January 13, 2011

Hot or Not: Sniffing Underwear

Well, we’ve seen this scenario before! A hot guy leaves his jockstrap behind. Another hot guy comes along and starts sniffing. Lo and behold, the first dude returns to find the second one pleasuring himself, all with a handful of sweaty fabric stuffed in his face. Gasp! Caught red-handed, the underwear thief bends over for his “punishment”.

Has this actually ever happened to anyone? Not very likely, but it’s still pretty arousing to think this act could lead to passionate sex rather than a restraining order. And don’t act you’ve never been tempted to smell someone’s undies! Honestly, if the hottest guy at the gym left his boxer briefs unattended, wouldn’t you briefly consider snatching them and running into the nearest bathroom stall?

Maybe not. But how do you feel about sniffing underwear in general? Let’s say you’ve just slipped a pair off of your partner, and his scent is driving you wild. Would you stick it in your face and take a big whiff? It’s not as creepy if he’s directly in front of you, right? We have a feeling we’re asking way too many questions, so leave a comment and let’s get this conversation rolling…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Next Door Buddies

To see Parker sniffing Jeremy’s jock (among other things), follow the JUMP:

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Eric 2:01am on August 10, 2011

So I living with homestay. Currently studying. The son of my homestay is damn hot, he's only 14 , fling smoky hot. Tank and muscular. When he went to shower. And it's only me and him homealone, I will go to his room, get the boxer that he took off before he went to shower and sniff them. Smelt damn nice, I know I am kind of a pedophile . Lol

  • Hot furry arse!

  • robi

    I sniff my boyfriend’s underwear all the time…I have a super sensitive nose, and I cant get enough of his scent… πŸ˜€

    …damn, I have a hardon now…

  • petitecoquette

    I will never sniff underwear. Would you want to sniff a pair of underwear that a guy wore after he took a crap?

  • Rad

    I did sniff a guys gym clothes. I didn’t get caught, but if I had I would have submitted to my ‘punishment’ gladly.

  • J

    I love sniffing guys underwear, that scent of another mans crotch is HOT!

    I’ve done it one when a hot guy at the gym left his out and went in the shower – horny as hell!!

  • drew

    those 2 guys are hot

  • PS

    the hairy guy is just fucking delicious.

  • luv2read

    Can we talk more about how annoying Parker’s breathing is? I’d totally deal with it cause he has a hot furry body, but damn it sounds like he’s sanding a piece of wood

  • bill

    one year at summer camp I had a super hot camp counselor and I def. stole a pair of his briefs! wasn’t interested in smelling them but exciting just to have them

  • Kamahl82

    Friend of mine did that with his straight roommate’s boxer briefs. A week later he ended up with jock itch on his face. Sorry if I brought the discussion down, lol. Still hot, though, so long as that doesn’t happen!

  • Andy


  • Andy

    AND THE SIZE OF PARKER’S COCK!!!! WHOE!!!! SO BIG & THICK!!!!!! YUMMO!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  • Woody

    Those guys are HOT !

    But, No, Never, Yuck:-(~, LOL !

  • Rob

    That would be hilarious to explain.

  • niceguy1234567890

    I sniffed and swiped a few jocks and sweaty t-shirts from my college locker room when I was an undergrad…never got caught (or jock itch on my face, LOL). Those pheromones fueled a ton of jo sessions!

  • Rob

    Forgot to state my own preference…

    When it comes to jock straps, yeah definitely. I’ve never actually tried it though. I just know it’s hot as hell.

    When it comes to full-blown underwear: no thanks. Like others have stated, there is a cleanliness factor involved there. Guess it might be considered in the same category as fear of rimming or whatever. I don’t want to open that bag.

  • TommyTrojan

    Yeah, never gotten the appeal of sniffing dirty underwear.

    Have I tried on a roommate’s dirty underwear once or twice, allowing myself to enjoy the naughtiness factor, rubbing the soft material against my cock, knowing it had recently rubbed against his cock as well? Sure. But I never felt compelled to smell it.

    (And for the record: Parker can have all my dirty underwear and whatever else he wants if he’ll throw his hairy legs up in the air for me! Did you see his toes curling in those white ankle socks while his hairy butt was getting pounded?! Boo-yah!)

  • Cam

    Underwear, no. But I was once caught taking a deep deep breath through a jumper of a guy I thought was sexy. He threatened to beat the shit out of me for an unrelated reason not long after, but as far as I know they didn’t dob on me for that one hehehe

  • Cuteman43

    In the 2nd pic after the jump what is up with the breast?? The one on the far side sure looks more liket a ladies breast then most ladies.

  • Dirkj79

    mmm hot… I have snagged more than a few jock straps from the lockerroom while the hot owner was showering…

  • Dr. Feelgood

    Ooohh…love this topic! I have sniffed quite a number of hot guys’ underwear since high school. There was this supercute guy I’ve always had a crush on throughout med school. He became one of my clerks when I was an intern so we had to work together during hospital duty. I thought that was the closest I’ll ever be with him. Fast forward: After graduating, I went to stay at my classmate/friend’s place in Jersey. I didn’t know the cute guy (who was close to my friend) was actually in NYC with his wife who was doing her residency there. But their marriage was in tatters so one night he came over to have pizza and beer with us and pour his heart out. In the morning, we took turns taking showers and I went after him. Of course you know he forgot his briefs…lol. It had the most wonderful musky, masculine scent I had always thought he would smell like. He was knocking on the door asking for it cuz he had to leave but I claimed that I was already wet so I was just gonna give it to him after I’m done. Of course I wasn’t; well, I was wet in another way as I was jerking off intensely as I was snorting in as much of the sexy scent as I can like a crazed cocaine addict who hasn’t had coke in years! It was awesome.

    I also still have with me a pair of bikini briefs that I asked one of my hunky hook-ups from a few years back to leave to me after we had sex. He used it while working out at the gym. That scent was also heavenly but, alas, it’s not there anymore after all these years. I wish I could trap that scent in a bottle.

    Hmmm…there are some hot guys who sell their used underwear, shirts, etc. online like Hot Gymnast. Am now thinking of getting one of these:

    (BTW, thankfully in my country we don’t use just tissue paper after pooping; we wash with soap and water…lol so that particular problem almost never comes up, at least with us.)

  • Brad

    Very hot. As long as they’re “clean” dirty undies… I mean, sweat is fine… but a pair from a guy who’s just taken a dump and doesn’t know how to wipe properly… not so much =/

  • Well that’s not actually where you’re sniffing and as long as he didn’t take a crap IN them, you’re good. With all those phermones in there from his balls, it is intoxicating and a great way to really wanna consume the owner of the scent. You have no idea how hot it can be. Pity. Get past your phobias and see what happens.

  • Carniassada

    Back a few year ago I had an Undergear model on my floor( I’m a nurse), he was in x ray and I was sniffing his briefs when he came back in, it was awkward at first but we ended up hooking up after he was discharged

  • Carniassada

    I trade well worn jocks online at, one guy from Ny sent me a jock every week well worn and smelling hot, oh the jerking off you don’t even know

  • Jeff

    my hot straight roommate had his INCREDIBLY hot older brother come and visit us. it was just the two of us in the apartment (his brother and I) the brother went to take a shower and left his boxer briefs in the bedroom. I got up to just check and see what kind of underwear his was wearing and before i knew it i had them in my hands and i was sniffing right where his bulge would be…right then he comes back from the shower(he took maybe a three minute shower). it was about two of the longest seconds of my life as he just stared at me then cracked an adorable smile and giggled “the real thing smells a lot better…i did just shower” after that…lets just say he can keep a secret and so can i…

  • Dr. Feelgood

    OMG! That is so freaking hot! Is that true? =P It’s like my fantasy lived vicariously through you. Wish it happened to me…hehehe. So jaloux!

  • Dr. Feelgood

    OMG! That is so freaking hot! Is that true? =P It’s like my fantasy lived vicariously through you. Wish it happened to me…hehehe. So jaloux!

  • Dr. Feelgood

    And more details please!!! πŸ™‚

  • Dr. Feelgood

    And more details please!!! πŸ™‚

  • Pheromone

    GRRRR, jock straps, underwear ( briefs/boxers) all contain the magic known as the male scent… some guys understand it, some don’t, reality for those cursed with hyper sensativity arm pitts, sweat and the male scent is like crack. I collected underwear and jock straps fromall the sports I played.. just wish I could thank those who’s stuff I borrowed.. snifffffff πŸ™‚

  • BrucetheMoose99

    YES, i smelled a few guys crotch area of their undies to get the masculine scent,,,,it is a turn-on like you won’t believe! i also smelled my own a few times…. there was also an old man who wanted my young scent by sweating and then jacking into pairs of my boxer/briefs that i would leave for him in a plastic baggy in the bushes at the park,,,,he would get them the next day and leave me $10 or $20 in another plastic baggy….guess i was kind of selling myself; but i did not mind it at the time….guess he smelled and jacked off some good ones when he got home! i still think about that these years later

  • Aaronricky42

    Hell yes still a hot fantasy !! I used to sneak into a nieghborhood guys house that I was wacko about and sniff his underwear while laying in his bed jerking still HOt he however is not any longer hot via facebook but yeah the sniffing the croth area HOT

  • Dr. Feelgood

    That’s hot….but creepy. lol. Glad you weren’t caught.

  • Jamie

    What country is that? I’d go around rimming everyone I saw if that were the case, why does one of the hottest looking and feeling forms of foreplay have to gross me out on such a fundamental level?

  • Johnny20100

    I went into the bathroom at my college and one of my dorm mates had left his boxer briefs on the hanger in the bathroom.. After my shower, I put them underneath of my towel and took them to my room.. They smell of whoever it is’ cologne. and there was a little bit of hair in there and a small dried cum spot.. needless to say that was really hot.

  • Eric

    So I living with homestay. Currently studying. The son of my homestay is damn hot, he’s only 14 , fling smoky hot. Tank and muscular. When he went to shower. And it’s only me and him homealone, I will go to his room, get the boxer that he took off before he went to shower and sniff them. Smelt damn nice, I know I am kind of a pedophile . Lol