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March 22, 2011

Celebrity Skin: Tom Hardy

On this side of the pond, Tom Hardy is primarily known for his role in Inception, or being that guy whose embarrassing MySpace photos leaked all over the internet. Of course, he’s about to become a much bigger deal, after getting cast in Christopher Nolan‘s upcoming Batman flick as Bane.

When this guy’s super famous, you’ll be able to say you’ve seen his penis. And he’s made sure of this by getting naked onscreen a lot. Most recently, he flashed his peen in the short film Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother, though you can also catch a glimpse of his goods in Bronson. We really hope he’s a grower. Not that we’re size queens or anything.

– Dewitt

To check out some naked pictures of Tom Hardy, follow the JUMP:

Wait for it…

Full-frontal peen view in Bronson:

Latest nudity in Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother:

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Caleb Kalow 11:03pm on May 3, 2012

wow, i'd devour him... and hey he is soft he isn't hard!! people are so shallow and stupid. this man is DIVINE

  • equalove

    Hope he is a good actor…

  • PaKo Mndz

    You know that in Blue Valantine there’s a glipse of Ryan Goslin’s butt ;P

  • JarredMikkal

    Hmm… he looks like he smells in these pictures. But, he was great in inception.

  • Jay

    from my experience, it isn’t always the size that counts.
    And in his defense, he wasn’t supposed to be hot in Bronson.

    I would definitely tap it, though. Look at those lips! Mmmmm I bet he gives one hell of a bj.

  • dar

    nothing to look at so definitely better have acting skills to rely on

  • Bobby In Seattle

    The pic with the tats and hair are hot!

  • Stolinj

    white trash

  • My ideal man! Funny enough I wrote an entry about him in my blog just the other day:


  • JPH

    I think he’s hot. Enough reason to see Inception twice. I love the bad boy attitude and I heard he has to bulk up more for the new Batman movie.

  • MSU Dog!

    i’ve had the hots for this dude ever since i saw him in Inception. Yeah he looks horrible in the stills from the Bronson movie, but he’s an actor! But the thing I love about him is his lips and his accent!

  • Rolltideguy77

    He’s admitted several times before he’s openly bisexual and enjoys being with men from time to time. He is marrying a woman though or is already married to her.

  • DAK1975

    His role in Star Trek Nemesis killed any thoughts of him being hot to me, lol.

  • guyinnj

    hot hot hot hot hot

  • There are hotter pics of him out there, other than what is shown in here. I willd admit though, the naked pics aren’t exactly something to write home about. However, he wasn’t meant to be hot in those roles. He does have some sexy big lips though. I will give him that. I bet he is amazing at giving head.

  • mark

    hot hot hot

  • Steve

    Hot guy. He was also “Shinzon” The Reman ruler of Romulus in “Star Trek: Nemesis” He’s the bitch that ended up being why Data died. Fucker.

  • Tom Hardy is so fucking hot. And a great actor.

  • Hum…he looked hot in that first picture and I was thinking “Goody! I get to see his cock”…and then it seemed like slowly the wheels fell off of his hot express. The more pictures that I saw the less hot he became. But still…thanks for sharing and I hope his hottness goes back up with the Batman gig.

  • pingolin

    Was really turned on by him the minute I saw him in INCEPTION…And now that I’ ve seen those nude pics, I’ d be more than happy and willing to welcome him to my bed! I like those handy sizes; they do just fine…

  • Charles

    I thought he was sexy in that movie. It’s the role that brought him to my attention.

  • Charles

    I think he’s incredibly sexy.

  • Anutternate

    Not kicking him away that’s for sure

  • wow, i’d devour him… and hey he is soft he isn’t hard!! people are so shallow and stupid. this man is DIVINE