February 25, 2011

Aural Only: Ke$ha

You asked for it, and we’re finally caving in! We’ve had several requests to add Ke$ha‘s “Blow” to our Weekly Top Ten countdown within the past couple of weeks, and we threw them on the back burner for two simple reasons—a) the official video hasn’t made its debut, and b) this is probably one of the most irritating Ke$ha song ever created.

As much as we make fun of ol’ Grundgetta, we’ve got to admit that there were much better potential singles on her Cannibal project. After all, this was a motherfuckin’ rerelease! She should have taken a risk and shown off a different side of her “artistry” with a song like “The Harold Song”. Or at least busted out with “Grow A Pear” and capitalized on the hilarity of the word “mangina”… Alas, if the record label says “Blow” is the single, then there’s nothing much we can do about it.

Now, last but not least, let’s address the issue of the music video (or current lack thereof). We’d argue that Ke$ha isn’t known for being a visual artist. Her music videos aren’t going to convince you to like her song more, as is the case with some Beyonce or Lady Gaga tracks. Of course, maybe we’re wrong about this. If the video for “Blow” comes out and somehow blows everyone’s collective mind, we’ll gladly add this song back onto our charts… Because, duh, it’s totally not going to last for more than one week.

UPDATE: Okay, so we lied. Maybe Ke$ha is a visual artist. The music video for “Blow” just leaked, and it involves unicorns and James Van Der Beek of Dawson’s Creek and DILF Pants fame. She just won ten million points in our score books. We’re not even kidding.

– Dewitt

To listen to “Blow”, follow the JUMP:

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Nex 10:56pm on March 13, 2011

@Matt - britney is one of the most real celebs out there, despite being overmanaged by her team, she is the sweetheart of them all. katy perry - plastic douchebag, kesha - punch me, i'm so fake.

  • CupidsBeau


  • bookesha

    good old ke-dollarsign-ha. as glee puts it

  • haha

    Ugh. Who the hell was responsible for this?

  • XOR

    Oh God. This is terrible, even for Ke$ha.

  • Jimmy T

    Even if you hate it and her, it’s well-produced and market-savvy, and I’d bet it gets ’em out on the dance floor, and her record sales and the commercial success of one album with multiple huge hit singles is undeniable.

  • KLF

    Awful but it will make it to the countdown. Where is Adele’s new song which is the current UK #1?

  • Jo

    There is a video for the song. It has unicorns and James Van Der Beek aka Dawson Leery. I shit you not. Right now it looks like a certain catty gossip blogger, name rhymes with Ferez Dilton, is the only one who has the video posted…

  • Mr.KatyGaGaSpears

    I love Ke$ha music now.

  • Nathan

    Love this song!

    Sleazy or Cannibal will be next!

    Love it!

  • Jeff

    BLOW is amazing I can’t get it out of my head!

    Rag on Ke$ha all you want but I haven’t disliked a single track she has released yet. They are all ear delicious.

  • Guess

    I’m watching it now!!! Amazing! Yall should also check out Disney Princess Kesha on funnyordie, or on youtube. It’s so freaking hilarious. I didn’t realize just how funny she is.

  • Rob

    I don’t really dislike or like Ke$ha…but you really have no room to speak, Dewitt.

    Why do you constantly cast judgment on musicians when you clearly do not have any credentials (other than pure bias) when it comes to the criticism of artistic fields such as music? Just keep your one-sided opinions confined to your Hello Kitty diary and leave the choice in music selection to the rest of the world, ok?

  • It’s official. I am now a Kee-dollar sign-ha fan.

  • Nex

    kesha and katy perry just irritate me.
    they are so fake and full of shit.
    i know dewitt agrees :)))

  • Matt

    @Nex – but u like Britney? She is the most fake of them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nex

    @Matt – britney is one of the most real celebs out there, despite being overmanaged by her team, she is the sweetheart of them all.
    katy perry – plastic douchebag, kesha – punch me, i’m so fake.