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March 15, 2011

Bi The Way: Samuel O’Toole Strikes Back

We know, we know! Another fucking post about that Samuel O’Toole guy? Haven’t we told you enough that he’s a hot bisexual dude with a big dick? Well, this time we’re going to let ol’ Sammy do some of the talking. The porn star went off on a rant on his blog, after one follower asked the following question–“Are you really bi? Or is it a kind of gay-for-pay arrangement? For instance, have you ever had a boyfriend?”

After confirming that he is, yes, indeed bisexual, he moves on to tackle other issues: “I’m not really down with the whole gay for pay thing either. I think it’s retarded that some guys do it, more because I know they’re pretty much lying to themselves.”

He continues, “If you do porn steady, and say you’re gay for pay, you’re at least a little bit bi, if not a closet case. Don’t mean to kick some of my homies in the balls there, but it’s how I see it… I’d have to say my favorite is the guys that won’t kiss or suck because ‘that’s gay’. Ummmmm, you either have another man’s cock in your ass, or your cock is in another man’s ass. I think you already crossed the ‘that’s gay’ line.”

Yikes! That’s a pretty strong stance. From there, Sammy questions the correlation between dating and sexuality, wondering why he has to have been in a gay relationship to “prove” he’s sexually attracted to other men. We recommend heading over and reading the full post. Even if you don’t agree with all of these points, the topic is still worth discussing.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Samuel O’Toole

To check out Samuel O’Toole with Kyle Quinn & Cherry Torn, follow the JUMP:


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Kenneth 9:34pm on April 12, 2011

Samuel is a hot little man with a nice cock. I would love to see him bottom with that nice ass of his.

  • JarredMikkal

    I agree with him 100%. Making gay porn is more than just a job, what totally straight guy considers that? Riiiight.

    On another note, I am a bit tired of O’tool.

  • Darson256

    Did anyone else notice he looked a lot happier and aroused with the guy??

  • How can this guys be so bloody hot?! Shame for the girl tho!

  • Swim_on_bi

    I have defended Sammy and Bi people in general on numerous occasions on these Bi The Way threads. I love being bi and will continue to do so even if i am not accepted by the GLBTQ community. I read his post and it was awesome. I know most people won’t, but its worth a good read. I love how he puts humor into his posts.

    The master of putting humor into posts is Dewitt though. I can’t count how many times i found myself actually having to get up before i piss myself. I read them to my girl roomie and she laughs her ass off as well.

    Thanks Dewitt! Keep the Bi The Way posts coming; especially of Mister Yum Yum as i like to call him

  • DAK1975

    He looks the same to me with either partner.

  • SCBud

    Damn, that chick know how to work it; that was hot. The bottom boy could learn some lessons from this young lady, so he doesn’t have to just lay there and groan! Work it buddy!

  • Javier

    Someone who calls people out for using “that’s gay” to mean dumb or stupid can’t be taken seriously when, within the same post, they call something “retarded” to mean the same thing. Pot? Kettle. Kettle? Pot.

  • Anonymous

    Um, Javier… He’s calling them out for not kissing a man because “That’s gay” while they have “cock and bum fun” of some description. The idea being that (some) gay-for-pay stars seem to think that where you put your mouth is what defines being gay, and where you put your cock (or somebody else’s) doesn’t.

  • I love that he’s willing to call them out and even call out the person doing the questioning. One doesn’t have to date guys (or girls) to be bi. Who we have sex with and who we want to emotionally bond with is two very different things. It’s all labels anyway. Why do people need to try and corral everyone into some tiny box so that they can understand them? Sexuality is too fluid to be contained or defined. That being said, if more of the Hollywood or celebrity types would own up to their bi-ness (or gayness in many cases), it would be a big help. These people are (sadly) role models for kids and knowing that it’s okay to be attracted to either or both sexes is okay would really help kids own their sexual identity.

  • mark

    hot guy

  • MassagebyD

    you can also sent this blog to a Bi curious friends as well
    i need to text this to my little agencia

  • Samuel is one of the most genuine guys I’ve ever talked to. And his blog post does so much justice to himself. He enjoys all sex, gay bi and straight. And he is willing to stand up for himself when people try to label his sexuality and how he defines sex and love.
    Sammy’s intelligent, funny, opinionated, and, of course, hot. That’s why I’m such a fan of him. Outside of the porn, his soul still shines out. He is the total package, in my opinion.

  • Kenneth

    Samuel is a hot little man with a nice cock. I would love to see him bottom with that nice ass of his.