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February 10, 2011

On The Hunt: Matthew Rush & Angelo

Once upon a time, twenty-two year-old bodybuilder Angelo told us that he’d like to do a scene with Matthew Rush. Here at Manhunt, we like making dreams come true, especially when those dreams involve two attractive dudes engaging in hardcore gay sex. So, naturally, we decided to bring Matthew down for our latest OnTheHunt shoot in Miami.

These two don’t waste any time acquainting themselves with one another. As soon as we let them loose, they’re pressed together in a deep kiss. Of course, it’s not too long before their tongues start wandering to other places! After a thorough amount of sucking and rimming, they move on to the main event.

Here’s where things really start to get interesting! Matthew gets very verbal with Angelo, grunting and moaning loudly as he thrusts deep into his tight hole. Not that we can blame him… If we were pounding those muscular cheeks, we’d get pretty rowdy ourselves!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: OnTheHunt

To check out Matthew and Angelo in action, follow the JUMP:

If the above video doesn’t work, check out a free preview over here.

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supersamfitness.com 9:22pm on February 12, 2011

Matthew is a really nice guy talk to him alot, also he is funny as hell. Luv'd his ex was hot!

  • Sal

    Funny how anyone standing next to Matthew Rush looks tiny……met him, briefly, at Gay Games in Sydney and he’s a truly nice guy as well as sexy as all get out

  • LoveRimmingAss

    And he looks bored as hell…

  • JarredMikkal

    Kudos to on the hunt for getting better, but time doesn’t seem to be Matthew’s friend… maybe he smokes cigs.

  • Lookingforbetter

    And could he look any more bored !!!!!

  • patrell42

    Either that was the best sex he ever had or matthew rush was over-acting just a bit 😉

  • i wonder..
    ..if those two would ever hook up, off-camera.


  • BJ

    Matthew Rush was perfect in Another Gay Movie.

  • MassagebyD

    here it go welcome back bro:-)

  • Emmdee

    That chest tattoo is one of the ugliest I’ve ever seen. I do not know why he would get something that covers up half of an otherwise beautiful chest. And the whole “verbal” part from Matthew Rush sounds completely forced, not natural at all.

  • Glvmkr

    Matthew is not as hot as he used to be, looks like he has been using steroids :>(

  • rbmidwest

    the tatto all over the chest and the man grooming not sexy at all — a real turn-off on what could be a hot body if left alone.

  • Domma

    I’ve never understood the attraction to that guy.

  • daddycentaur

    Well I just watched the trailer and we could have done without all the yelling…Still given the chance I would take either one of them any way I could get them…Angelo’s hott and sexxxy and Matthew’s still got it. I could understand how he might look bored to some since he’s been around for so long, but as long as he continues to work I’ll still watch Matthew Rush.

  • Brian

    Matthew’s been one of my favorites since he started out.

  • Dan

    He got a monkey face. I used to be hotter, doesnt do anything to me.

  • Dan

    I meant “he used to be hotter ” lol

  • wess10

    I find the two of these guys extremely boring ,, couldn’t get aroused at all

  • wickerwork

    just a bit?!? anyone else totally over this seemingly mass-produced, plastic porn?

  • Rob

    looks like a damn ape on roids. Dude has zero sex appeal.

  • Guesthelly

    These guys just keep looking queenier and queenier to me as time goes on. Someone should tell porno actors that looking right into the camera is not a good idea.

  • Rob

    totally over it – it seems like just about every site has gone down this route and the U.S. ones are getting as bad as the ridiculous East Eurpoean ones. If I ever ended up in bed with someone acting and making noises like that I’d kick them out of bed and block their MH account!!

  • Jon

    ridiculous……….I agree with Rob, would kick him out of the bed (after I cum first of course!)

  • ok this makes homemade porn look more interesting Mathew is way over acting and the other guy Angelo looks like his had better sex

  • Cuteman43

    Since you meet him, is he really that big of a man?

  • RayHI

    He was much Hotter when he had a Smaller Frame, dammn he looks like he just Roid out

  • lewis

    Wow, that was embarrassing. I didnt expected to hear that out loud from Matthew.
    My hat goes down to Angelo on this one.

  • footysocks10

    ok. just been put off sex for 2day.
    thats just embarressing.
    mathew use to be hot, now it all roids and grunting! ugh!!

  • Woody

    Angelo isn’t bad but, Matthew Rush has never done anything for me 🙁

  • tlb

    good heavens, could they have looked anymore bored?

  • so that’s what happens when you do too much HCH and steroids. he’s bloated and grunts like a rutting moose!!!
    i think matthew now only qualifies for fetish vids.
    sorry – over the hill mat!

  • Limp

    Is this the best acting they could have done here?

  • Buckguy

    Yes, it’s amazing how guys who would never consider painting tacky images all over their automobiles will have such crap from a tattoo parlor’s catalog put on their once-gorgeous bodies FOR LIFE.

  • marcus

    Boring….if Angelo really wanted to have a scene with Matthew, why couldn’t he get a hard-on?

  • tom

    dont know about the best sex part but Matthew seems really bored in the pics

  • Washtonguy

    Acting ability isn’t really all that important. But seeing two muscular studs go at it is all that matters, and these two hunks fit the bill!

  • Dan

    His acting in “Another Gay Movie” was a joke…

  • Jamie

    Matthew Rush is tired and old and needs to retire.

  • Angelo is always spot on! He’s just as hot as a man can get in my opinion!
    Dewitt, if you make dreams come true, how about you start putting me in a scene with Angelo? 😉

  • Jess

    There are times when “the fantasy” is WAY better than “the reality” … this was one of those times.

  • GymmyNZL

    wow, i cant believe how bitching you all are ! every reply is running matthew down ! DONT know him other than seeing him in porn, but most of you just re-enfoce what i think about most gay men, nasty and bitchy !

  • Sal

    he’s shorter than I thought, but he’s all muscle and BIG everywhere it counts!

  • Sal

    And I will say, to the comments below, sometimes porn is best watched with no sound……

  • JeremyS

    Angelo is quite the muscle bottom. Very hot!

  • super hot

  • supersamfitness.com

    Matthew is a really nice guy talk to him alot, also he is funny as hell. Luv’d his ex was hot!