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March 10, 2011

On The Hunt: David & Gabriel

It was pretty inevitable that David and Gabriel were going to fuck. In case you couldn’t tell from his threesome with Bodie and Connor, Gabriel really likes taking it up the ass. And for cock’s sake, he was cooped up for a whole weekend with one of the hottest tops we’ve ever seen in action. Of course he was going to jump on the opportunity to get a piece of that!

Keep in mind, David was just as eager to slide into his partner’s hungry hole. Can you blame him? Gabriel’s butt was practically hand-crafted by the gods of gay sex, intended solely for the purpose of getting spanked, fingered, licked and pounded hard. This was basically a match made in heaven.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: OnTheHunt

To check out David and Gabriel in action, follow the JUMP:

If the above video doesn’t work, head over here for a free preview.

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  • Loving the tattoos! So hot!

  • CubanMeat

    Both guys are fucking HOT. Wouldn’t mind nailing Gabriel till he screams!!

  • LEO

    They both look gross.

  • Jeb

    I wouldn’t cross the street to see either one of them. What is with all the tattoos?” NASTY! One or 2 tasteful ones are fine but that is just bad. Thank God everyone has different types

  • CubanMeat

    One man’s hot is another’s gross. That’s good, that means I get Gabriel all to myself!

  • LW

    I agree with Jeb, I wouldn’t cross the street for either of them either. The pictures dont’ do David any favors – can you say ‘butterface’? And as for Gabriel, just not my type at all.

  • Emmdee

    Why is that guy fucking a wall of graffiti?

  • Glvmkr

    neither does any thing for me :>(

  • hungdaddy


  • Aes67

    I absolutely hate all tattoos.

  • Carbolt

    Nice ass, awful tattoos.


    Yummie….two hotties! Looking FINE!!! Yes…I agree with almost everyone…that is just too many Tats.

  • JeremyS

    Between the tats and the faux hawk, I’d have to be blindfolded before I’d fuck that.

  • whguy

    Boring, boring, boring…

  • Johan


  • Ryan

    Awful. The 2 of them can keep each other. I’d rather be celibate.

  • devilsgrin

    David is amongst the sexiest fuckers to grace “amateur” porn in years. He’s also an epic top! His pictures don’t do him justice thats for sure.

  • a_work_in_progress

    I just love the name ‘Gabriel’.
    If ever i was to father a son, I would name him Gabriel.

  • hh9999

    Oh, come now, I wouldn’t go THAT far! Almost though……

  • Good lord…um…I’ll not add any snarky comments to that batch but will say this. With all the fuck talk one might have expected to see some “fucking” pics. That being said, they do look much hotter in the video. Some guys just don’t photograph well for various reasons…as witnessed by the above comments.

  • MassagebyD

    what a show offf!!! yuk

  • a

    HIDEOUS tattoo…. only someone with a pig ugly face graffitis over themself like that… and true to the mathematical model – the uglier the more tattoos, the fucking ugly guy is covered in rubbish scribbles

  • Cuteman43

    I would love to do that ass. Now for the tats, he does have to many different ones. They don’t seem to flow together. If you are going to do so many keep them in the same style. But really you would have looked better with 1/2 as many as you have.

  • Christopher07

    the only way the “tat twink” would be allowed to touch my cock, would be if I was wearing a
    hazmat suit to keep his “cooties” off!

  • Inkedana

    Like the tattoos