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April 16, 2011

Steve Bugg Needs To Bite Me

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ben 3:36pm on April 28, 2011

wish to see his cock soon

  • iDied

  • Dave

    Hot Hot Hot. What else can I say

  • tiger40

    He can teach me to shoot hoops anytime!!



  • Anothershadeofblue

    I HATE basketball….but I’d shoot hoops with him. Beautiful!

  • Vinnie

    I would love to play with his balls if you know what I mean. He’s hot!!!

  • Ballcup

    This guy is one that most of us would pay to have quality time with. Espically if it was great sex and he gave you his load. However, most would would not have the balls to admit anything like that. I don’t have that problem. If I see something this hot and I want it bad enough, and think I can get it, I will do whatever it takes to get what I want. Just ask my wife of 25 years Life is to short to pass up sonme thing like this if you really want it.

  • caliguy


  • Ernie B

    neck tattoos are trashy!!!!

  • ManhattanAtHeart

    I said the same thing!! I thought we were building up to something here. WHAT a letdown. He’s nice ‘n all, but there’s nothing here!!

  • Cmack

    Beautiful Man!

  • bodysurfn

    Massive insult to Herb Ritts!

  • I’ve got a hoop that he can shoot into!

  • Russ

    what wait? wife?? lol

  • Russ

    I usually like tattoos, but yeah, I’m not feeling his neck tattoo. Otherwise, he is hot.

  • Dana

    He’s hot, and I think neck tattoos are great- got one myself.

  • arion_5

    very nice!

  • Johnblake

    OK, so he’s not for everyone. Not everyone likes apple pie, either. Me, I happen to LOVE apple pie…and this guy! lol.

  • David

    Holy crap, that’s hot..

  • Nex

    pretty hot

  • JamieB.

    Duh Russ, most of these bastards are cheating on their wives.

  • JamieB.

    Very trashy, and limit your career possibilities.

  • M42Sanger

    Come on people. He is just another pretty boy which are a dime a dozen on most skin beaches around the world. Tattoos are not, can he read, write, carry a intelligent conversation or count to ten with out using his fingers. Does he have a job?

  • Twothreeorfour5


  • tiger40

    the second pic of him walking with the basketball…JAW dropper for sure if he walked my way!!!!

  • daddycentaur

    These pix definately are NOT like Herb Ritts…I have a couple of his photo books…No these are not like Herb Ritts.

  • Dr. Feelgood

    And if he can do all of those well plus some more (and I know some guys who have the total package), is it gonna make you even more mad?


    This guy is very hot ( nothing trashy about him ) but I have 2 agree the neck tattoo is a total turn off !!! I usually do not feel that way about tattoos

  • Johan

    Whooohaaaa!! Feels like buddy sex.

  • Hewtie

    what a teaser with the ass shot. wish there were more pics of it.

  • ben

    wish to see his cock soon