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April 27, 2011

The Ten: Leighton Stultz Dick Slaps The Competition

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the land is sexiest of them all? This week, the top honor goes to Leighton Stultz. While today’s runner-up (and former champion) Matthieu Charneau was teasing us with his latest photo shoot, Leighton was all like “Look at my dick, you guys!”… And, boy, you sure did take him up on that request!

Leighton was at least two-hundred votes ahead of every other contestant on our countdown. This definitely had a negative impact on his fellow competitors Gianluigi, Robert Gonzalez, Diego and Peyman Davian, all of whom didn’t gain enough votes to stay on the charts. Better luck next time!

So how does this game work? We’re glad that you asked! Each week, we’ll feature ten extremely sexy men to choose from. You can vote for up to two of these studs, and only the five with the greatest amount of votes will move on to the next round. The remaining five slots will be filled the following week by men who you’ve suggested, as well as a handful of hotties selected by your favorite bloggers (that would be us).

To keep things interesting, each participant will be retired after ten weeks on the charts. They have the opportunity of returning in the future, provided that they produce another hot video, photo shoot or anything worthy of a Manhunt Daily post.

Now let’s forget about the rules for a second and focus on what really matters–who should be on top next week? You have until next Tuesday to pick your two favorite guys, so hop to it and make your vote count!

– Dewitt

To view this week’s rankings and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

1. LEIGHTON STULTZ (LW – 1, W2): Perhaps we’re wrong to think you’re voting for Leighton solely because of that awesome piece of equipment swinging between his legs. You’re not that superficial, right? It’s obvious that you also care what’s between his ears! Not to mention, his handsome face, muscular physique and excellent dick-sucking lips…

2. MATTHIEU CHARNEAU (LW – 1, W3): Call us biased for posting Rick Day’s super-hot photo shoot with Matthieu Charneau, but did you really expect us to not share these photos with you? His lightly hairy torso alone is enough to put a semi in our pants! What do you think happens when you throw in an ass shot? Sploogeness.

3. VALENTINO (LW – 8, W2): Trust us. It’s not exactly easy to write when Valentino’s thick dick is staring you in the face. He may not be hung like a horse, but there’s something about his upward curve and beefy bod that make us want to bend over and take it ’til the early morning.

4. CHRIS R (LW – 4, W5): After two weeks in the number one spot, we’re not sure how Chris R slipped into his current fourth place position. Nevertheless, he’s stuck here for the second week in a row, and there’s no telling what his visible peen bulge will do for him in this round…

5. LANCE PARKER (LW – 3, W6): Basking in the natural sunlight, Lance Parker gets sent back two spaces on the countdown. We’re just glad he’s still holding on strong, and if he ever managed to slip out of that skimpy speedo… We’re pretty sure he’d rocket straight to the top!

6. STEVE BUGG (DEBUT): Surprised? You shouldn’t be! Steve Bugg was a major star in our latest Popular Demand post, largely due to the fact that he’s absurdly attractive. Join us as we mentally run our tongues down his treasure trail, unbutton those gosh-darn jeans and slowly pull his waistband down with our teeth. And then, you know, have him cum on our faces.

7. MITCH FONG (DEBUT): Okay, so this picture may not showcase all of Mitch Fong’s best assets, but we couldn’t resist the small glimpse of his thick bush and smokin’ hot tanlines. Pretend his eyes are closed because he’s dreaming of all the dirty things he wants to do with you.

8. CHRISTIANSSEN ANSEAUME (DEBUT): Even though we’ll never remember how to correctly spell Christianssen Anseaume’s name, we’ll forgive his parents for blessing him with such awesome DNA. Have scientists discovered a “pretty gene” yet? If not, they might want to consider studying this guy…

9. PIERRE VUALA (DEBUT): We know, we know! Some of you may have preferred the photo with the “Born To Pump” t-shirt. However, we simply couldn’t resist Pierre Vuala’s sweaty torso, along with the thought that he’s not wearing anything underneath those gym shorts. Easy access is the best kind of access.

10. JOERG (DEBUT): It’s still unclear whether Joerg is legitimately an underdog in today’s competition. His post received over 130 “Likes” on Facebook, and a decent portion of Manhunt Daily readers agreed that he’s fucking adorable. Our only complaint? There aren’t enough pictures of his thick, hairy body!

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Saint Impatience. 9:22pm on May 1, 2011

...just as i feel it's unfair robert was ousted yet again, this time around. maybe it's for the best, because i would absolutely hate having to choose between him, charneau, and valentino, now. i would wish pierre "luck," but We already know what his fate's going to be.. ..his having just 3.12% of the vote, currently, continues to speak volumes.

  • MassagebyD

    WoW the first guy made me speechless wooof wooow oink

  • Chrislovesbj31088

    Amen Massageby… Speechless…

  • Guy

    Can I have Matthieu twice?
    I seriously can’t get enough of him.

  • Vinnie

    I choose Leighton Stultz and Chris R. Leighton Stultz is one fine, gorgeous, masculine, sexy, in shape white male with a nice cock. I am not a size Queen, put having a nice cock like that does catch a guy or a girl’s attention.

  • Vinnie


    I am not a size Queen, but having a nice cock like that on Leighton Stultz does catch a guy or a girl’s attention.

  • peril2

    Dewitt, you’re so cruel!!! too difficult to choose just two of those gorgeous boys!

  • Ballcup

    So many of this weeks studs are so fucking hot, it was hard to chose. Although Stultz has everything visible that you could possibly want, I really think that Chris and Steve have more sex appeal overall. Not saying that I would not do what ever any one of the three would ask/tell me to do.

  • Ocho67

    I’m not quite getting the Leighton love. Sure, his dick is big, but the bend in it turns me off. To me, he just looks like a typical gym bunny gay boy.

    Matthieu, on the other hand…ooh la la! So refreshingly exotic and anything but typical. But of course that’s just my opinion. 🙂

    And one more thing: Steve Bugg can bugger the hell out of me any time he wants!

  • Rwoody55

    OK, this is the first week I could have voted for about 8 of these hot guys! Love them! Best line-up ever!

  • I agree. Matthieu really has my attention more than anyone on this list. He’s got that perfect mix of sexy & cute. Loving Matthieu.

  • yea this is best line up I’ve had in a while!

  • Wow! So many hotties to choose from but I had to go with Leighton because he is at least willing to show the whole package and not be just a tease (which can be hot too but can quickly become annoying). Too many choices however for the second vote. This one could be a nail biter. I’m on pins and needles. Oh wait, I was sitting on my sewing kit…still lotsa hotsa.

  • steve

    Call me what you want but I’d just love to feel a big thick cock sliding into my ass and Leighton Stultz has just what I like and want, long may he reign at number one spot!
    Any chance of a photo of him with it hard???

  • JeremyS

    Leighton and Valentino…now there’s a three-way I could get into!

  • …just as i feel it’s unfair robert was ousted yet again, this time around.

    maybe it’s for the best, because i would absolutely hate having to choose between him, charneau, and valentino, now.

    i would wish pierre “luck,” but We already know what his fate’s going to be..
    ..his having just 3.12% of the vote, currently, continues to speak volumes.