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May 24, 2011

Celebrity Skin: Mike Edward

There’s this show on Starz about gladiators called Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and it is RACY. The producers know that they have gays in the audience, because there’s plenty of sweaty warrior muscle running around. Grappling with each other. While naked. This show is AWESOME. Remember that old joke about gay guys being really into gladiator movies as kids? This show proves that it wasn’t actually a joke.

Actor Mike Edward played Segovax, a competitor who is chosen by a princess as her gladiator due to his gigantic tool. Seriously, once you click the link and take note of this actor’s huge club, you’re going to side with that chick. That dick could probably pound a lot of hungry holes into submission if it was let loose.

Segovax was written off the show, but we’ll always have this picture of his large cock to wank to remember him by.

To see Mike’s cock, Follow the JUMP:

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Darkhog 9:32am on November 30, 2013

Either way the show had a little bit of everything and I like shows like that!

  • Dgatch50311

    Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!!!  BRAVO

  • RobertM

    oh, WOW!!! That’s awesome!! Do they show more dicks? May need to subscribe to STARZ!

  • pingolin

    No, no, not BRAVO…STARZ, THANKS!….and that pic is just a sample of cocks galore in the series…ujum!!!!!

  • achilles

    just watching the series on DVD…..glorious hokum, and glorious naked men.

  • Terrycremin

    Need a disclaimer here. The men are really hot – and really naked. But the show is really dumb – mindlessly dumb.  Nothing like the original Spartacus directed by Stanley Kubrick,starring Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis.  Then again, Douglas and Curtis never got naked.

  • JPH

    I saw both, Season 1 and the prequel and all those men are very hot.

  • whollis

    I actually bought the series for a steal on blu ray and totally enjoyed Season One. So sad that the star hunk has lymphoma!!

    Also, not to burst anyone’s bubble, but there were some scenes that were digitally “enhanced”…so what you see might not be what you’d get in REAL LIFE.

    just sayin’    LOL

  • LEO

    They show that a little closer and it’s fake. Plus at the end of that episode they cut it off. 

  • Serafin

    There is also a gay sex scene in one episode one of the Gladiators has a slave boy as a lover.

  • Marmarshakur

    This by far is one of my absolute favorite shows to watch (besides all tha nakeness & sex although it’s a HUGE plus) tha plot lines, one liners & tha scandals alone is more than enough to keep you hooked!!!

  • Sabre_1

    I read that it was a fake prostethic penis they used on him for the show, Like they used on Mark Wahlburg in his movie. I watch Spartacus and they do show a lot of cocks on the show but historically incorrect as most of the actors are circumcised and in old and modern Rome the men aren’t

  • Why is this guy the Celeb Skin from Spartacus? You should show Manu Bennett aka Crixus on the show as Celebrity Skin. Now that, is one fine piece of hot ass.

  • Ben

    Awesome series. And not just all the hot-as-fuck manflesh (I’m gonna miss Andy Whitfield). Excellent writing and acting, and it gets exponentially crazier with every episode.

  • Sawkhonnaung26

     I like his cock , I want to suck it.

  • Nico

    not Bravo, it’s on Starz.  HAHA

  • MassagebyD

    WoW is it real Damn 🙂

  • “Once you click the link”…what link?  What can I click to see more of that massiveness?!?!

  • bodysurfn

    If you have Netflix you can get the whole season on your TV.   OH… you also have to have wifi… Apple TV or an updated HDTV.   Anyhow you can have your own naked gladiator marathon once you’re up and running.

  • www.shakeitoffnow.info

    Hate to bust your bubble, but alot of the Dicks you see on the show are indeed fake according to Lucy Lawless that there is a staff that  makes these fake dicks, pussy. She also said that the room has tons of dicks & Pussies.

  • Pyuren

    Ouch !

  • Pyuren


  • nick

    I’m with you, James!  Give me Mr. Bennett any day, he is just about perfect!!

  • Rad

    They also use prosthetic dicks on this show.  Later in this episode this guy gets castrated.  This probably is not his real penis…:-(

  • Ski

    Of course it’s not his real penis.  You guys are so gullible.

  • Treasurehunt34

    holy fuck me

  • Franklgirard

    this man is incredible

  • Either way the show had a little bit of everything and I like shows like that!