Hairy isn’t for everyone and neither is smooth.
    (For the record, I was EXHAUSTED for that shoot. Jetlag. I look much better.
    On the forehead & eyes.

  • Rocky Labarre

    I agree. The Photog should have had me plump up!
    I’m a grower & it was my first video.
    Here are some gr8 pics of me…

  • Woody

    Yuck :-(~

  • Rocky Labarre

    I want to thank all of you guys who love my pics! And to THANK DEWITT for my WOOF ALERT!
    …One of the main reasons I decided to get into porn (last month) at this stage of my life was so I could demonstrate & REMIND the gay media that Gay Men are HOT at all ages.

    I love a smooth twink or college jock as much as the next guy but by letting designers (CK, A&F i’mtalking to you) dictate impossible standards of youth as the “One Major Hotness” it’s self abuse.

    We are gay MEN. We are all aging. WE have been through enough.
    WHY should we torture ourselves into thinking that everyday we’re growing less desireable?

    Designers do that to women telling them that they have to be a Size 2 then a size 0 to be considered beautiful.
    So they kill themselves on the inside & out for that artificial standard that only feeds the drug industry, plastic surgery, the weight loss industry, diet industry. They stand on 4 inch heels trying to touch something out of reach… while spending their money trying to get there.

    Twinks are beautiful, jocks are beautiful, regular guys are beautiful, races are beautiful, Bears, Muscle Bears, Daddies and Silver Daddies are all beautiful.

    Lets not look at the form we were in the past and try to make it our future.
    It’s futile.
    Last, remember to respect older gay men. You don’t have to sleep with them but nod and say hello. They are not invisible. And they know more than you do. You might learn something useful.

    Love to all,
    Rocky Labarre

  • Lorenzo

    Rocky, you are the hottest and most inspirational guy I’ve met on this site. I wish guys like you existed where I’m from, because you are seriously the type of guys I’d love to marry.

  • Tancredo

    Very sexy!!!! Wooooofffff!

  • Tancredo

    Very sexy!!!! Wooooofffff!

  • Tancredo

    Very sexy!!!! Wooooofffff!

  • Radiowsky

    Nada que decir, lo adoro, me casaria con el…que daría por conocerlo, jeje…Hot

  • Jerry

    Papi!!!!!!!!, You are Very Sexy

  • BlackMan

    I am attracted to hairy men, especially Jewish and Middle Eastern men, but this guy doesn’t turn me on.

  • meh!

    Hey Rocky…marry me!

  • Mark

    Stunningly hot guy. All of him perfect.. But those thick, furry forearms and hands… Woooooof!

  • Enrique313164

    I think, wait….. I know rocky Is a masculine and sexy man!!!! I want to meet him!!! and do more, of course 🙂

  • Doylepeter

    you are perfect with the nicest ass  ever xx

  • Chopps

    You didn’t say anything about cubs and chubs…


  • Chopps

    You didn’t say anything about cubs and chubs…


  • Chopps

    You didn’t say anything about cubs and chubs…


  • gorge