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December 7, 2010

Would You Hit That?: Julian Assange

Yes, we’re going there. Given his recent arrest over Swedish sex charges, it’s probably wildly inappropriate to ask whether you’d sleep with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. But somebody had to ask the question! Whether you think he’s a hero for transparency or a threat to national security, there’s no denying he’s one of the most talked-about individuals of 2010.

We realize opinions are going to be divided on this, and some folks are going to be mad that we’re even asking this question. To be completely honest, we’re tired of running Would You Hit That features where the answer is obviously “yes”. It’s time to make room for a little controversy! Click through to vote on whether you’d hit that…

– Dewitt

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  • Jimmy T

    Yeh, I’d hit him…in the head with a baseball bat.

  • Ssfmassage

    I had trouble with your rather limited four choices, due to the wording of each choice…while I do not find him sexually attractive, thus the last choice, I also do not believe him to be “the worst”, which is part of your listed choice…so I had to go with choice 3, even though I would really not prefer to have him in my bed in the first place!

  • Javier

    I voted no, based on the fact that I don’t find him attractive at all.

  • Michael W

    I didn’t vote as none of the choices were close to my reaction. I think he’s doing a good job and picking up the slack that our “main-stream media” reporters should be doing, but does nothing sexually for me. For some reason he reminds me a bit too much of John DeLancey (sp?) who played “Q” on ST:TNG and ST:Voyager.

  • I think he’s an amazing individual, I have donated money and am hosting a mirror of wikileaks. Also, I do find him kinda attractive in an odd way, there are better pictures of him for sure. He just kinda has a suave style about him, very James Bond-esque.

  • PJ

    I wouldn’t do him but I would do his son (who by the way is openly bi). Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi!! 🙂

  • DEE


  • Jonmale64

    That’s about as butchy as he gets. You should see his Paris Hilton gurl curl.

  • Serafin

    HELL to the NO he is Butt Fuck Ugly!

  • Vorenus

    i think what he does is fantastic and that makes him sexy but hes not much of a looker. those charges are fabricated. they are usin them to justify trying to take out a guy that exposes corruption. n since the corruption goes as high as it does they can get away with it

  • ajchile

    I saw a better picture of him today after his arrest … but still don´t find him attractive, and although there is all the wikileaks issues, I am not sure that is the same as “Power” which some people get off on, so my answer would be no. We are after all only talking about Sex, not his personality / character …

  • Jokos

    The man is not attractive at all and I would not want to hit him. What he has done with wikileaks is the best thing ever. All these “cables” slagging off world leaders behind their backs while being all smiles and politeness to their face makes me sick.
    Good work mate, Tell us more Julian.

  • hungdaddy

    He’s not my cuppa tea – and apparently can’t be trusted with condoms…

  • Woody

    Love the man but, he doesn’t do anything for me sexually !

    And, I love it how some people want to punish him for telling the dirty truth about the “Leaders” of this ludicrous world ! LOL

    Just more proof that the human race isn’t worthy of sympathy. LOL

  • MassagebyD

    he’s going to be someone Bitch in Guantamo,,,,,

  • wrestlesex

    yeah erik!

  • Commenter

    He needs to wash his face. It always looks greasy.

  • Rob

    With a shovel.

  • daddycentaur

    Not even with your dick, Dewitt.

  • daddycentaur

    Not even with your dick, Dewitt.

  • nyboytoy

    Haha I love that you posted this!

    And, hell yes I’d hit that.

  • navysausage

    Yeah I’d hit that….with a five iron, a crowbar and a butcher’s meathook!

  • ThatCoolGuy

    I really wanted to vote HELL YES just cause the line about him making you WikiLeak in your pants was too awesome

  • Domtoppapi

    He looked at me…RAPE !!!

  • A rebel is usually pretty hot in bed…

  • he can wiki my leaks anyday

    He’s so hot. HELL YES.

  • jwkk

    I’d definitely hit that! I find him very attractive, in an odd way. He’s intelligent, and that just makes me wet

  • Dikileaks

    The violent comments are horrible……..

    Having been threatened with a hammer for real I think they are over the top.

  • AllOrNothingAtAll

    I side with JimmyT. He needs a baseball bat right in his smug face, and then rammed up his ass.

  • Aaron

    This website makes me ashamed to be gay. Your idea of politics is “would you hit Julian Assange?”?!

    Kudos to Assange. But I have never thought about whether I’d “hit” him, nor do I want to.

  • No-Personality

    Based on that picture, no.