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December 1, 2010

This Homemade Movie Totally Blew Our Minds

When you receive an e-mail with the subject heading “One of the hottest videos I’ve seen in a while”, we assume you’d approach that claim with a bit of skepticism. However, I recently received such an e-mail, and it actually wound up being… well, one of the hottest videos I’ve seen in a while.

You may recognize the guy on the left as porn star AJ Irons. And the jockstrap-clad stud on the right? He’s an escort who goes by the alias David-SF. These two have made their own homemade sex tape, much like the one composed by Levi Poulter and Marco Blaze.

Between David’s dirty talk and AJ’s deepthroating skills, this phenomenal clip will leave you screaming for more. Oh, and did we mention it was all broadcast on Manhunt Chat? You can even hear a brief shoutout around the 2:20 mark! According to our sources, David is a regular in our Dad/Son chat room, so log on and you might catch a live show!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Buzz West / David-SF

To check out AJ and David in action, follow the JUMP:

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Jose Juan 6:45pm on July 26, 2011

I really want the homemade video of David SF and Andrew Justice but im living outside USA. somebody knows how i can get it?

  • Alex

    that was the HOTTEST video ever. wow. I’d like to get face-fucked like that – yum!

  • Garrett

    I’d like to get fucked like that!

  • Nex

    i almost cried out of jealousy
    pity they fucked for too short.
    both of them so hot
    and the top is so passionate & also rough
    my dream man…. yum…..

  • JT

    David has several incredibly hot videos on Xtube! His day with Romann is absolutely AMAZING!

  • 1. Dewitt, the jockstrap stud is on THE RIGHT

    2. Maybe it’s because I was never abused, but I had a VERY negative reaction to this video. Do not like the domineering style. Open up? Turn around? How about you go fuck yourself or I fucking deck you? And don’t fucking spit on me. If I want to be abused and demeaned I’ll go to the DMV.

  • BootsNbulge

    Sexy men visually yes!!But jesus, someone put ballgags in their mouths so we don’t have to listen to the amazingly awful verbal Porn 101 ! I actually thought it was a satire for the first few minutes. Way Hotter with the sound off.
    Re:Spitting in Mouths- Why gay men have taken this “porn” fantasy into
    real bedrooms?
    Someone recently tried this shit on me… he left with a bloody nose

  • Anonymous

    I actually like all the dirty talk. It may be cliche, but talk like that helps some guys build a connection between them. In this particular case, I think it’s the talk that makes the video. He’s a great top

  • guy

    That really was hot…the spitting in the mouth thing really disturbs me though πŸ™

  • Mr. Brightside

    This blew my mind, and my load! Wowee wow wow!

  • spitscool

    Real “boot and bulge” men love spitting.

  • spitscool

    Real “boot and bulge” men love spitting.

  • QarlosJo

    This must be fake as it looks so nice, loving and tough. Damn!!!!

  • Colten

    i bet he couldnt walk to well the next day LOL. I am not sure I want to be fucked for that long?
    However, I must say that was one hot video. I enjoyed it very much :-)~

  • Damn…dudes are HOT!!!

  • jorge

    Wow. This David is the same guy who also had a homemade video with Andrew Justice, isn’t he?

  • DJ

    ugh somebody shut this guy up!!! would’ve been hot if he put his mouth to better use! !

  • Anonymous

    Damn, funs over. the videos have been taken down, and I never got a chance to see parts 1 and 2. 3 was fantastic though! Very hot!!

  • Hatterboy

    Somebody needs to put that up again! I missed out πŸ™

  • Hatterboy

    Somebody needs to put that up again! I missed out πŸ™

  • Rob

    Agreed…missed all the fun.

  • Pop_critic

    Glad I saw ’em when I did. They’re deleted… πŸ™

  • MSU Dawg!

    does anybody know where i can find these videos? i miss all of it! πŸ™

  • Joeboxer7410
  • Joeboxer7410
  • Joeboxer7410
  • Joeboxer7410
  • Joeboxer7410

    Was a fun time I’ll never understand why some people have to take a couple guys having a good time and inject all their negative opinions about what you don’t like. For god sake it was a fun time we aren’t trying to sell it to you if you don’t like it don’t watch it. It’s more disturbing to hear that you spent time watching something you didn’t like than spending time doing something you did.
    Anyway the videos are now on gaytube you can search for David-sf and find them easily


    And to those that enjoyed it thanks it’s really a lot of work to put these together with no big budget and try to have it all come together edit upload schedule and have a life on top of it all. Also helps bring attention to a few hard working escorts that happen to hit it off in the bedroom. I am grateful to be able to share it with you when I can
    Xo David-sf

  • Mat Maren

    Dude! This is the best sex I ever saw put on tape! So sentuas, and caring, and lusty, and hot!
    Srsly, all profesional made films I saw can’t capture the intimacy, the desire and the pleasure in the sexual act so compleatly. This is not a simple home made movie – this is brings it to a compleate new lvl! OK, you might argue about the quality of the footage and the lighing, and the camera work, but srsly, it is fair, and despite it still beats all!
    How many home made vid, or prof made vids on that matter you can think of can put you mind into thinking of lovers on their first night? Uh… ok, day, actually, but that not the point I’m trying to make.
    P.S. Sorry for my spelling, Engllish isn’t my first language and I got a bit exited as well.

  • daddycentaur

    David…you seem to have a thing for porn actors and other escorts…I’ve pictures of you before this month but I can’t remember where i saw them…but I really noticed you because of your recent video with porn actor Devon Hunter…I have to admit that video was incredibly hott and passionate, except for the very end of it…it would have been better if you had cum as well, but it was still very hott.

  • Jagusmc2007

    By far, a great video. These guys should get a ton of credit for doing such an amazing job all around.

  • Jose Juan

    I really want the homemade video of David SF and Andrew Justice but im living outside USA. somebody knows how i can get it?