February 21, 2011

Aural Only: Beth Ditto

Everyone wants to be Madonna these days, eh? Christina Aguilera did it, and people were pissed. Then that Gaga character did it, and people were even more pissed. Now, Gossip lead-singer Beth Ditto is the latest artist to pay homage to Madge, taking visual cues from “Vogue” and “Justify My Love” for her latest video.

In this case, it’s such a blatant tribute that you can’t even get mad at her, and the outcome is ten times more effective (at least when compared to Ms. Aguilera). Plus, it’s all accompanied by the awesome Simian Mobile Disco-produced track “I Wrote The Book”. While we prefer Ditto’s older sound over this dance diva hullabaloo, you’ve got to admit–it’s not a bad look for her.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Rankin

To listen to “I Wrote The Book”, follow the JUMP:

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CupidsBeau 5:35pm on February 27, 2011

I can't get this off iTunes - it's a UK track only right now - where else is it available to purchase/download?

  • sajjad

    Christina didnt do that

  • breon

    I have allways loved this girl and her group…keep rocking it Honey…She keeps getting better!

  • CupidsBeau


  • DaVinciBarnette

    whoa!! she’s hot!! this song is better than Gaga to me…loving her…!!!

  • ice_cream_assassin

    not bad…all that’s missing is the lesbian kiss 🙂

  • Nex

    hehe, looks fun.
    I hope she doesn’t deny that it is Justify My Love 2.0, unlike Lady GaGa with her Express Yourself 2.0.

  • JPH

    She looks like Adele, but on poppers

  • Nex

    haha, JPH!
    so true!

  • V-8

    I think this should become the new gay anthem, and not that Lady Gaga crap……

  • JP

    This is amazing.

  • Mkesantafeguy

    absolutely incredible if this doesnt knock off britney and lady gaga something is definetlt wrong. my thats a gay anthem

  • Javier

    Nice song, and it’s good to see Miss Ditto getting some love here.

    Just gotta play grammar queen for a bit, though….”more older?” That’s like saying….”more gooder”. Just sayin’.

  • Anonymous

    Youch! Didn’t get a chance to proofread this post before it went up. Thanks for catching that!

  • CupidsBeau

    I can’t get this off iTunes – it’s a UK track only right now – where else is it available to purchase/download?