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February 22, 2011

Bi The Way: Cody Cummings, Marko Lebeau & Crissy Moon

I don’t usually call out individual comments, but there was an extremely troubling remark on last week‘s Bi The Way entry. One of you wrote, “Manhunt is losing its fire and does not stay in touch with its userbase. I have a feeling that they do not understand what their members want and why members keep coming back in the first place.”

That was way harsh, Tai! While I can’t respond for Manhunt as a whole, here’s a taste of my own personal philosophy. Manhunt members are a unique group of individuals, who all enjoy or express curiosity about sex with another man. We all have different tastes when it comes to sex. Some of us like romantic, passionate lovemaking, while others cringe at the word “lovemaking”. Some of us like handjobs, while others like hands up their butts. We’re a diverse group of people with one common goal–meeting or chatting with other men.

But you already knew that. Now, let’s take something else into consideration. Among the members who are exclusively gay, there are a decent amount who also enjoy sex with women. Then there are guys who are totally gay, yet still enjoy watching straight or bisexual porn. These people exist. Whether you like it or not.

The Bi The Way series was created for those people. The bisexual, the bicurious and everything in between or outside of that spectrum. If you don’t like it, there are a lot of hot guys on this blog. We post them on a daily basis. Take a deep breath, skip this post and revisit some of our older entries.

Got it? Good! I’m tired of standing on this soapbox, so I’m going to get off… to this hot threeway scene between Cody Cummings, Marko Lebeau and Crissy Moon! Admittedly, this isn’t the best example of bisexual action, but it’s the best we could find on short notice. Plus, Marko looks damn good with a dick in his mouth. When will he be taking one in that delicious, hairy ass? We’re keeping our fingers crossed and our dicks hard in anticipation.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cody Cummings

To check out Cody, Marko and Crissy in action, follow the JUMP:

Want to see the cumshot? Some dick-sucking action? Click below for a bonus clip:

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london escorts agency 4:24am on May 2, 2012

Outstanding pictures of Crissy Moon. I like the most Crissy Moon who looking really pretty and sexy. I have seen her few porn movie. Her butt and tits are really gorgeous. Hope i will swallow her lusty pussy.

  • Dante

    After all these years, I still don’t see why Cody won’t fuck a dude. Come on, it’s no worse than eating out that woman. And Marko’s hairy ass probably tastes better!

  • Rick

    Cody has to be one of gay porn’s biggest misfires ever. It’s a little insulting that he thinks his schtick of straight-guy-lets-gay-guy-service-him-but-won’t-touch-him-back is still working.

  • Javier

    I say Bravo for continuing this series! I’m not sexually attracted to women in the least, but there are bi men who are, and gay men who get turned on by any adults having sex. It’s good to acknowledge that there are more views out there than just 100% gay men.

  • DAK1975

    Thank you! I’m bisexual (more of a as long as I find him/her/trans attractive-sexual) and am TIRED of the hate we get.

  • Dante

    No kidding! It’s PORN for christ’s sake! Just put your dick where the director tells you to.

  • DAK1975

    Thanks again, Dewitt for this! Could you also mention how your blog is YOURS and FREE? I personally hate it when these bitchers & moaners complain that they ‘pay’ for this site & won’t ‘renew’ their subscriptions because you choose to acknowledge your bi fans!

  • Bill

    I would have to disagree. I still find Cody pretty damn sexy, and as a guy who has a fetish for straight guys, I think the schtick works pretty damn well for me. What DOESN’T work is when a porn actor is gay-for-pay but plays BOTTOM in EVERY scene, a la Kurt Wild. I LIKE that a guy who purports to be straight continues with that idea. My ideal gay-for-pay would be someone like Reese Rideout, who tops 90% of the time but still occasionally bottoms

    By the way, Cody has touched a few guys in several scenes. And he will bottom, eventually. Even if he has to disappear and lose all his money first, he will reappear as a bottom. Hell, Billy Brandt did. Hopefully Cody isn’t as tired as Billy was by that point, lol.

  • Javier

    More power to you, man! =) (and hopefully more sex 😉

  • Bohemond1

    I totally support this particular feature. I’m completely gay, never touched a woman and never will, but the idea of fucking a straight guy when a woman is involved really turns me on. Don’t let the bi-haters discourage this feature. The queer community has a lot of different elements to it, and I like that this blog tries to address as many of them as it reasonably can.

  • atlas

    good speech, aint gonna do a damn thing though

    <3 cody cummings

  • TommyTrojan

    I like bi and even some straight porn because there’s a naughtiness factor to it for me.

    When I first discovered gay porn back in my teens, there was this “forbidden fruit” sensation to it. Suddenly, here were two guys doing things to each other that I had never seen–things they weren’t “supposed” to do, but things I found incredibly arousing.

    Fast forward many years and countless hours of gay porn viewing later, and I still get turned on by hot men having hot gay sex, but it’s become…normal, I guess. Of course it’s two men having sex. That’s what I like. That’s who I am.

    But a man and a woman having sex? That’s not what I’m used to. That’s different. That’s no longer the norm, and isn’t any kind of porn really about the fantasy and about having sexual experiences different from what happen in our every day lives?

    Then add another guy to the mix and it’s the best of both worlds for me. Granted, a lot of bi porn is really poorly made, but when it’s not, it can be fantastic!

  • nxnxnsn

    “he will reappear as a bottom” in your jack-off fantasies.

  • daddycentaur

    Bi sex doesn’t bother as much as Cody Cummings does. I’m at the point where I no longer care if he has gay sex on camera or not. I have heard things on ther blogs that absolutely turn me completely off. I know you can’t believe everything you read but when you hear it from multiple sources that makes him that much worse.

  • FedUpQueen

    Oh good lord nxnxnsn, would you fucking get over yourself. If you don’t like the freaking post, here’s a grand idea…. SKIP IT!!! you don’t have to read it, follow the jump to continue with picture, and for heaven’s sake, don’t post shit that doesn’t matter. It’s people like you that give gay’s a bad name. It’s bad enough that we get so much shit thrown at us, we don’t need it being thrown from the inside as well. You’re different from the “norm” and guess what, you’re not the only one.

  • AAA

    Another vote of support from a 100% gay guy. Keep up the bi posts!

  • No thanks

    No nude chicks, please. Keep this site for men only.

  • borobuddy

    biphobia is no different or worse than homophobia…prejudice against someone based on their sexual orientation. the world isn’t just gay and straight, black and white. there are plenty of gay and bi men who enjoy bisexual scenes and the world doesn’t revolve solely around those of you who don’t. grow up and get a life…

  • borobuddy

    oops…meant to say no different or no “better”…not worse. gay man here btw that enjoys gay, straight and bi porn…it’s all hot to me.

  • breon

    rinse repeat rinse repeat..I was into watching Cody but the schitck is getting old..He needs to open up to getting fucked.. fucking a guy… be for his time has pasted and has to do shitty ex-porn star vampire know what I talking about peeps!

  • DAK1975

    That was so eloquent!

  • RedPhillip

    I agree about that gorgeous furry ass. I’d fuck that into next week.

  • I’m so totally gay but I love seeing str8 guys have sex with women or men or both especially if they’re as fucking hot as Cody. I think you are very much IN TOUCH with your reader base and the variety of blogs should certainly have plenty of something for every taste. Maybe you should start a blog called “bitch about this” and you could just post a picture of some guy and let everyone take pop shots at it…and the rest of us avoid having to read their negativity. Some guys are just really looking for a fight on here, let’s just be honest about that and so they project their stuff onto you and the guys in the pics and the other commentors. Sad really but that is the nature of our wounded selves. Keep the variety flowing and maybe be willing to spend an extra few minutes in front of Google searching for a wider variety of bi-goodness. It’s out there now “Get ta Googlin”.

  • Alex

    I’m all for hot Bi porn where EACH partner gets treated as equally desirable but the shit Cody Cummings has put out for almost five years now is NOT GAY PORN. Cody’s interaction with the male partner in the scene could have replaced by Cody doing the same with a Fleshjack except he would like show more attraction to the toy.

    But hey what do we expect from a homophobic studio that elevates straight men to “star” status but treats its gay performers as props. Next Door is owned/ran by a straight man and his wife after all.


    We all know Cody is hot, but it’s the same thing different people or sometimes the same. Cody needs to shock us by sucking on cock and finally taking a cock in his ass…cause this is getting boring.

  • Nick

    I’m getting tired of Cody Cummings…. how many gay guys are in porn that are EVEN HOTTER than Cody but does twice the stuff that he does (or is willing to do)?

  • Anonymous

    Silly Michael! I’ve already posted two or three of their scenes in the past. You may have been the one who first recommended them to me… All in all, some of THE hottest bisexual action on the internet.

  • Oopsie. Clearly I’m a fan, as are you. Keep up the good work.

  • Kevindadbag

    Why would you support this Chode bag when he had this to say about us on a straight forum since he thought no gay people would see it:

    “Im straight. Always been. always gonna be. I let guys suck my cock as part of my contract and because that’s want the fags and hags want and they pay for the site.

    I don’t ever fucked a guy. I have fucked lots of dime pieces from the straight side though and they appreciated being fucked by a real man with a big dick.

    I’m do me and fuck you dickless fucktards. I make more $$$ than all you asses. Those homos bought me a fucking house and a truck and the $$$ and dime pieces keeps coming.”

    Nice to know he thinks of us as “fags and hags”.

  • Leonardo123

    oh yah .. i love Marko Lebeau .. he is so hot !?!

  • Outstanding pictures of Crissy Moon. I like the most Crissy Moon who looking really pretty and sexy. I have seen her few porn movie. Her butt and tits are really gorgeous. Hope i will swallow her lusty pussy.