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January 12, 2011

Woof Alert: Louis Kwong Jr.

Louis Kwong Jr. is the partner of David Goldenberg, a photographer who’s appeared several times on Manhunt Daily. While it’d probably be an overstatement to call him the most adorable bear on the entire planet, we can’t say we’re not tempted…

Oh, and did we mention his thick, sexy body? If we had a boyfriend with a butt like Louis’, there’s a pretty good chance that we’d never leave the house! Right now, we’d usually say much more inappropriate things (feel free to fill in the blanks), but we’re too busy gushing over the strong bond these men share.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: David Goldenberg

To check out more pictures of Louis Kwong Jr, follow the JUMP:

Click for larger view.

Louis with his partner David:

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  • Jasher

    OMG! Beargasm! So cute, both Louis and his partner!

  • praxxo

    Eric? Eric Cartman?

  • Ssfmassage

    I lived in Japan for 3 years (1995-98)…I used to go to a gay bar in Tokyo where guys would change into the rokushaku fundoshi (which is what is being demonstrated/shown in the video) and a short waisted “Happy coat”…I loved it…the Japanese men had the most amazing asses on the planet! I still have a couple of these “garments”…I wear them once in awhile for dress-up, such as Halloween…they are a pain to iron, which must be done after each time worn…as you can tell from the video, they get rather “twisted” putting them on…while the Japanese “bearish” guys were not much to my taste (I rpeferred the smaller built non-bearish Nihon-jin…WOOF), this guy, Louis, is cute in his own way…and his partner, David, is absolutely gorgeous…WOOF!! It is nice to see thse two obviously enjoying each other and having fun…what a cute couple they do make!

  • MassagebyD

    Ohh my what have i done…….woooo woooof

  • Anonymous

    I love these two! Despite being totally hot, they seem to have an amazing relationship. Their videos crack me up.

  • Robertwood1960

    My kind of guys. Looking good.

  • JeremyS

    Looks like a sumo wrestler in training. His partner is hot as fuck, though!

  • he’s a cutie

  • Domtoppapi


  • i like louis.

    ´would nuzzle his neck (and a couple of other ‘select parts’ of his anatomy’s) if i were ever presented the opportunity.

  • Scoobie110

    That is the cutest couple I have seen in a long time…WOOF!!!!

  • i can totally see a comic being made, in devotion to those two guys.

  • Jaidersblues

    wo  def two hot men!!!!!!