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February 21, 2011

Everything Butt: Marko Lebeau

Marko Lebeau has a serious case of “cub butt”. It’s okay if you don’t understand that expression, because we totally just made it up. Here’s the thing, you guys! From the neck up, he’s got this all-American pretty boy appeal. From the neck down, he’s got a muscular body that’s sure to please all the jock lovers…

Then he turns around, and you’re confronted by a thick, hairy ass that makes you want to say “Woof”. Even if you’re not the kind of person who ever would say “Woof”. All around, the pieces of the puzzle don’t quite fit together, but the results are undeniably magnificent. What do you think? Does Marko’s nonconformity to traditional porno labels work to his advantage or disadvantage?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: COLT Studio Group

To check out Mark Lebeau’s hot ass, follow the JUMP:

And the obligatory shots of the front:

Click below or here for a free preview clip:

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rick dumesnil 11:53am on November 15, 2012

grow up sure he gets around with the size of his cock and its not that small.........hes perfection in my eyes

  • Dan

    I love this guy

  • Ricanhotty

    It completly works for me!!!

  • Pudding

    He’s like a hot yet cute satyr. Mmmmm

  • kool1

    my mouth is watering with lust!

  • The DarkMite

    LIKING THE PHRASE “CUB BUTT” ! Very lickable he is!

  • JDressler

    cute, but shame has has such a tiny dick 🙁

  • boneman

    i’m definitely not a huge fan of hair, but i’d say he’s pretty fine as he is.
    that said, i’d also be happy to volunteer to do some manscaping in the rear yard.

  • JarredMikkal

    It’s an ok butt

  • JimNH

    But on a bottom more than a handful is wasted.

  • WhyDoesDickSizeMatter?

    wtf? what a nasty thing to say. the guy is drop-dead gorgeous, and all you can think about is dick size? if u r reading this, marko, don’t listen to guys like this. ur dick is delicious, as is ur butt. i for one would fuck you senseless over and over till u beg for mercy. and if u like to top too, i’d take ur dick all night like a hungry bottom. u r fucking gorgeous!

  • Sdmatt2222

    guy’s a troll. The boy has a beautiful cock.

  • JDressler

    hey, guys — don’t take it so seriously — yes, he’s VERY hot — yes, i would lovingly do anything with him —— but, for a porn star, it is a well below-average cock size —- that’s it
    calm down

  • bottomboy57

    I will take him!!

  • Jay200136

    I think this guy is gorgeous, but what I really want is his jock…does anyone know what brand he’s suggestively wearing?

  • Oh my God, that is a damn fine ass! i wish we could just bend each other over that patio door!
    Fuck, pretty damn perfect in my book!

  • daddycentaur

    I’ve seen lots of guys in porn with cocks that size. I for one would love to play with him. He’s pretty damn sexxxy to me.

  • Michael

    Damn, my tongue would be in heaven in that man’s butt and pitts! Oh, and I would work those nips and pecs for hours!

  • Hey Guys,

    I just read your comments and really appreciate them!! Even the ones about my dick size… You are right, my cock is smaller than the average porn star, but more the norm of an average guy… And, guess what? It gives me and my partners a good time 🙂 You’ll be seeing more of me in the next few months, and I don’t plan on shaving off a thing… I’ve even grown a bit on my face 🙂 Cheers and keep your feedback coming. It helps me grow (lol) in this new profession of mine !! Merci!!

  • Ocho67

    I”d lick the cum of his furry belly!

  • I Love the undie even the model is not so great

  • He’s a fine looking man. Very fine.

  • Scoobie110

    OMG.. I would so love to just taste that yummy ass of his!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • segafreak

    Marko is everything I’d want a guy to be. Handsome, muscular, damned fine backside, about my age and he’s bilingual! Yes, bilingual is important because I’ve always enjoyed the French language. Ever since I saw this hunk for the first time, I haven’t been able to see enough of him!

    Size of his dick lives somewhere called ‘normal’ and there is no way I could bring myself to hold that against him (but definitely could bring myself to just hold it)!

    A stud, hunk and an incredibly hot guy – if I can’t have him, I at least want him to be around for a very long time, being a marvel to watch.

    You rock, Marko.

  • Jack

    WINNER WINNER WINNER – Finally someone with a “Real” body!! WINNER all the way!

  • Damn! I’d bury my face in that ass of perfection for a few hours then slide my… right in. What a hot cub! perfection front & back. And dick size is not important to me for those shallow minded who have to bring up size.

  • Mike

    Gosh! Hot Hot Hot! And hot bottoming on Trystan Bull’s site. Oh if only…

  • Carl

    Hot, but he’d be hotter if he didn’t shave his chest and was evenly furry. It looks weird that he leaves everything hairy except the upper chest.

  • Carl

    PS Great to see an uncut cock in American porn for a change 🙂

  • St-Hyacinthe Represent

    I’ve never seen anything like it from St-Thomas-d’Aquin to St-Pie-de-Bagot!

  • Danfer1275

    Sexy smile, hot bod, hot ass

  • rickdumesnil

    dont you ever mind about the size…….you are perfect….and sometimes models with big ones get carried away and dont know how to use it. ive never seen such a beautiful face before….the first time i saw you…i was mesmerized. and that bum……please leave it as it is……now i have 2 favorite porn stars marko lebeau and carter jacobs from maverickmen. lache pas marko……mais fait pas ca trop lontemps……faujt que tu nous demeure en santé

  • rick dumesnil

    grow up sure he gets around with the size of his cock and its not that small………hes perfection in my eyes