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December 15, 2010

Woof Alert: Logan Scott

Once you see Logan Scott‘s ass, you’ll understand why he’s today’s Woof Alert! He’s got a great pair of massive, fuzzy cheeks. I mean, it’s almost as if his butt was handcrafted by the Gods of Fur, solely for the purpose of groping, licking and probing with various fleshy objects.

The front’s not too bad either! His shaft is nice and thick, equipped with a huge ol’ knob-head. It’s the type of cock that might hurt a little while going in, but it’d feel amazing once it’s inside. Oh, and did we mention he’s also kind of handsome? I like his big nose. And I mean that with the utmost sincerity, because it’d feel really awesome rubbing against my taint…

Logan is the first exclusive model for Hard Friction, and we hear he’ll be appearing LIVE on their site with Drew Cutler (tomorrow night at 11 PM EST). Coincidentally, Drew will be making an appearance in the “Jocks” room of Manhunt Chat tonight from 9-10 PM EST. Though he won’t be having sex with this hairy fucker, it should still be super hot!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Hard Friction

To check out more pictures of Logan Scott, follow the JUMP:

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kool1 7:54pm on December 18, 2010

sucks that he is on his back. I wood luv to be on my back in front of him. He cood do whatever he wants!!

  • DAK1975

    Nice. I’m normally not into guys like this, but he’s just on the edge for me. Great body, nice face (not too into beards, though). Very nice.

  • Nicks45

    NICE>>>> This guy is freakin’ hotttt! I like the first few pics that he looks somewhat top, then BAM, on his back, very hot!

  • JDressler

    hot damn — just put a bag over his face, and this guy is perfect! great body… just, only from the neck down

  • TommyTrojan

    Damn, can we get a measurement on the thickness of that cock?!?

    Don’t get me wrong, his ass is absolutely beautiful and I am going to spend some time right now pleasuring myself, pretending I am Brandon Lewis in this scene, but good goshdamn I would LOVE to see some furry muscleman screaming in pain and pleasure as he takes that shaft balls deep.

    If ever a man was born to flip-flop fuck, Logan Scott is it. Dude has it coming AND going!

  • s.allen

    OH MY!!!!!!

  • Put a bag over his head?!? Sheesh! Tact just isn’t a part of the gay culture, is it?
    This guy is very nice to look at! Very nice!

  • Gambit1313

    He looks like Luke from Dirty Tony with scruff. Lol, have I seen that much porn to remember names as basic as Luke? Haha.

  • Javier

    He reminds me of Cayden Ross for some reason…both very sexy men. 🙂

  • JG

    holy cumbuckets. I don’t know what to say he’s sexual perfection. Literally as soon as I scrolled down and saw this I produced a money shot. He’s so fucking delicious.

  • jeremy

    @Gambit1313: He IS Luke from Dirty Tony. But seriously, how come this man is bottoming only. He has a great dick, and it would be a crime if he doesn’t use it.

  • wow

  • stoudy

    javier completley agree cayden ross with a beard and without those stupid tats very hot!

  • Domtoppapi

    3 bag ugly boarding on wolf ugly….chew chew…but that sweet fuck hole…doggystyle…lol…face down ass up…fuck him for hrs…

  • Artsofboston

    Nice face.

  • Mansman13108

    Damn, just the kind of hairy ass I like.. and a beautiful cock too… Stunning man, who could want for more? Not me!!!

  • Tammerksa

    nice possition>>etc…ass,cock.want more>>tnx

  • steve

    he is hot i hope he`s versatile he can fuck me anytime!!!!!!

  • Woody

    He looks perfectly good to me 😉 My kind of guy; A very natural-looking MAN !

  • Roberto24

    Good to see some more furry men. Hope to see more of him.

  • kool1

    sucks that he is on his back. I wood luv to be on my back in front of him. He cood do whatever he wants!!