February 9, 2011

Everybody Loves Jasun Mark (And Shane Frost Too)

Judging from the feedback on this Tumblr post, people seem to really enjoy when Jasun Mark‘s placed into pornographic situations. As the editor of Gay Daily Hot and VP of Marketing for Jake Cruise Media, we’ve only received a few rare glimpses of him in front of the camera. Unless he’s ranting about “str8-acting” dudes or another topic in his “Shut Up, Jasun” series. But that doesn’t count! The point is… we don’t often get to see him naked or engaging in scandalous behavior.

Of course, there was that one time his boss (Jake Cruise) caught him jerking off in his office, much to the delight of his readers and fans. Until then, we had only witnessed him playing “Jake For A Day” with Max Blake. In other words? He gave some hot hairy dude a massage, culminating in a particularly awesome happy ending.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the last time Jasun would take over the responsibilities of his boss! The tattooed hunk has returned to our computer screens, and this scene finds him servicing tanned beefcake Shane Frost. Some might argue that Shane’s actually the main attraction in this clip, but we know the truth of it all. Most of you are just tuning in to watch Jasun bury his face in those muscular cheeks!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Jake Cruise

To check out Jasun’s massage with Shane Frost, follow the JUMP:

Click below or here for a preview:

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MRush 4:56pm on February 25, 2011

Haters are just cowardly admirers. Keep doing your thing bro!

  • DAK1975

    I would like to volunteer to do the licking next time.

  • LoveRimmingAss

    I’d massage Shane…or let Jasun massage me…ANYTIME!!!!

  • JDressler

    couldn’t care less about jasun — but shane frost is fucking gorgeous

  • I am such a huge fan of Jasun, and I am most jazzed to see Jasun up here. Shane is an awesome guy with an awesome soul to him too, but I’ve been a Jasun fan for a while! 😀

  • Whatever123

    GAD! That tatooed troll is horrible. In fact most of the pictures are disgusting.

  • massagelover

    massage is hot, but the video clip did nothing for me — Jasun is creepy – for that matter so is Jake, — wouldn’t waste time on the video

  • Troll Alert

    I’m surprised that idiotic, self-absorbed, boring troll could even reach on top of the table.

  • JarredMikkal

    lol, tell us how you really feel.

  • Anonymous

    Need to step in here on this one. First, gentlemen, you apparently don’t know the definition of “troll”, including you “Troll Alert”. Jasun is WAY to young to be considered a troll. Second, it’s obvious there is Jasun hating going on, fine you don’t like him , it’s your right. But calling him a troll is just dumb and makes you seem ignorant.

    I think Jasun is hot and much more interesting than the “dime a dozen” look Shane Frost has( though he does have a nice dick). That, of course, is my opinion stated without un-needed name calling

    Just saying…

  • Commenter
  • Christopher07

    I think my pink pucker craving a little Jasun attention… 🙂

  • Oh, haters gonna hate.

    For the record, I reached the table just fine. We had to shorten the legs and they gave me a box to stand on.

  • Jasun is hot, nuff said,

  • Alexxx

    I prefer Jasun. Yumm.

  • Johan

    Mmmmm…. Jasun is not my type at all. But.. I just find him scarely delicious. Weird.

  • MassagebyD

    WoW no wonder why guys don’t respect masseur anymore fuck !!!!

  • Loveshane


  • Yeahright

    he’s so hot, how come shane didn’t even open his eyes?

  • JMSW

    Shane is very hot and has been for a long time. Met him several years ago, very nice and pleasant person to chill with.

  • Shane

    Jasun is a hottie, and a great person to work with…Just wanted to add that in, haha



  • MRush

    Haters are just cowardly admirers. Keep doing your thing bro!