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December 27, 2010

Everything Butt: Francois Sagat

I haven’t been around Manhunt Daily that long, but when someone told me today that French porn actor and photographer’s muse Francois Sagat has never had his own Everything Butt post, well, I nearly fell on mine! Francois’ middle name IS Ass! Or, sorry, “Cul.” Francois Cul Sagat! It’s a Gallic national bubble butt treasure. The French should make sure there’s a statue celebrating it in a museum in (really) Gay Paree! I would say the Louvre but that Mona Lisa trick is already hogging the attention and they won’t let anyone overshadow her. She would look totally edgy if she had Sagat’s head tattoo though, wouldn’t she? Get on that, French people.

– J. Harvey

For more shots of Francois’ amazing ass, Follow the JUMP:

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KronicStud2 9:18am on May 1, 2012

Is his ass real? somebody tell me because it is almost too perfect!

  • Tom

    I just want to slap him for that retarded fucking haircut.

  • angel_wingz

    Yeah, he’s a hotty and a half, but geez, that scalp tattoo is just so ridiculous

  • NYbuttLover

    he’s one of the most beautiful men.

  • NYbuttLover

    he’s one of the most beautiful men.

  • ShyRonnie

    Just drop dead GORGEOUS!! I would pay to be locked up in a room with him and that ass.

  • booboobear

    absolutely freakin amazing.. I would love to all over that !

  • Pspin

    beyond belief body but that head thing really freaks me out too much to see anything but

  • Ssfmassage

    He is amazingly sexy from the hairline down…but tattooed hair? Is he that afraid of being bald someday? Ugh…weird…but the guy is sex on a stick if one can get past the “painted” hair thing…

  • ericBK

    That is VERY easy to get past. What painted hair thing? <–See?

  • Tcdtx52

    Hotter than hot, from head to toe. Oh! that ass!!

  • so my first and only porn star crush. i just ooze for him.

  • Woody

    I think the tattooed hair is outstanding and very clever, 😉

  • Cman65

    the only thing I don’t like about the hair tatto is I can’t have one (Light Brown and not a retard)

  • daddycentaur

    Yes he was…was going bald early so he decided to shave his head and get the head tattoo. I think it makes him original…he definately is SEXXX ON A STICK….My ultimate porn star crush…would never let him outta bed…I’m 99% top and I might even consider bottoming for him.

  • potblessed

    He’s drop dead gorgeous. Man, lok at that ass!!! But gotta say, in the last frame, I don’t know wh I envy the most, if Sagat or Rohdes… I could easily be in the middle!!

  • John N.

    How do I get him to sit on my face?

  • Glvmkr

    WOW hot buns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron-Phx

    His ass is like two perfect melons, ripend on the vine. And he’s got a big ‘ol schlong too !! Wee wee !

  • Scoobie110

    PURE PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!

  • now that’s the type of bottom I like!

  • Lorenzo

    Yes, yes, and YES!

  • Head4reho

    his hair is tattooed?really?if so that is kinda distracting,but ive eaten worse lol…wonder what that tattoos going to look like when hes 60…balds gotta b e better

  • Rjmilo

    Amazing pictures…no surprise, all of his pictures are amazing. Your trite writing style is terrible though. Trying to be witty and cute is boring and detracts from the pictures of a great guy. You need a writer who actually has something to say, not just white noise. Blog dialogue here is always disappointing.

  • Anonymous

    I would “dislike” this comment if I could… There’s no need to insult my fellow writer.

  • J. Harvey

    Yeah! What he said!

  • Domtoppapi

    His ass is an INTERnational treasure…omg…look at it…eat it…suck it…taste it…fuck n fill it over n over…damn!!!

  • meinherr

    it’s your site and you set it up as an open forum for people to state their opinions.
    I would not have said it in the same manner but Rjmilo is on the mark.

  • Mansman13108

    A very FINE ass indeed, he could sit on my face anytime!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr

  • J’adore à Sagat

  • As I see it, I slowly dip my fingers into my butt. Whew!

  • Chantboy

    He is a GOD!

  • gustav

    Dee’Ahm. Oh. My. Cher.

  • BlackMan

    Fainted at my computer; then I masturbated to this hot man’s picture. LOL Dam, what a lovely gorgeous male. Why are some men just born dam beautiful? LOL

  • hayson

    i really want to see his zombie movie, his ass is AH-MAZING btw

  • hayson

    i really want to see his zombie movie, his ass is AH-MAZING btw

  • françois is an interesting guy.


    that is all.

  • Francois is freakin’ amazing! I think that, when it comes to gay porn, he is one of the most recognizable porn stars. And he even has his own Wikipedia page too!
    I want to see a lot more of Francois! Then again, I want to see a lot more of Francois inside me! Or me inside him. One or the other, damnit!

  • Craig Hill

    I don’t know which is cuter-your face or your buns.Truly hotter buns than Cinnabon,lol.XXXOOO

  • KronicStud2

    Is his ass real? somebody tell me because it is almost too perfect!