February 10, 2011

Who Would You Rather?: RuPaul’s Pit Crew Edition

We apologize if you’re tired of hearing us talk about the same shows over and over again. However, here’s one aspect of RuPaul’s Drag Race that we can all agree on–the pit crew. These two men are an integral part of the viewing experience, and we’re not just saying that because we occasionally pause our DVRs to fap to them.

So without further ado, let us introduce you to Jason Carter (left) and Shawn Morales (right). Jason’s got a bit more muscle definition, a few extra inches (in height, you pervert!) and highly kissable lips. Shawn’s got a dash of fur, a sexy smirk and deliciously thick thighs. While we’d like to think they’re on a similar plane of attractiveness, there can only be one winner in this competition. Who would you rather?

– Dewitt

To check out another pic and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

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  • Mark

    fur over muscles any day! 🙂

  • JarredMikkal

    LOL, of course shawn is winning… shame.

  • I love a man with fur. Shawn gets my vote!

  • Dannny

    i so like the “morales” kid!

  • mrlulu

    Jason for the lips and the absence of facial hair

  • Jess

    Honestly, neither of them floats my boat.

  • My2Cents

    hmm.. a white guy vs. a black guy…on Manhunt. Jason’s far sexier, but it won’t matter. You could pit Shemar Moore vs. John McCain and Johnny boywould win by a landslide 😉

  • topmanonly

    Dewitt WHY WHY WHY do you do this???

    Putting a black and white guy up against one another here on Manhuntdaily “who would you rather”?

    We ALL know that the white guy is going to get the vote! The white guy ALWAYS DOES AND ALWAYS WILL!

    Manhunt (and manhuntdaily) is 98% white and 75% of the white guys here are flat out racist!

    So why even bother making it seem like its a fair match up???

    You could have a 300 lbs out of shape pale white man going up against a 165 lbs muscular hot looking black man and the white guy would still win! haha

    Now go ahead all you white gay racist, and try to prove your point that you are not racist because you voted for the white guy!

  • Apollo

    Since when is MORALES a white man’s last name? He’s latino. And latinos will always win.

  • DAK1975

    I went for the one I thought was hottest, not whose skin had more pigment. For the record, it was Jason. Love a dude with a tight, toned body.

  • Woody

    I All Honesty, They’re Both EQUALLY HOT !! So, I didn’t vote ;-)~

  • ttuboy313

    not being attracted to black dudes makes one racist…so being gay makes one sexist? it is the same idea and completely ridiculous. equating racism with attraction is pure ignorance. not everyone is attracted to black guys. nice job not noticing the guy is latin. isn’t that actually racist? get over yourselves. this crying wolf and finger pointing of racism does nothing but create negative backlashes and reinforce racism that might already actually exist.

  • LatinosComeInAllColors

    “Since when is MORALES a white man’s last name? He’s latino.”

    Hate to break the news, boys, but latinos come in all colors: from blond and blue-eyed (just watch any Latin soap opera) to ebony black to Asian to Native American brown. In New York, many people think all latinos are Puerto Rican, some of whom are white, many of whom are mixed black and white, and some of whom have a little Taíno Indian thrown in; out West, many people think all latinos are like the type of Mexicans or Chicanos prevalent in the Western states, that is, mostly of American Indian or Native background. What all latinos have in common is language and to some degree culture, not skin tones or racial types.

    Just setting the record straight, so to speak.

  • LatinosComeInAllColors

    And yes, Shawn Morales is both latino and white.


    Dude are you serious? Really

  • stupidityknowsnobounds

    Funny, to me there’s nothing uglier than pale, inbred Anglo-Saxon types with pink skin like Porky Pig’s. Good thing there’s dudes like you, white4white, otherwise nobody would look at ’em!

    The concept of “Nordic” superiority stems from the embarrassment the northern Europeans must have felt when they realized that the olive-skinned and infinitely better-looking Romans had indoor plumbing, toilets, and marble palaces when their ancestors were worshiping Odin and being nasty, brutish, illiterate barbarians. So Hitler and his kind had to compensate and come up with a mythology that “whiter” is better.

    I would’ve hoped this kind of idiocy would not exist among gays, who should know better than to discriminate, but hey, I once fucked a gay neoNazi in East Berlin. All kinds out there…

  • ttuboy313

    a white person did not write this. go rally racism somewhere else.

  • DAK1975

    Huh, can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. If so, bravo sir for capturing the bigoted mind so perfectly. If not, um – well I have nothing but pity for you. Well, pity and contempt.

  • ttuboy313

    a white person did not write this. go rally racism somewhere else.

  • hh9999

    My sentiments perzactly!!

  • Woody

    After reading the posts to this point I suggest everyone needs to go get their dictionaries and look up the definitions of the words they describe themselves and others as/with. Racist, sexist, latins, and also, Hispanic, Romans(the original latins), etc. There’s a lot of distorted truths being through out here ;-)lol.

    Peace 🙂

    P.S. I hate to repeat myself but, Those guys are EQUALLY HOT !!

    So, it then comes down to personal preferences which are personal not infinitely absolute !!!!

  • stupidityknowsnobounds

    So the only solution is to be sandwiched between the two guys and be done with it. Any volunteers?

  • Chambersradcliffe

    I agree with topmanonly. This vote has such racial overtones that it isn’t even funny. Dewitt I have called you out before on your obvious ignorance to some of your posts with regard to race.

  • Ckennedy

    I like them both…
    Must been something really bad for dewitt to remove a post..r u taking care of our delicate eyes so we want read a “bad word” daddy? haha

  • Jay

    Maybe I missed it but when did having a preference mean you were racist. I did vote for Morales(Although Carter is sexy as hell too), but in this instance the “White Guy” won. Now if you had him against the hot sexy guy from the Old Spice Commercial Morales would LOSE, or if he was against Ty Diggs again Morales would lose. So although some people on here maybe attracted to one race over the other it does not make them racist, just means we find different things sexy.

    It is like being attracted to Redheaded guys or finding them as a total turn off. – I have had guys pull both sides of that on me. Some of them only wanted to hook up cause I was, some guys wouldn’t even go grab a coffee cause they were not attracted to the Irish Red Hair. So to each his own and quite being a bunch of complaining queens and feast your eyes on two totally hot guys.

  • JarredMikkal

    That was a nice semi-educated answer, but is it not ignorant when you have blinders on to certain people because of skin tone? Kinda stupid if you ask me, and certainly doesn’t sound like someone educated… but to each his own.

  • dom9

    ttuboy313 ….WTF are you talking about??? Are you saying you are not white? and if so why in the F&^K are you writing about racism?

    There are some stupid and weird posting on here today…or is it just me???

  • I wonder why Dewitt asks questions that will consistently be answered the same way every time……..

  • when it comes to the matter of “darker-skinned man versus any lighter-skinned man”—it doesn’t have to be specifically black/white, although it usually is—on this blog. . .
    . . .well, yeah.

    when i saw the contestants, and then the number of comments left for this post (at that time), in the main area, i already had an idea of what i’d encounter, when i clicked through.

    i really would like for you to address this matter in another blog post, dewitt.
    for, i am sure, you have to know how “these kinds” of contests always go down, by now.

    and, really..’s not even the matter of the majority of manhunt daily’s viewership’s being White, as it is, their merely having a pretty substantial bias (and/or prejudice) against blacks/dark-skinned individuals.

    this will not ever change.

    obviously, you can make posts about whatever and whomever pleases you..
    ..just, remember where you are, bud.

  • Dlis78

    I love how when a white man is attracted to another white man instead of a black man, he is racist. But if a black man is interested in another black man over a white man, that is perfectly fine. Whether you like to admit it or not, skin color is one of many physical traits that all humans have, and everyone has their own individual preferences as to what physical characteristics they find attractive. If I say I like blondes over redheads, does that make me some sort of bigot? If I prefer younger men does that make me an ageist? Let’s go one step further, if I am attracted to men over women, am I a sexist or a misogynist? What a person is attracted to is not a reflection of their internal belief system. It’s a reflection of what gets them hard. People need to stop trying to look for trouble where there isn’t any.

  • LEO

    We’ve all felt discriminated against so why are we so quick to brush others feelings off just cause you don’t “see the problem” ? Obviously a majority of something isn’t gonna see the problem. or really care.

  • Cody

    Piss on all this hostility and talk about racism. I just want to imagine these guys making a Cody sandwich!

  • AJ Wright

    I am as white as they come and picked Jason. They are both crazy sexy though. I do agree that NO MATTER what poll is on here, the black man always loses. He could have gorgeous features, 0% body fat, a bubble butt and 10″ dick and will still lose to the white or latino guy. Sigh.

    OH, and to the person who said if a black man is only interested in other black mine, then we look past it. I don’t. I get just as annoyed by black people only being attracted to black people.

    I think the reason there is more sting when a white person is interested in “whites only” is because that phrase (or that sentiment, at least) has a lot of (very very negative) history in this country.

  • ttuboy313

    first of all i never said i was educated. but if you are the arbiter of recognizing education levels, then sir i will take your dismissal as the utmost compliment.

  • ttuboy313

    if you could not tell by the indention of my comments they were a response to someone else’s previous post. i was saying that the person writing the posts (which have been removed) were not white (as they claimed to be among other things). it was an obvious attempt on someone’s part to just be an asshole and be racist.

  • boy_wonder88

    Its called who would you rather? not are you racist by making a decision of which guy you find hotter… It is asking for each individuals opinion on who “they” would rather and you guys are taking it past the point and turning it into something else then it was meant to be… Last time I checked I wasn’t sexist because im not attracted to women I was GAY. I believe that if I voted for the white guy over the black guy or vice versa thats a preference not racism. •racism – discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race. I didn’t vote but think there both very attractive wouldn’t choose one would take them both…

  • Mtndewme

    I don’t care WHAT color they are,…they both are very sexy men,…last seasons pit crew was TWO black guys and they were very hot,….one was hotter than the other but hey. Shawn is just drop dead sexy if u watch his interview,…so cute so I voted Shawn……..sorry black people if that makes me racist,….Happy Black history month (GO PEANUT BUTTER!)

  • (i love it when people

    miss the point
    infer incorrect viewpoints and stances [for the “opposition”].

    don’t you?)

  • CupidsBeau

    They are both gorgeous – regardless of skin tone – and I voted for Morales simply because I LOVE MEN WITH FUR! White, black, Asian, Middle Eastern – if they are smooth, I’m less likely to enjoy the view. Morales has great hair, whether we be talkin’ facial, body, or on the top of his head.

  • Good lord. It’s just a silly vote for who you think is hottest TO YOU. We aren’t sending the loser to a death squad nor does the winner hit the lotto. It’s just a silly vote. Lighten up already.

  • Knytedan

    I happen to like any nationality. It depends on what my flavor runs to sometimes. I find several things about my dark skinned brothers extremely sexy. Like skin that is smooth as satin. Now when it comes to body hair, white, latin, and european men handle it best. Now these are my preferences only. So judge me if you like.

  • Dontsuckatlife

    I’d rather…Carter. Sexy body, amazing lips, big… … …smile. Fucking HOT!

  • Jmusmc85

    He looks pretty Hispanic in those pics. And just as cute.

  • I have to agree. Why do such comparitive post when you KNOW what the outcome and reaction is going to be? Do you do it because for some weird reason you really don’t know, or do you do it just to get a reaction. Please stop.

  • I always find it funny when people use the argument that “does it make them sexist because they don’t sleep with women”. Seriously?! Apples and oranges there people. Do you listen to yourselves when you compare the two. If the lights are off, I think you can tell the difference between a man and a woman, not as much when it comes to different races though.

  • Nakkedaaron

    Above all the men in the audition…Shawn Morales has the looks of a model, the warm and personablity of one of my bud’s and the humble sexuality of a man that does not realize his alluring nature. Hot,hot,hot

  • Kennenk1975

    He is latin dunbass

  • Jrocka