April 8, 2011

Gay Ass Gossip: Neil Patrick Harris Is Hot

ITEM – There’s no actual item. Neil Patrick Harris is hot. And we just wanted to post a pic of him topless, in bed, and apparently engaging in some kinky activity (I don’t watch How I Met Your Mother because that guy who looks like anime annoys me, so I don’t know the set-up). Oh, wait, here’s something. NPH is a talented theatrical performer, and he’s returned to Broadway in Sondheim’s Company alongside Martha Plimpton (LOVE her), Stephen Colbert, and (try to keep it down, theater queens) Patti Lupone. Whew. So not entirely shallow. We dropped some knowledge on your asses to justify our Doogie Howser boner.

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ITEM – Ew gross. I know. It’s a slow news day so….ugh, I don’t even think I would with Dewitt‘s dick. The Jersey Shore creeps have all now officially signed on for what is said to be the final season of this trashbag of a show. MTV is severely damaging our relationship with Italy by having the cast start out over there this time. Shooting begins in May. Where’s Mussolini when you need him? Oh, and that’s not all. Cast members Pauly D. (the one with the hair), and those potato-looking sluts Snooki and Jwoww have all been signed to their own shows.  So we’re going to be dealing with this human bacon grease for years to come. Shit.

ITEM – Earlier this week, Dewitt wrote about pics of Reichen Lehmkuhl‘s hog suddenly appearing on the Internet. Gosh. How is this possible? Anyway, someone penny saver asked ole’ Reich how he felt about intimate photos of him being purposely leaked for relevancy appearing on the Internet. ““I don’t feel that this story represents anything different in me than what the majority of gay men have done at one point or another — as far as posting a private picture over Internet lines for private viewing. In my, now, nine years of being in the public eye, I’ve seen many less-flattering photos attributed to me, so that’s a plus.  Moving on…” he says. I’m not even sure what he does besides look pretty. He dated Lance Bass? And then he was on that show that was the worst thing for our people’s reputation since Roy Cohn? No wonder why his publicist is posting dick pics of him on the forums.

ITEM – As we’ve already established here at the Daily, Tom Hardy is one bi-sexy motherfucker. He’s starring in the upcoming film Warrior as an ex-soldier who enters the world of ultimate fighting. Hmmm, so Tom Hardy’s going to be shirtless and and fighting other sexy types in a sweaty battle of brawn? If you say so! Check out the trailer below.

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Andrew LaValley 8:41am on April 13, 2011

Can I just say that Tom Hardy is soooooo hot!!! He knows how to pull off sexy but not in a boner-inducing way. He makes me want to make out with him. He's that kind of sexy.

  • Not so got to me, sorry

  • Dave

    Reichen was also on The Amazing Race, which is a pretty good show, and after that he had a talk show for one season. But yea, he’s pretty much just a famewhore.

  • ButtBro

    Yeah, I would pretty much fuck the shit out of all of the guys on today’s GAG, even the ones from Jersey Shore, as long as they take a shower and don’t speak…. Thanks again J. Harvey for another excellent GAG!!!

  • LEO

    Lol, I like Jersey Shore. They are trashy but funny, especially when the fighting goes down. That Pauly D is hot. As for NPH he is very sexy, seems like he’d be a cool guy in person too.

  • MSU Dog!

    what do you mean that Tom Hardy is bi-sexy? I’ve never heard of that term. I’m hoping you’re saying that he’s an open bisexual.

  • Hhitchco

    “There’s no actual item. Neil Patrick Harris is hot.” Maybe you think so. But take a poll and I think you’ll find you’re in a very small minority with that opinion! An openly gay guy making it on TV does not make him hot ~ Likable, maybe and a fairly decent actor ` hot? Hell, NO!

  • chromeshark

    hahahahaha final item…..’daddy is now a princess’

  • Let’s start the polling then. I think NPH is hot.

  • wrestlesex

    nph is definitely a hottie. What I especially like about his body is that its very nice without looking like NPH spends too much time in a gym.

  • Felisculpa

    NPH is HOT!

  • Can I just say that Tom Hardy is soooooo hot!!! He knows how to pull off sexy but not in a boner-inducing way. He makes me want to make out with him. He’s that kind of sexy.